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  • Caboolture Bowmen ---- Visited: 1926 Times


    Listing id: 8981

    Caboolture Bowmen is committed to promote Archery in a social and family environment, to encourage the development of our youth, through coaching and personal example, and to assist the handicapped in the community to participate in, and enjoy a great sport.
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  • Capricorn Field Archers Inc. ---- Visited: 547 Times


    Listing id: 8829

    The Capricorn Field Archers Club is a family oriented club promoting a safe and fun sport enjoyed by all members of your family.
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  • Centenary Archers Club ---- Visited: 1343 Times


    Listing id: 3251

    Formed in 1984, the Centenary Archers Club strives to provide a safe and positive environment for archery practitioners. Beginners are welcome to give archery a go at one of our Come & Try Archery days, or take part in a four week Beginners Course to get a more detailed introduction.

    The Club is located in Wacol Station Road Park, 427 Wacol Station Road, in the suburb of Sumner, 4074, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
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  • Charleville Field Archers' Association Inc. ---- Visited: 153 Times


    Listing id: 8938

    Charleville Field Archers' Association Club is approx 7km south east of Charleville, on the Charleville - Bollon Road and is an ABA Insured Affiliate Club within Branch D - Southern Queensland.

  • Darling Downs Field Archers Inc. ---- Visited: 307 Times


    Listing id: 8939

    DDFA (Inc) is a group of enthusiastic field archers from many different backgrounds brought together by their common interest in archery. All category of bows (except crossbows) are shot by club members.
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  • Emerald Archery Club ---- Visited: 220 Times


    Listing id: 47602

    Field Archery Club in Emerald Queensland servicing all of the central highlands. We cater to all levels of arches and all age groups.
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  • Gold Coast Archery Club Inc. ---- Visited: 734 Times


    Listing id: 8830

    Gold Coast Archery club is the only Fita club located on the Gold Coast, and is situated out of the back of ready creek of Tallebudgera Valley road. Archery is an old and ancient sport and form of weaponry. Whilst in the modern world Archery is no longer used in battle, it is now becoming a very fast and popular sport. There are now many forms of competition that are available to archers.
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  • Grange Bowman Inc. ---- Visited: 1335 Times

    Bridgeman Downs

    Listing id: 8793

    Grange Bowmen archery club was formed over 30 years ago and today boasts one of the best facilities on offer to any archer. Our culture is to promote archery as a social sport and our members are a friendly group made up of men, women and children.
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  • Hervey Bay Archers Inc ---- Visited: 90 Times

    Hervey Bay

    Listing id: 48308

    Hervey Bay Archery Club is set in a quaint rural setting, surrounded by Eucalypt and Banksia forest. Our club consists of 4 ranges, one that is used for the Beginners Course and practice, and another that is used for our weekend competitions and has recently had a 4m by 20 metre long cover erected to provide shade during those hot summer months. We also have a clout range, as well as a 12 target FITA accredited field target range containing a multitude of different target lengths, and target sizes, which meanders through the surrounding bushland.

    We are a family orientated, and friendly club that aims to assist in the evolution of beginner archers into confident, able archers with the help of our experienced members, and qualified level 1 through to level 3 instructors. We have an onsite canteen that provides snacks and drinks, and lunch on full day shoots, as well as an equipment room for the repair and up keep of both our club bows, and members bows.

  • Hinterland Field Archers ---- Visited: 538 Times


    Listing id: 8801

    A non profit organisation servicing the Gold Coast Community. We provide a safe and fun atmosphere for families and individuals of all ages to enjoy the sport of Field Archery. Our Club is affiliated with the 3D Archery Association of Australia and the Archery Alliance of Australia for insurance purposes and governing body leadership.
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  • Ipswich Field Archers ---- Visited: 1135 Times


    Listing id: 8983

    Ipswich Field Archery Club (IFAC) aims to provide their club members and fellow guest archers with a high quality venue. IFAC encourages and promotes to archers of all ages and proficiencies good sportsmanship and social behaviour which is beneficial to the great sport of archery. As a maturing club, IFAC aims to promote and foster the sport of archery to novice and potential club members.
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  • Lakeside Bowmen Club ---- Visited: 1185 Times


    Listing id: 8813

    It all began in 1978 when a few bowhunters got together on Kieth Perren's property, located on Old Gympie Road, on the outskirts of Deception Bay. These few people gathered to practice their bowhunting skills.
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  • Maranoa Archers Association ---- Visited: 232 Times


    Listing id: 8984

    Maranoa Archers hold a shoot every weekend, alternating paper and 3D. Their Club meeting is held on the second Tuesday each month.
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  • Mount Petrie Bowmen Inc. ---- Visited: 1550 Times


    Listing id: 8791

    The Mt. Petrie Bowmen Club is the largest Archery club in South Queensland, Australia and is located in a bushland setting in suburban south-east Brisbane.
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  • North Albert Field Archers ---- Visited: 1076 Times


    Listing id: 8985

    North Albert Field Archers is a family-oriented incorporated club that has been in existence for more than 20 years, with over 100 current members, and is dedicated to the sport of archery.
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  • North Queensland Archery Assoc. Inc. ---- Visited: 360 Times


