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  • Advertising, Commercial and Magazine Photographers Society ---- Visited: 136 Times

    North Sydney

    Listing id: 17579

    Australian Commercial and Media Photographers (ACMP), established in 1991, acts as a united voice for Australian professional working photographers. he ACMP is committed to the development and promotion of professional photography.

  • Australian Institute of Professional Photographers ---- Visited: 298 Times

    North Melbourne

    Listing id: 17578

    The AIPP is the largest organisation in Australia representing the interests of professional photographers. We strive to promote and maintain the highest standards of professional competence and business ethics in the industry.

  • Australian Photographic Collectors' Society. ---- Visited: 278 Times


    Listing id: 17886

    The Australian Photographic Collectors' Society Inc. is a registered Society dedicated to the Collection and Preservation of Photographica.
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  • Australian Photographic Society ---- Visited: 209 Times


    Listing id: 17355

    The Australian Photographic Society was officially formed on May 12, 2020, Sydney. From its inception, APS became Australia's Member body of FlAP, the Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographiq. The APS has had to embrace the changing technology of photography to keep the interest of members past, future and present.

  • Ballarat Camera Club Inc ---- Visited: 343 Times


    Listing id: 17493

    The basic aim of the club is to provide opportunities for all members to learn about and improve their photography, regardless of their level of competence. Our syllabus is varied, providing competitions, demonstrations, lectures, and practical activities including excursions and camps.
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  • Ballarat YMCA Camera Group ---- Visited: 205 Times


    Listing id: 17437

    Our Club invites memberships of anyone interested in amateur photography whether as a hobby or as an expression of art.
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  • Bendigo Camera Club ---- Visited: 339 Times


    Listing id: 17440

    The Bendigo Camera Club is a collection of people who enjoy photography, desire to share their work, learn from others all in a friendly semi-informal environment.Meeting Dates: 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of each month (no meetings in December)Location: Lake Weeroona Pavilion, Weeroona Ave, Bendigo. Meeting Time: 7:30pm (duration approx. 2 hours)
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  • Berwick Viewfinders Camera Club ---- Visited: 660 Times


    Listing id: 17485

    Berwick Viewfinders Camera Club is a group of photographers, young and old, experienced and novice, all with the hunger t learn more and also prepared to pass on knowledge gained.
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  • Camberwell Camera Club ---- Visited: 768 Times


    Listing id: 17506

    The Camberwell Camera Club welcomes people enthusiastic about all things photographic. The club also hosts a Workshop Group, a Digital Group, an Audio Visual Group, and a Portraiture Group which meet several times a year.
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  • Castlemaine Camera Club ---- Visited: 243 Times


    Listing id: 17514

    The Castlemaine Camera Club has existed for many years, providing a meeting place where enthusiastic photographers from all walks of life may share their photographic experience for mutual benefit. Our members range from "beginners" to advanced amatuers and photo/computer industry persons with many years experience.
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  • Caulfield Photographic Society ---- Visited: 587 Times


    Listing id: 17549

    Photography has been a part of Caulfield almost from the time it was first settled. The club�s aim is to promote photography and provide a congenial atmosphere for members.
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  • Centre for Contemporary Photography ---- Visited: 285 Times


    Listing id: 17991

    The Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) is one of Australia's premier venues for the exhibition of contemporary photo-based arts, providing a context for the enjoyment, education, understanding and appraisal of contemporary practice.
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  • Corio Bay Camera Club ---- Visited: 225 Times

    Geelong North

    Listing id: 17522

    Corio Bay Camera Club aims to promote the art of photography among its members and in the wider Geelong community and provides a friendly atmosphere where members and visitors can socialise and further their photographic skills. We encourage membership from all age groups and skill levels.
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  • Eastern Suburbs Photographic Society ---- Visited: 1254 Times


    Listing id: 17540

    The Society has been providing an informal and friendly environment for local amateur photographers since 1967. The Society's members meet in a large, comfortable and heated hall centrally located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
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  • Echuca Moama Photography Group ---- Visited: 263 Times


