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  • Aspley Camera Club ---- Visited: 1107 Times


    Listing id: 17887

    The Club meets on the first and third Monday of each month at the ROAB Hall, 30 Seeney Street, Zillmere Qld 4034.
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  • Beaudesert Camera Club Inc. - ---- Visited: 348 Times


    Listing id: 17897

    Beaudesert Camera Club, Exposure Unlimited, was formed in 1994. Our aims are to learn about all aspects of photography and have fun at the same time.
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  • Bribie Island Photography Club ---- Visited: 415 Times

    Bribie Island

    Listing id: 17898

    In 1992 Bribie Island Photography Club was founded by a group of local residents who shared an interest in photography. There are about 30 members ranging in age from 12 to 80. We all share a common goal which is to learn more about our art and continually improve our images.
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  • Brisbane Camera Group Inc. (BCG) ---- Visited: 1826 Times


    Listing id: 17888

    Brisbane Camera Group, inaugurated in 1949, is a friendly club for photographers at all levels, from beginner to advanced. We encourage the development of photographic skills and artistic creativity through lectures, workshops, competitions and other club activities.
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  • Brisbane CameraHolics - Collectors Club ---- Visited: 555 Times


    Listing id: 17889

    Cameraholics is a group for collectors and historians of cameras and photographica based in Brisbane, Australia that was formed in late 1999 and is the first photographic collectors group (as opposed to camera users group) to be formed in Queensland.
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  • Bundaberg Photographic Group Inc. ---- Visited: 216 Times


    Listing id: 17920

    The Bundaberg Photographic Group meets every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at the Bundaberg West Baptist Church, Avoca St, Bundaberg. Members and guests should arrive at 7.15 pm for a 7.30 pm start.
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  • Caboolture Photography Club ---- Visited: 600 Times


    Listing id: 17921

    The Caboolture Photography Club was established in 1979 and holds two regular monthly meetings which include competitions, workshops, guest speakers and demonstrations. Our aim is to encourage the art of photography, assist members to develop and hone their photographic skills as well as offer an environment for the discussion and exchange of ideas.
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  • Cairns Photographic Society ---- Visited: 122 Times

    Edge Hill

    Listing id: 17900

    We are a friendly and long established club, being a continuance of the photographic club formed in Cairns in 1899. The aims of our Club are to encourage members to produce creative work of their own, and to encourage and enable members to aid each other in achieving their aims.

  • Caloundra Camera Group ---- Visited: 456 Times


    Listing id: 17902

    The Caloundra Camera Group is now in its 14th year and has now enjoyed sponsorship by Caloundra RSL for nearly two years. Our aim is to encourage the development of all members  photographic skills and knowledge that they, and others, may enjoy the art of photography.
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  • Cameraholics ---- Visited: 222 Times


    Listing id: 17922

    Cameraholics is a group for collectors and historians of cameras and photographica based in Brisbane, Australia that was formed in late 1999 and is the first photographic collectors group (as opposed to camera users group) to be formed in Queensland.
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  • Creative Shots Photo Club Inc. - Mackay ---- Visited: 143 Times


    Listing id: 17909

    For all levels of photographers - beginners to advanced. With any type of camera - compact to professional.
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  • Forest Lake Photography Club ---- Visited: 688 Times


    Listing id: 17890

    A group who are enthusiastic about photography. We meet regularly to share our passion and help each other to better our skills. As well as club meetings we hold outings and workshops.
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  • Gold Coast Photographic Society Inc. ---- Visited: 381 Times


    Listing id: 17907

    We are actively seeking new members to experience the enjoyment that improvement in your photography can bring

  • Gold Coast Video Camera Club ---- Visited: 171 Times


    Listing id: 17998

    The Gold Coast Video Camera Club caters for both local members and correspondent members living in Australia and New Zealand. Monthly video assignments are set for members.
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  • Goondiwindi Photography Club ---- Visited: 108 Times


    Listing id: 17925

    The Goondiwindi Photography Club consists of a group of amateur photographers with a passion for capturing still images on film (or more precisely these days on digital media!).

  • Hervey Bay Photography Club Inc. ---- Visited: 95 Times


    Listing id: 17904

    Hervey Bay Photography Club Inc. is located at The Bridge Club Hall, Cypress St., Torquay VIC .

