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  • Albany Harness Racing Club —- Visited: 32 Times


    Listing id: 42847

    The club may be reached thru Colin Park at P.O. Box 665, Albany, WA 6330.

  • Albany Racing Club —- Visited: 29 Times


    Listing id: 43382

    A great number of notable events have taken place since the City of Albany was first settled in 1826. Among those events was the launching of the Albany Racing Club in 1865.

  • Broome Turf Club —- Visited: 36 Times


    Listing id: 43383

    Thoroughbred horse racing in Broome has evolved out of the dust and the Broome Turf Club has arguably become one of the most progressive race clubs in Australia, whilst still retaining a well loved country picnic atmosphere.

  • Bunbury Trotting Club —- Visited: 26 Times


    Listing id: 43333

    The six people who met in 1950 to discuss the formation of Bunbury Trotting Club. Would have no doubt been absolutely astonished that the following year in 1951 they were able to have the first race meeting of the Bunbury trotting club.

  • Bunbury Turf Club —- Visited: 22 Times


    Listing id: 43384

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 916, Bunbury, WA 6231.

  • Busselton Harness Racing Club —- Visited: 21 Times


    Listing id: 43334

    The club may be reached thru Pat Abbott at PO Box 409, Busselton, WA 6280.

  • Carnarvon Race Club —- Visited: 27 Times


    Listing id: 43407

    Carnarvon’s prominent racing season runs from May until September, culminating in the running of the time-honoured Carnarvon Cup.

  • Central Wheatbelt Harness Racing Club —- Visited: 25 Times


    Listing id: 43338

    The club can be reached thru PO Box 144, Kellerberrin, WA 6410.

  • Collie Race Club —- Visited: 30 Times


    Listing id: 43385

    Collie Race Club was reformed in 1980 with the view to conducting a race meeting to celebrate the 150 years of Collie Coal (Oct 1983). Since that time the club has held a meeting each year in October at the new racecourse situated off McVee Road, Collie. It is a 1730m sand track similar in design to Belmont.

  • Collie Trotting Club —- Visited: 26 Times


    Listing id: 43337

    The club may be reached thru Peter Hemsley at PO Box 91, Collie, WA 6225.

  • Cunderdin Harness Racing Club —- Visited: 14 Times


    Listing id: 43336

    The club may be reached thru P.O. Box 105, Cunderdin, WA 6407 – Track Address: Baxter Road, Cunderdin WA 6407.

  • Eastern Gascoyne Race Club —- Visited: 23 Times


    Listing id: 43387

    The Landor Races are the Eastern Gascoyne Race Club’s traditional bush race meeting. The meeting is held annually in the third term school holidays (October) at the racecourse near Landor Station.

  • Esperance Bay Turf Club —- Visited: 22 Times


    Listing id: 43388

    Esperance is renowned for having some of the best beaches in Australia, and now has racetrack to match… “Where the Surf Meets the Turf”

  • Fremantle Harness Racing Club —- Visited: 23 Times


    Listing id: 43339

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 115, Palmyra, WA 6157.

  • Geraldton Harness Racing Club —- Visited: 18 Times


    Listing id: 43341

    The club may be reached thru P.O. Box 2625, Geraldton, WA 6531.

  • Geraldton Turf Club —- Visited: 27 Times


    Listing id: 43389

    The Geraldton Turf Club is one of the oldest established race clubs in Western Australia commencing racing in 1861. It has raced at its present location in the Geraldton suburb of Ukatarra for 80 years.

  • Golden Mile Trotting Club —- Visited: 23 Times


    Listing id: 43343

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 290, Kalgoorlie, WA 6433.

  • Greyhounds WA – Cannington —- Visited: 16 Times


    Listing id: 43096

    The Western Australian Greyhound Racing Association (WAGRA) currently manages three tracks in Western Australia with the first track being established in 1974 at Cannington, the second in 1979 at Mandurah and Northam in 1996. The three tracks offer five race meetings and trial opportunities six times per week. Greyhound racing in WA is controlled by Racing and Wagering Western Australia.

  • Greyhounds WA – Mandurah —- Visited: 14 Times


    Listing id: 43097

    Greyhounds WA Mandurah is located at Kanyana Park on Gordon Road (off Fremantle Road), about 64 kilometres south of Perth city centre. The Mandurah venue conducts provincial class racing every Tuesday and Friday evening with country class racing on Thursday evenings. Facilities are similar to those of the city track.

  • Greyhounds WA – Northam —- Visited: 12 Times


    Listing id: 43098

    The track was constructed in 1996 and is maintained by the Avon Valley Greyhound Racing Association (AVGRA) under the guidance of WAGRA.

  • Harvey District Trotting Club —- Visited: 17 Times


    Listing id: 43345

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 370, Harvey, WA 6220.