    Listing id: 47416

    Local community camera and photography group open to all interested in friends, sharing a common interest in photography and photographic artwork. We meet every Wednesday evening at 7pm in the Echuca library, to share all things photography. We have monthly outings and competitions, and are an associated incorporation with VAPS the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies.
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  • Foster Photography Club ---- Visited: 206 Times


    Listing id: 17521

    Meetings held on the first Wednesday of each month. At Uniting Church Hall. Station Street Foster. 7:30pm.
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  • Frankston Photographic Club ---- Visited: 609 Times


    Listing id: 17520

    The Frankston Photographic Club Incorporated is one of the largest metropolitan clubs and the only one that offers meetings most Wednesdays of the year. Our membership covers all age ranges with skills levels through novice level for those just starting out with a digital camera to members who are semi professional photographers.
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  • Friends of Rotary Camera Club ---- Visited: 409 Times


    Listing id: 17546

    The Friends of Rotary Camera Club was established on 29 July 2020 at a meeting attended by 41 people, with apologies from 21 others. The Club was born from the Rotary Camera Course, and the desire of people who have gathered in that environment to further their development and enjoyment of photography.
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  • Geelong Camera Club ---- Visited: 268 Times


    Listing id: 17524

    Geelong Camera Club Inc. provides a positive environment for both members and the visitors to learn about photography and develop photographic skills through competition, presentations and social activity. Geelong Camera Club Inc. prides itself on being an informal, enthusiastic and friendly club which extends a warm welcome to anyone with an interest in photography.
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  • Ivanhoe Photographic Society ---- Visited: 599 Times


    Listing id: 17529

    The Ivanhoe Photographic Society Inc. was formed in 1955 and is an incorporated, not-for-profit association. The membership covers all age groups and all degrees of photographic skills, from beginning amateurs to experienced professionals. Members are most willing to share their experiences and expertise.
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  • Knox Photographic Society ---- Visited: 723 Times


    Listing id: 17490

    KPS has taken an active role in the photography movement in the state, especially with VAPS. Over the past few years KPS is proud of the members that have gained awards at State, National, International and Professional level.
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  • Macedon Ranges Photographic Society ---- Visited: 271 Times

    Riddells Creek

    Listing id: 17563

    The Macedon Ranges Photographic Society commenced as the Woodend Camera Club in 1983. It was founded by local resident Stan Fox and a number of others who where passionate about their photographic art. Members enjoy regular competitions, both within the club and also with other societies.
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  • Maroondah Photographic Soc ---- Visited: 794 Times


    Listing id: 17564

    We are a group of enthusiastic amateur photographers who enjoy getting together emersing ourselves in all things photographic.
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  • Melbourne Camera Club ---- Visited: 696 Times

    South Melbourne

    Listing id: 17567

    The Melbourne Camera Club is the largest photography club in Victoria and offers a positive and friendly atmosphere in which members are encouraged and assisted to follow their individual pursuits.

  • Mornington Peninsula Camera Club ---- Visited: 403 Times


    Listing id: 17550

    The Mornington Peninsula Camera Club is a group of enthusiastic photographers who meet once a month for a judging of their photos by an independent judge. Our club also competes in local inter-club competitions and members are encouraged to enter to broaden their expertise.
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  • Oakleigh Camera Club ---- Visited: 542 Times


    Listing id: 17990

    Our club welcomes all photographers from beginners to more advanced. Our meetings are held the first and third Fridays of each month in the Oakleigh Library building, Drummond Street, Oakleigh.

