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  • Afghan Australian Development Organisation (AADO) ---- Visited: 192 Times


    Listing id: 35423

    he Afghan Australian Development Organisation (AADO) is a voluntary, non-profit, non-government member organisation. Its primary purpose is to implement projects that assist in the reconstruction and sustainable development of communities within Afghanistan. Within Australia AADO seeks to support the Afghan community.
    Website -

  • African Community & Cultural Association Of Victoria ---- Visited: 207 Times

    Melton West

    Listing id: 32225

    The club is located at 5 Karen Place, Melton West, VIC 3337.
    Website 03 9747 6...

  • African Think Tank Inc. ---- Visited: 104 Times


    Listing id: 35430

    The African Think Tank acts as the voice of African-Australian refugee communities in Victoria. It provides community development activities, public advocacy, community capacity building, policy advice, training and supports government and community organisations.
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  • Alevi Community Council of Australia Inc. ---- Visited: 58 Times


    Listing id: 35437

    The Alevi Community Council of Australia is a non-profit voluntary organization. The Alevi Community Council of Australia's aim is to support their community, by developing and delivering programs to meet their needs.

  • Alexandrians Friendship (AAHA) Social Club Inc ---- Visited: 56 Times


    Listing id: 35453

    El Affandia betou Melbourne usually meet every second and fourth Saturday of the month, from 2 pm to 6 pm at Clarrie Wohlers Senior Citizen Centre, 51 Albert Street, East Brunswick.

  • Alliance Francaise de Melbourne ---- Visited: 64 Times

    St Kilda

    Listing id: 31968

    The Alliance Francaise de Melbourne is an Australian non-profit association dedicated to the promotion of the French language and culture. Founded in 1890, the Alliance Francaise de Melbourne is the oldest in Australia (there being 33 Alliances in the Federation) and one of the oldest in the world. It belongs to a world network of 1,400 Alliances Francaises set up in 138 countries.

  • Antiochian Community Support Association (ACSA) ---- Visited: 38 Times


    Listing id: 35461

    In late 2002, some members of Saint Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church in Dandenong started meeting together to establish a body which would provide a range of community services for Arabic speaking people in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. This body, known as the Antiochian Community Support Association (ACSA), gained incorporation on 11 September 2003. Since that time it has applied for and managed funds received from governments and private bodies to offer services on a non-sectarian and non-political basis.

  • Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Delli Emigranti (ANFE) ---- Visited: 52 Times


    Listing id: 35511

    ANFE is an Italo-Australian Welfare Organisation whose aim is to cultivate and safeguard the Italian cultural heritage by preserving its history and traditions of which language plays an inherent part.
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  • Australia China Friendship Society ---- Visited: 135 Times


    Listing id: 31966

    Australia China Friendship Society is a voluntary organisation, a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-racial society. The National Body is a Company Limited by Guarantee and all eight branches are incorporated in their respective States or Territories. The aim and purpose of the Society is to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of Australia and the People's Republic of China.
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  • Australia China Friendship Society Victoria Branch Inc. ---- Visited: 114 Times


    Listing id: 35522

    More and more Australians are coming into contact with China. Business, cultural, recreational and sporting contacts have significantly increased in recent years. The Australia-China Friendship Society (ACFS) is in a unique position to support the growth of these relationships. By strengthening the connections between the people of Australia and China we aim to enhance understanding for the mutual benefit of both countries.
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  • Australia Hainan Association Inc. ---- Visited: 113 Times

    Malvern East

    Listing id: 35523

    The club is located at 42 Fisher Street, Malvern East, 3145 VIC.
    Website - 03 9571 8...

  • Australian Arabic Council ---- Visited: 93 Times


    Listing id: 31955

    Our organisation is committed to human rights and community relations issues affecting the Arabic culture and profile.
    Website -

  • Australian Federation of Ethnic Schools Association Inc. ---- Visited: 26 Times


    Listing id: 37679

    Community Languages Australia (Australian Federation of Ethnic Schools Associations) is an umbrella body designed to unite the ethnic schools of Australia, and the state-based bodies which serve as their administrators, consolidating them beneath a single, organizational banner.

  • Australian Filipino Community of Northern Victoria & Southern Riverina Inc. ---- Visited: 41 Times


    Listing id: 35532

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 2279, Shepparton, 3630 VIC.
    03 5831 ...