    Listing id: 8799

    North Queensland Archery Association is the Regional Governing Body for Archery Australia and FITA in North Queensland. It coordinates the state activities of North Queensland clubs affiliated with Archery Australia. Archery can be enjoyed by everyone. A sport for all seasons and all people. Join a club and enjoy social contact with fellow archers as you discover the pleasures and challenges of this exciting sport. Whatever your age, sex or physical ability, there is sure to be an aspect of archery for you. The majority of archery clubs cater for all aspects of this age-old sport, from the colour and tradition of target shooting, to the tranquility of the field course, or the excitement of indoor shooting. Standards of competition and shooting distances vary to suit all ages and skill levels.
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  • Pacific Bowmen Inc. ---- Visited: 310 Times

    Reedy Creek

    Listing id: 8816

    Pacific members practice both Field Archery and Bowhunting. Our club membership is made up of a mix of young and old, male and female with a common interest and varying levels of skill with the bow and arrow, and each and every one of them will assist you in learning more about our fantastic sport.
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  • PCYC Townsville Archers ---- Visited: 289 Times


    Listing id: 8913

    Townsville PCYC archery is firstly an activity of the Townville PCYC. As such, club members carry PCYC insurance coverage for all archery activities conducted as a club member while under the direction of the club coach..
    Website - 0409 631 ...

  • .. Rogue Archery ---- Visited: 47 Times


    Listing id: 48702

    Rogue Archery offers archery coaching and classes in Brisbane for archers of all ages and level! We teach the Olympic discipline of 'recurve archery', and in our classes you will be taught the skills and techniques used by the top archers in the world. We are committed to providing leading development and pathways opportunities for aspiring archers. A number of our students have gone on to compete at the highest level in the sport, including several national champions and Australian representatives. For more details, or to make a booking check out our website:
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  • Rowes Bay Archery Club of Townsville ---- Visited: 263 Times


    Listing id: 8924

    Training & coaching - Clubhouse Tuesday & Saturday by appointment. Competition Sunday afternoons at the field range. Target shooting at Bicentennial Park Sundays 1pm - 6pm.
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  • Samford Valley Target Archers (SVTA) ---- Visited: 761 Times

    Samford Valley

    Listing id: 8809

    The Samford Valley Target Archers started as the Grange Company of Target Archers Inc in 1947 and is the oldest and largest target archery club in Queensland. The club operates a target field and Indoor Archery Facility (A joint initiative of Moreton Bay Regional Council and Queensland Government) at Samford Archery Park in the Samford Parklands just north of Samford Village.

    We have a very family friendly approach, great social atmosphere and some very serious competitors aiming for international representation. The club invites memberships from a range of abilities and memberships range from 10 years to eighty plus. Archery is a sport that almost anyone can participate in, including many disabled. You don't have to have any particular physical attribute to become good at the sport so come along and have a go...its great fun and the company is very friendly!
    Website - 0468 300 ...

  • Saxon Archery Club ---- Visited: 222 Times


    Listing id: 8933

    Our club is dedicated to the advancement of bow hunting and archery in Australia. The Saxon Archery Club Inc. of Bundaberg is a fully affiliated member of the Australian Bowhunters.
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  • South Burnett Field Archers Inc. ---- Visited: 249 Times


    Listing id: 8986

    Shoots held 2nd Saturday of each month. This is a traditional club.
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  • South Queensland Archery Society Inc. ---- Visited: 935 Times


    Listing id: 8833

    SQAS is one of the 8 Recognised Governing Bodies of Archery Australia. South Queensland Archery Society Inc. is located at Flower Street, Northgate, QLD 4013.
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  • Sunshine Coast Archery Club ---- Visited: 469 Times


    Listing id: 8796

    Club open Saturday & Sunday. No organised 3D shoots but any 3DAAA member is welcome to attend.
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  • Sunshine Coast Bowmen ---- Visited: 296 Times

    Sunshine Coast

    Listing id: 47752

    The Sunshine Coast Bowmen are a group of enthusiastic field archers from many different backgrounds brought together by their common interest in archery. With club shoots held most Sundays and branch shoots held monthly, there is a large scope for members to attend shoots. Beginners are well catered for with club equipment available for coaching or rental until you decide what equipment you wish to shoot.

    The club has members who shoot just about every sort of archery gear available, from the simple stick and string of longbow and recurve to the very latest compound bow with all the accessories. So, you will probably find a like minded soul in our group. Some members travel quite a bit to competitions and test their skill against the best in the country and occasionally international shooters.
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  • Toowoomba Company of Archers ---- Visited: 195 Times


    Listing id: 8811

    Toowoomba Company of Archers Inc. (TCA) is a not for profit sports club situated in Toowoomba, Queensland. We have been serving the Darling Downs as the only Target Archery Club since 1964.
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  • Warwick & District Archers Assoc. Inc. ---- Visited: 190 Times


    Listing id: 8822

    Warwick & District Archers Assoc. Inc. is located at 212 Ford Road, Warwick.  Our ranges are set amongst tranquil bush which is suited for the novice and challenging for the experienced and gives you a good bit of exercise.
    Website 0437 636 ...

  • Widebay Archers Inc ---- Visited: 134 Times

    Hervey Bay

    Listing id: 47754

    Wide Bay Archers Inc. is a Feild Archery Club that affiliated with the Australian Bowhunters Association (ABA). The Club is situated on the Marborough-Hervey Bay Road, 1km past the Susan River Homestead on the left side when traveling towards the Bay.

    The Club offers the archer the opportunity to shoot ABA, IFAA (International Archery Assn.) and 3D Targets. These are field cources, meaning we shoot at targets in bush surroundings. Shoots are held every Sunday. Members can also participate in Branch, State, National and International Archery tournaments. These are slotted into the calendar and are open to members of ABA.
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