  • Kalgoorlie-Boulder Racing Club —- Visited: 22 Times


    Listing id: 43386

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 141, Kalgoorlie, WA 6433.

  • Marble Bar Amateur Race Club —- Visited: 22 Times

    Marble Bar

    Listing id: 43391

    The Marble Bar Race Club has been in existence since 1893 (excluding war years).

  • Mingenew Turf Club Inc. —- Visited: 20 Times


    Listing id: 43393

    The first recorded race meeting in Mingenew was held on 27th January 1896 by the Upper Irwin Racing Club. This was conducted on land north of the railway line. Racing continued under this name until the Mingenew Race Club held a meeting in February 1922 under the guidence of the Western Australian Turf Club.

  • Mount Barker Turf Club —- Visited: 21 Times

    Mt. Barker

    Listing id: 43395

    Mount Barker is situated on the Albany Highway, in the the lower Great Southern of WA, 360kms from Perth and 50km north of the coastal city of Albany.

  • Narrogin Harness Racing Club —- Visited: 29 Times


    Listing id: 43348

    Narrogin Racing is the first club in WA to incorporate both thoroughbred and harness racing. Come and enjoy the excitement of both racing codes in the wonderous upper great southern region of Western Australia. The club may be reached thru PO Box 178, Narrogin, WA 6312.
    Website (08) 9881…

  • Nor-West Jockey Club —- Visited: 20 Times


    Listing id: 43397

    The first meeting held in the North-West was at Roebourne in 1867. The races were originally held on the left hand side of the Cossack Road, before moving to the present course in 1890, with the site named the Nor-West Jockey Club.

  • Northam Harness Racing Club —- Visited: 17 Times


    Listing id: 43346

    The club may be reached thru Verna Freind at PO Box 268, Northam, WA 6401.

  • Northam Race Club —- Visited: 27 Times


    Listing id: 43399

    The club can be reached at 175 Yilgarn Ave, Northam, WA 6401.

  • Pingrup Race Club —- Visited: 19 Times


    Listing id: 43398

    The Pingrup Race Club has been running an annual Race Day since 1932. The original picnic sports meetings were held in a paddock just north of the township. In 1950 the event was moved to its current location at the Pingrup Recreation Ground.

  • Pinjarra Harness Racing Club —- Visited: 23 Times


    Listing id: 43349

    The new facilities provides members and patrons with premium viewing of WA’s best provincial track in total comfort. The Pinjarra Harness Racing Club also welcomes new Chef, Luke Baker to the team.

  • Pinjarra Race Club Inc. —- Visited: 30 Times


    Listing id: 43422

    The Pinjarra Race Club conducts thoroughbred racing at Pinjarra Park, Western Australia’s most picturesque racecourse.
    Website (08) 9531…

  • Racing and Wagering Western Australia —- Visited: 28 Times

    Osborne Park

    Listing id: 43380

    Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) was established on August 1, 2020. RWWA’s charter under the Racing and Wagering Western Australia Act 2003 is to foster development, promote the welfare and ensure the integrity of metropolitan and country thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing in the interests of the long-term viability of the racing industry in Western Australia (WA). RWWA has responsibility for the off-course wagering functions trading as the TAB.

  • Wagin Harness Racing Club —- Visited: 18 Times


    Listing id: 43356

    The club may be reached thru P.O. Box 209, Wagin, WA 6315.

  • West Australian Harness Racing Breeders, Owners, Trainers and Reinpersons Association —- Visited: 18 Times


    Listing id: 43357

    BOTRA is a not for profit organization whose purpose is to: Advance the Western Australian Harness Racing Industry through consultation with Racing and Wagering Western Australia, breeders, owners, trainers and reinspersons; and protect the rights and privileges of its members which comprise of breeders, owners, trainers and reinspersons.

  • Western Australian Race Horse Owners Association —- Visited: 18 Times


    Listing id: 42784

    The purpose of the Association is to provide an organisation, property and facilities through which persons may associate for the following purposes:- * The promotion and welfare of racehorse owners in Western Australia * To do and perform an deal with such acts, matters and things as shall be conductive to the interests of members and to the advancement of horseracing.

  • Williams Harness Racing Club —- Visited: 17 Times


    Listing id: 43354

    The club may be reached thru P.O. Box 90, Williams, WA 6391.

  • Wyndham Turf Club —- Visited: 21 Times


    Listing id: 43401

    The club may be reached thru Margaret Woodland at PO Box 71, Wyndham, WA 6740.

  • Yalgoo Jockey Club —- Visited: 22 Times


    Listing id: 43403

    The club may be reached thru Victoria Thomas at PO Box 27, Yalgoo, WA 6635.

  • York Harness Racing Club —- Visited: 16 Times


    Listing id: 43352

    The club may be reached thru P.O. Box 159, York, WA 6302.

  • York Racing Club —- Visited: 16 Times


    Listing id: 43405

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 162, York, WA 6302.