  • Hinterland Photo Club ---- Visited: 369 Times


    Listing id: 17905

    The Hinterland Photo Club is a friendly and welcoming group and consists of amateur and professional photographers who are based in and around the beautiful Maleny district of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.
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  • Ipswich Photographic Society ---- Visited: 470 Times


    Listing id: 17906

    Our club was first formed in 1890 as "The Ipswich & West Moreton Photographic Society". 12th July 1901 - Changed to "Ipswich Amateur Photographic Society". July 1953 - Incorporated as "Ipswich Photographic Society"
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  • Maryborough Camera Club. ---- Visited: 128 Times


    Listing id: 17910

    The Maryborough Camera Club was started in 1953 and as one of the oldest camera clubs in Queensland. The Club aims to develop the photographic knowledge and skills of members by sharing information and experience through lectures, workshops, outings, mentoring and competitions.
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  • Mount Gravatt Photographic Society ---- Visited: 785 Times


    Listing id: 17892

    The Mount Gravatt Photographic Society is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The club provides two regular meetings a month which include competition judging with accredited photographic judges, workshops, guest speakers and demonstrations.
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  • Nambour Photography Group Inc. ---- Visited: 327 Times


    Listing id: 17912

    We aim to develop better photographic skills, to socialise with others interested in photography and to engage in friendly competition.
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  • Noosa Photo Club ---- Visited: 230 Times

    Sunshine Beach

    Listing id: 17916

    The Noosa Photo Club is a proud member of both the Photographic Society of Queensland and the Australian Photographic Society. We are lucky to be situated in Noosa, which is one of Australia’s premiere tourist destinations.

  • Peninsula Camera Club Inc. ---- Visited: 417 Times

    Redcliffe City

    Listing id: 17893

    The PCC aims to advance members knowledge of Analogue & Digital photography as both an art and a science. The Club encourages and promotes the enjoyment of the art through joint effort and participation.
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  • Queensland Camera Group Inc (QCG) ---- Visited: 687 Times


    Listing id: 18000

    Queensland Camera Group was formed in 1956 and provides a meeting place for those interested in all aspects of photography, including both projected images (35mm slides and digital jpegs) and prints (conventional and digital).
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  • Redlands Camera Club ---- Visited: 514 Times


    Listing id: 17895

    Redlands Camera Club aims to assist photographers who wish to develop their photographic knowledge, skills and artistic creativity and to promote the opportunity to meet regularly, interact socially with fellow enthusiasts in a friendly, supportive environment and to share ideas, and form friendships.
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  • Rockhampton Photography Club Incorporated ---- Visited: 113 Times


    Listing id: 17917

    We're about improving our skills and having fun with other members whilst we do that. With our club, you can take whatever you want from it.
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  • The Leica and Photography Club of Brisbane ---- Visited: 430 Times


    Listing id: 17928

    The Leica and Photography Club of Brisbane is an informal group which specifically caters for persons who have an interest in photography, but do not wish to belong to a conventional camera club with the usual emphasis on competition.
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  • The Masters' Apprentices Photography Club ---- Visited: 356 Times


    Listing id: 17891

    The Masters' Apprentices is a group that meets monthly to provide master classes in the art and craft of advanced photographic techniques, to create fine art, to exhibit work, and produce fine art "coffee table" books, for personal, group and charitable causes.
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  • Toowoomba Photographic Society Inc. ---- Visited: 201 Times


    Listing id: 17918

    The Toowoomba Photographic Society Inc is photographic organisation based at DeMolay House 90 Margaret Street Toowoomba Opposite Queen's Park. The aim of the Society is to promote, improve, share and enjoy photography in Toowoomba and District offering many services, all specifically designed to improve photography and photographic skills in a friendly social atmosphere.
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  • Townsville Photography Club ---- Visited: 166 Times


    Listing id: 17934

    The club provides opportunities for photographers in the greater Townsville area to meet regularly, to share their photos and to learn more about the art and science of photography.
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  • Woodgate Beach Camera ---- Visited: 72 Times

    Woodgate Beach

    Listing id: 17935

    Woodgate Beach is a small seaside community, located approx. 54kms south east of Bundaberg and with a population of around 1500 people. The club's aim is to further the appreciation of photography through friendly competitions and social gatherings, as well as having tutorials on camera operation and software manipulation.

  • Wynnum Bayside Camera Club ---- Visited: 458 Times


    Listing id: 17936

    Wynnum Bayside Camera Club meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. Meetings are held in the Queensland Philatelic Council clubhouse on the corner of West Ave. and Coolcrest St. Wynnum North, commencing at 7-30pm.
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  • Wynnum Bayside Camera Club Inc. ---- Visited: 143 Times


    Listing id: 17896

    Wynnum Bayside, being affiliated with the Photographic Society of Queensland(PSQ) and the South East Queensland Association of Camera Clubs(SEQACC), offers members the opportunity to compete in several inter-club competitions each year. The competitions cover prints, slides and projected digital images so all photographic tastes are catered for.