  • Australian Jewish Historical Society (Victoria) ---- Visited: 22 Times


    Listing id: 31957

    AJHS (Vic) is a group of people with an interest in the fascinating story of Australian Jewish history. Several times a year we conduct a meeting, open to non-members, where a speaker, or occasionally a panel of speakers, discuss an issue.
    Website -

  • Australian Kurdish Community ---- Visited: 108 Times


    Listing id: 35557

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 200, Preston, 3072 VIC .
    Website - 03 9402 0...

  • Australian Lebanese Welfare Inc ---- Visited: 30 Times


    Listing id: 35560

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 228, Brunswick, 3056 VIC.
    03 9380 ...

  • Australian Lithuanian Foundation Inc ---- Visited: 20 Times

    North Melbourne

    Listing id: 35563

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 11, North Melbourne, 3051 VIC.
    03 9555 ...

  • Australian Multicultural Foundation Ltd ---- Visited: 80 Times


    Listing id: 32153

    The Foundation is incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee under the Companies (Victoria) Code and registered as a body corporate in all States and Territories and is now known as the Australian Multicultural Foundation.
    Website -

  • Australian Polish Community Service ---- Visited: 67 Times


    Listing id: 35569

    AMCS is a community-based non-profit and charitable organisation, established to respond to the needs and aspirations and promoting the interests of the communities within a multicultural Australia.
    Website -

  • Australian Slovaks, Association in Victoria ---- Visited: 49 Times


    Listing id: 35573

    By the turn of 1950's two waves of immigrants of Slovak origin found themselves in Melbourne. The first wave  rrived in 1928 to seek work. The second wave started to arrive in 1949 to seek freedom. The original intention of people in both of those groups was to make Australia a temporary home. Circumstances changed such intentions for most of them and the majority remained in this country.
    Website -

  • Australian Vietnamese Women's Association ---- Visited: 93 Times

    Richmond North

    Listing id: 35581

    The Australian Vietnamese Women's Association (AVWA), formerly Australian Vietnamese Women's Welfare Association (AVWWA) was founded by Mrs Cam Nguyen when she invited 16 women to attend the inaugural meeting on 15th January 1983. The main purpose of the organisation was to assist the settlement of the Vietnamese community in Victoria.
    Website -

  • Ballarat Italian Association Inc. ---- Visited: 19 Times


    Listing id: 35616

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 167, Ballarat, 3353 VIC.
    03 5330 ...

  • Ballarat Italian Association Inc. ---- Visited: 13 Times


    Listing id: 35986

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 167, Ballarat, 3353 VIC.
    03 5330 1...

  • Bayanihan Australia Comnunity Network ---- Visited: 27 Times

    East Melbourne

    Listing id: 35622

    Bayanihan Australia Community Network Incorporated (BACNI) is a non-profit community volunteer organisation formed by a group of Filipino and Australians on 13 November 2005 to meet the urgent need for skilled younger leaders and in response to changing needs of local Filipino communities in Australia.
    Website -

  • Bengali Association of Victoria Inc (BAV) ---- Visited: 77 Times

    Glen Waverley

    Listing id: 35626

    Bengali Association of Victoria is THE organization of Indian Bengalis migrated to Victoria, Australia. At the down end of the world, BAV preserves the essence of Bengal, continue to provide migrant Bengalis a cultural abyss which nurtures elements of Bengal, celebrates Bengali festivals like Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja, and also encourage development of Bengali intellect by organizing various cultural programs.

  • Buddhist Council of Victoria Inc ---- Visited: 23 Times


    Listing id: 35641

    The Buddhist Council of Victoria came into being in 1996 when representatives of Buddhist traditions joined together in a common cause. The Council acts as a unifying body to represent the many temples, organisations and centres that make up the membership of the Victorian Buddhist Council.

  • Celebrate India Inc. ---- Visited: 88 Times

    Taylors Lakes

    Listing id: 36017

    Celebrate India Inc., a Victorian organization was the vision of 4 key members - Messer T Jana Rao, Arun Sharma, Virendra Berera, and late Martand Joshi. The idea was to share the colour and richness of the Indian culture with the wider Australian community of Victoria by celebrating the festival of lights- 'Diwali', the biggest festival of India in the heart of Melbourne.

  • Center for Multicultural Youth (CMY) ---- Visited: 57 Times


    Listing id: 31969

    The Center for Muulticultural Youth is a community based organisation that advocates for the needs of young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

  • Centre for Philippine Concerns Australia Inc ---- Visited: 54 Times


    Listing id: 35687

    The Centre for Philippine Concerns Australia (CPCA) - Victoria branch is a part of the CPCA national organization formally established in November 1991 through the initiatives of some Filipinos who had a history of strong commitment to social justice and human rights issue before they migrated to Australia.
    Website -

  • Chaldean Culture Society of Victoria Inc. ---- Visited: 19 Times


    Listing id: 35691

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 1129, Preston, 3072 VIC.
    03 9326 2...

