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  • Ajays Exotic Bengals Of Australia —- Visited: 260 Times

    Hoppers Crossing

    Listing id: 19545

    Specialising in home-raised, spotted brown and silver Bengals from imported bloodlines. We are a registered breeder in good standing with TICA, TIBCS and the GCCFV.

  • Allegra Burmese Cattery —- Visited: 413 Times


    Listing id: 19615

    Small cattery breeding the elegant Burmese – striving for purrrfection, purrrsonality and health. All kittens are raised indoors and handled daily.

  • Almaz Bengals Cattery —- Visited: 225 Times


    Listing id: 19529

    Almaz is a small, in-home cattery located south of Melbourne, aim to breed exotic-looking cats that have the essence of the wild with dependable, cuddly personalities.

  • Amesha Cattery —- Visited: 29 Times


    Listing id: 20022

    Amesha Cattery is located in Geelong, VIC 3214 .

  • Angahar British Shorthair Cattery —- Visited: 793 Times

    Riddells Creek

    Listing id: 19508

    We are a small cattery breeding British Shorthair located at Riddells Creek. Member of the Feline Control Council of Victoria.

  • Ankita Bengals Cattery —- Visited: 162 Times


    Listing id: 19546

    Ankita Bengals Cattery Breeds exquisite Bengals with glorious glittered pelts. From Champion and Imported bloodlines. An exotic wild look with an affectionate & gentle purrrsonality.

  • Arakan Cattery —- Visited: 222 Times

    Carrum Downs

    Listing id: 19843

    Arakan Birmans come in Seal & Blue, Chocolate & Lilac, Torti & Red & Cream Points and they are well known for their beautiful temperament and looks whether they are for pets or show.

  • Australian Mist —- Visited: 21 Times


    Listing id: 19497

    The club may be contacted thru – Phone.
    03 562962…

  • Av Firvulag Cattery —- Visited: 188 Times


    Listing id: 19967

    Breeding and showing Norwegian Forest Cats in europe for several years before moving to Australia, follow the strict code of ethics that puts the health and happiness of the cats before anything else, limiting queens to a single litter of kittens per year, and never allowing cats to roam outside.

  • Barishka Russian Blues —- Visited: 225 Times


    Listing id: 19742

    A small cattery and breed strictly to the Russian standard and ensuring that all of our cats are healthy with loving temperaments.

  • Barradene —- Visited: 315 Times


    Listing id: 19893

    Barradene have been breeding pedigree cats for over 15 years, Specialing in BURMESE, SIAMESE, ORIENTAL, MAINE COON and on occassion Tonkinese.

  • Baton Rouge Cattery —- Visited: 13 Times


    Listing id: 19986

    Baton Rouge Cattery is located in Altona, VIC 3018 .
    0424 8653…

  • Beah Ragdolls —- Visited: 203 Times


    Listing id: 19755

    Establish 1999 Our aim is to raise large health cats with the true ragdoll nature in blue seal chocolate, lilac and lynx.

  • Beckatt Bengals Cattery —- Visited: 103 Times


    Listing id: 19547

    Beckatt Bengals Cattery is Creating brilliant, top quality, wild looking, healthy, well socialised, affectionate examples of the Bengal breed. Producing well loved, home raised, brown, snow & silver leopard kittens.

  • Bedarra Ragdolls Cattery —- Visited: 175 Times

    Point Cook

    Listing id: 19756

    We have a small cattery located in Point Cook, Victoria. Our family consists of Ragdolls and Boxers. We adopted our first Ragdoll, Kira in 2003 after lots of researching exactly what we were looking for in a cat.

  • Bella-Lyn Cattery —- Visited: 25 Times


    Listing id: 20010

    Bella-Lyn Cattery is located in Ballarat, VIC 3350 .
    03 533280…

  • Belladolls Caterry —- Visited: 7 Times


    Listing id: 19760

    Belladolls Caterry may be contacted thru email  look for Seona.

  • Ben Burn Bengals Breedrs —- Visited: 111 Times


    Listing id: 19548

    Ben Burn Bengals Breedrs is an in home cattery, my cats are part of the family – Breeder of Brown and Silver Spotted Bengals.

  • Bengal Bazaar Cattery —- Visited: 102 Times


    Listing id: 19823

    Bengal Bazaar is a small home cattery aiming for the distinctive “wild look”, provide kittens that are stunningly beautiful, a delight to observe, healthy, vital, outgoing and, most importantly, have a loving nature to meld into caring homes.

  • Bengarlis Bengals —- Visited: 71 Times


    Listing id: 19549

    Bengarlis Bengals breed outstanding Bengals from award winning Sires and Queens. We are located in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Berrick Birmans Cattery —- Visited: 155 Times


    Listing id: 19569

    Berrick Birmans Cattery is a small cattery breeding beautiful kittens in a loving home environment. Seal, Blue, Chocolate & Lilacs points available, including Tabby points.

  • Birman and Semi Longhair Cat Club —- Visited: 20 Times


    Listing id: 19488

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 458, Emerald, VIC 3782 .
    03 596800…

  • Blueboyds Cattery – British Short hair —- Visited: 59 Times


    Listing id: 19509

    The Blueboyds Cattery may be contated thru – Phone or email .
    03 54521…

  • Bonibritz Cattery —- Visited: 26 Times


    Listing id: 19873

    Bonibritz Cattery is located at 47 Mc. Qualters Rd., Eaglehawk, VIC 3556 .
    03 543613…

  • Borealis Cattery —- Visited: 111 Times


    Listing id: 19968

    Beautiful, healthy and friendly kittens and cats from Scandinavian lines from one of Australia’s first breeders. Most colours/patterns available, pet kittens sold desexed and microchipped; show-quality entires available to registered breeders.