  • Pakenham Camera Club ---- Visited: 400 Times


    Listing id: 17561

    Established in 1995, the Pakenham Camera Club caters for the novice and advanced photographers alike. We regularly feature a practical workshop or guest speaker, and from time to time, we have photographic outings to different local, rural and metropolitan locations.
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  • Parklands Photographic Club ---- Visited: 319 Times


    Listing id: 47032

    The Parklands Photographic Club is camera club based in the inner northern (Moreland area) of Melbourne. We meet monthly at the Maurice McCrae Blackburn meeting room in the Coburg Library.
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  • Portland Camera Club ---- Visited: 144 Times


    Listing id: 17560

    Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month, at the Portland Arts Centre (CEMA), corner Bentinck and Gawler Streets. Commencing at 7.30pm.

  • Preston Photographic Club ---- Visited: 507 Times


    Listing id: 17562

    We are a group of amateur photographers of different age groups, occupations and skill levels from different suburbs, simply wanting to learn to take better photographs and encourage a higher standard of photography in the Darebin area. Our program includes workshops, lectures/presentations, field trips and displays of members' images.
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  • Ringwood Black & White Camera Club ---- Visited: 348 Times


    Listing id: 17528

    Come and enjoy the excitement of Black & White Photography! At the Ringwood Black & White Camera Club, we hold competitions, workshops and exhibitions. Enjoy the company of our members, some who have more that 30 years experience.
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  • Rosanna Photographic Club ---- Visited: 403 Times


    Listing id: 17565

    The Rosanna Photographic club was founded in 1959. We are a group of amateur photographers spanning a multitude of ages who meet fortnightly to share photographic experiences with other self-minded individuals.
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  • Sale Camera Club ---- Visited: 210 Times


    Listing id: 17571

    The Sale Camera Club is a not-for-profit organization for photographers staffed by a volunteer committee. We are dedicated to improving and sharing the work of local photographers. Our membership is approximately 20, mostly based in and around Sale.
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  • Southern Suburbs Photographic Society ---- Visited: 730 Times


    Listing id: 17442

    Southern Suburbs is a foundation member of the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies and is closing in on 60 years of pleasure and companionship for people with a common interest.
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  • Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Inc. ---- Visited: 273 Times

    South Melbourne

    Listing id: 17434

    The Victorian Association of Photographic Societies (VAPS) is an affiliation of Victorian camera clubs and is an incorporated body. It is a "not for profit" organisation. It gives Victorian amateur photographers, through their respective clubs, a collective voice and provides the management facility to stage and participate in large and small-scale events that would normally be beyond the administrative and financial capabilities of any one small group.
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  • Warragul Camera Club ---- Visited: 233 Times


    Listing id: 17573

    The Warragul Camera Club was established in April 1956. The object of the club is to provide and encourage the meeting of members to facilitate the exchange of ideas and improve the knowledge and practice of photography and to hold or promote exhibitions and conduct competitions. The Warragul Camera Club has been running a National Competition since 1972.
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  • Warrnambool Camera Club ---- Visited: 142 Times


    Listing id: 17574

    Warrnambool Camera Club meets at 7:30pm on the first Thursday of the month (Feb - Nov) at The Church Hall, Drummond Street, Dennington (Opposite Fonterra)

  • Waverley Camera Club ---- Visited: 594 Times

    Mount Waverley

    Listing id: 17538

    The Waverley Camera Club is an active photographic club in Mount Waverley in the City of Monash, Victoria. We meet every Tuesday evening, and on the fourth Wednesday of each month from February through to December. In addition we have regular monthly photographic excursions where members meet to put into practice some of the good stuff we learn at the club. Visitors are very welcome, as of course are new members!
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  • Williamstown Camera Club ---- Visited: 576 Times


    Listing id: 17575

    Established for 40 years, the Williamstown Camera Club includes residents of Williamstown, Newport, Altona, Laverton, Footscray and adjacent suburbs. There are 22 meetings per year in which members can develop their photographic skills, socialise with others interested in photography and to engage in friendly competition with the aim of becoming better photographers.
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  • Wodonga - Albury Camera Club ---- Visited: 195 Times


    Listing id: 17430

    We are an Australian Camera Club located on the border of Victoria and New South Wales on the banks of the mighty Murray River. Members of our club are from both sides of the border. Welcome to our corner of the world.
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