  • Chinese Association of Victoria Inc. ---- Visited: 133 Times


    Listing id: 35696

    The Chinese Association of Victoria Inc. (CAV) was founded in1982 by a small group of Chinese who shared common objectives for the future of Chinese in Australia. The main objectives of the Association were to promote Chinese language, art, dance and music; and to preserve the Chinese Heritage.
    Website -

  • Chinese Women's Association of Victoria inc ---- Visited: 116 Times


    Listing id: 35724

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 182, Nunawading, 3131 VIC.
    Website - 0402 798...

  • CO.AS.IT. Italian Assistance Association ---- Visited: 38 Times


    Listing id: 35834

    The club is located at Level1/ 189 Faraday Street, Carlton, 3053 VIC.
    Website - 03 9349 9...

  • Cultural Development Network ---- Visited: 73 Times


    Listing id: 32095

    The Cultural Development Network is an independent non-profit organisation that links individual practitioners, community organisations and government across Victoria around issues of cultural vitality. We advocate a stronger role for cultural expression to build a healthier, more engaged and sustainable society.
    Website -

  • Cultural Historical Association of Rodriguans & Mauritians ---- Visited: 39 Times


    Listing id: 32063

    C.H.A.R.M Vic is an impartial non-political entity, members of the committee work in harmony and unity to achieve the purpose of objectively promoting the Mauritian and Rodriguan rich cultural heritage to the broader community and to build and strengthen relationships at all levels.

  • English-Speaking Union ---- Visited: 38 Times

    South Yarra

    Listing id: 32723

    The ESU brings together and empowers people of different languages and cultures. By building skills and confidence in communication, we give people the opportunity to realise their potential. Worldwide, the members and alumni of the ESU support these objectives.

  • Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria ---- Visited: 48 Times


    Listing id: 31970

    Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria (eccv) was established in 1974 as a voluntary community based organisation and is now a broadly based, state-wide, peak advocacy body representing ethnic and multicultural communities in Victoria.

  • Ethnic Schools Association of Victoria ---- Visited: 29 Times


    Listing id: 37674

    Ethnic Schools Association of Victoria (ESAV) represents over 200 community languages schools in Victoria Community Languages Schools provide quality languages educational and cultural maintenance programs to over  34,000 students - (100,000 students nationally) a in a range of 55 languages in Victoria.

  • Federation of Australian-American Associations Inc. ---- Visited: 34 Times


    Listing id: 31971

    The Association was first formed in 1936 in New South Wales and was originally known as "The British American Co-operation Movement for World Peace". It first became known as The Australian-American Association in 1941 in Queensland. The aim of the Australian American Association is to contribute to the maintenance and development of friendship, mutual understanding and co-operation between of the peoples of Australia and the United States of America.

  • Fiesta Mexico Community Group Inc. ---- Visited: 60 Times

    Glen Waverley

    Listing id: 36037

    Fiesta Mexico Community Group is a Mexican Community Dance Group that has been operating since 2004. Fiesta Mexico Community Group have performed through the streets of Melbourne and displayed a variety of different dances for the community.

  • Geelong Irish Society ---- Visited: 32 Times


    Listing id: 32727

    The Geelong Irish Society Inc. aims to encourage and promote by appropriate means, Irish National and Cultural Heritage and to enhance socially, Irish, Australian relations.

  • Global Cultural Organisation ---- Visited: 49 Times


    Listing id: 32054

    Strives to Build Cultural & Artistic Programs and foster the educational, recreational, social and cultural interests of the community. Minimising isolation and striving for Unity in Diversity through the best Global Cultural Exchanges.

  • Goethe-Institut Melbourne ---- Visited: 31 Times


    Listing id: 32056

    The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach. We promote knowledge of the German language abroad and foster international cultural cooperation. We convey a comprehensive picture of Germany by providing information on Germany's cultural, social and political life.

  • Jewish Community in Australia ---- Visited: 26 Times


    Listing id: 31963

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 1110 Caulfield North Victoria Australia 3161.

  • Koorie Heritage Trust Inc . ---- Visited: 25 Times


    Listing id: 32058

    The Koorie Heritage Trust Inc is a not-for-profit Aboriginal community organisation that aims to protect, preserve and promote the living culture of Aboriginal people of south-eastern Australia.