  • Borialis Norwegian Forest Cats Cattery —- Visited: 117 Times


    Listing id: 19667

    Borialis Norwegian Forest Cats Cattery is the first registered NFC cattery in Victoria, Situated in Cranbourne, Victoria and may be contacted thru – Phone.
    Website 03 599855…

  • Bragdools Cattery —- Visited: 91 Times


    Listing id: 20009

    Bragdools Cattery is located at Wickham Rd., Woolsthorpe, VIC 3276 .
    Website 035569243…

  • Brifold Cattery —- Visited: 65 Times


    Listing id: 19586

    The club is located at Kyneton, VIC .
    03 542274…

  • Britacharmed British Shothairs Cattery —- Visited: 530 Times


    Listing id: 19587

    Britacharmed British Shothairs Cattery is a small registered hobby breeder of the British Shorthair cat. Breeding blues, lilacs, colourpoints and the blue silver spotted tabby.

  • Britmania Cattery —- Visited: 248 Times


    Listing id: 19875

    A small cattery, breeding for type and temperament, Entire kittens are sold micro-chipped, vaccinated twice, wormed, pedigree papers, litter trained, vet-checked and with a small kitten pack.

  • Bundileer Burmese Cattery —- Visited: 182 Times


    Listing id: 19616

    We are very devoted Burmese Breeders located North of Melbourne (near Greensborough) Victoria, and proudly operate a small cattery, allowing us to give a lot more love and attention to our family of Burmese Cats and Burmese Kittens.

  • Burmakat Cattery —- Visited: 33 Times


    Listing id: 19903

    Burmakat Cattery is located in melbourne, Pakenham, VIC 3810 .
    0417 3238…

  • By My Side Cattery —- Visited: 30 Times


    Listing id: 19589

    The club is located at Hamilton, Victoria .
    03 557255…

  • Canterburry Tails —- Visited: 112 Times


    Listing id: 19987

    Canterbury Tails Boutique Boarding Cattery opened in mid 2003,rRaising properly socialised kittens that are healthy and full of personality.

  • Carrejan Cattery —- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 20035

    Carrejan Cattery is located in Ringwood, VIC 3134 – Ph# 03 98705076.

  • Carronvale Ragdolls Catery —- Visited: 102 Times


    Listing id: 19712

    Located approximately 35kms East of the Melbourne CBD in the Yarra Valley, Stud and Queens are all DNA tested HCM negative and PKD negative. Our Cattery has also tested negative for FIV and FELV.

  • Casajai Catz Cattery —- Visited: 38 Times


    Listing id: 20025

    Casajai Catz Cattery is located at 7 Atami Cr., Corio, VIC 3204 .
    0410 3420…

  • Cat House Katz Cattery —- Visited: 15 Times


    Listing id: 19825

    Cat House Katz Cattery is located Melbourne, VIC 3984 .
    03 599751…

  • Catmandu Cattery —- Visited: 127 Times


    Listing id: 19515

    Member of the Feline Control Council Of Victoria (FCCV). Member of the Atlantic Himalayan Club in USA (AHC). Specialised breeder of extra special colourpoint/himalayan & tabby Persians.

  • Catsville Ragdolls —- Visited: 60 Times


    Listing id: 19754

    Catsville is a long & short term boarding cattery situated at Healesville in the beautiful Yarra Valley.

  • Chantay Bengals Cattery —- Visited: 71 Times


    Listing id: 19550

    Chantay Bengals Cattery may be contacted thru – Phone or  email .
    Website 040825086…

  • Chestnut Hill Maine Coons and Ragdolls Cattery —- Visited: 166 Times

    East Gippsland

    Listing id: 19661

    A small in-house cattery located in Swan Reach, East Gippsland, Victoria, Specialising in the colours; Seal, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac and the patterns of; mitted, colourpoint and bi-colour.

  • ChocBritz Cattery —- Visited: 32 Times

    Hopper Crossing

    Listing id: 19868

    ChocBritz Cattery is located at 13 Riverside, Hopper Crossing, VIC .

  • Cindylin Siamese & Oriental Cattery —- Visited: 125 Times


    Listing id: 19745

    The club is located at 43 Hodges Rd,Healesville, Victoria 3777 – Ph# 03 59625050 or thru email at 0408 050727.

  • Clareen Cattery —- Visited: 14 Times


    Listing id: 19956

    Clareen Cattery is located in Katunga, VIC 3640.
    03 506465…

  • Coonhaven Maine Coons Cattery —- Visited: 123 Times


    Listing id: 19662

    All our cats are vaccinated and kittens do not leave us until they are microchipped, desexed and have at least 2 vaccinations. We are registered with the G.C.C.F. (Victoria & Australia).

  • Cottonwood British Shorthairs Cattery —- Visited: 401 Times


    Listing id: 19590

    Cottonwood British Shorthairs Cattery may be contacted thru – Phone or  email .
    Website 04190096…

  • Cottonwood Ragdolls Cattery —- Visited: 194 Times


    Listing id: 19713

    Dedicated breeder for 18years specializing in genuine chocolate and lilac (dna tested). Committed to breeding original ragdoll type and temperment and family raised, healthy well socialised kittens.