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  • Alpine Search and Rescue Victoria Inc. —- Visited: 131 Times


    Listing id: 11860

    AlpineSAR is an experienced group of cross-country skiers and bushwalkers skilled in search and rescue who are called out for search and rescue in alpine and other areas by the Victoria Police as part of the Bush Search and Rescue.

  • Bairnsdale Bushwalking Club —- Visited: 286 Times


    Listing id: 11861

    STATEMENT OF PURPOSES To provide opportunities for members to enjoy the outdoors. To provide walking trips and to foster allied outdoor activities. To encourage a wider appreciation and better understanding of nature and natural assets and to assist in their conservation. To affiliate, cooperate or associate with any other body or organisation for the furtherance of understanding and conservation of nature and natural assets.

  • Ballarat Bushwalking & Outdoor Club Inc. —- Visited: 124 Times


    Listing id: 11862

    The Ballarat Bushwalking & Outdoor Club Inc. is a recreational group for all ages. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Basically Bushwalking Club —- Visited: 471 Times


    Listing id: 11537

    Basically Bushwalking Club is a small club comprising approximately 50 members. We aim to provide two walks a month or one every second week-end. The majority of our walks are day walks, (held on a Sunday) we normally have week-end camps on long week-ends and some ordinary week-ends.

  • Ben Cruachan Walking Club Inc. —- Visited: 125 Times


    Listing id: 11863

    The Ben Cruachan Walking Club was established on 16 June 2020 by a group of like-minded bushwalking enthusiasts at a meeting on the summit of Ben Cruachan, a mountain rising to 836 metres about 25 kilometres NW of Maffra.

  • Benalla Bushwalking Club Inc. —- Visited: 104 Times


    Listing id: 11864

    The membership of the Benalla Bushwalking Club is about seventy single and family members. It covers a wide range of age groups from couples with young families through to people in their eighties. The U3A members of the club are a particularly strong group and walk regularly.

  • Bendigo Bushwalking and Outdoor Club —- Visited: 144 Times


    Listing id: 11865

    The club was formed in early 2008 with the merging of two long-standing clubs from the Bendigo area, the Bendigo Bushwalkers and the Bendigo Outdoor Club. The club is based in Bendigo and conducts a range of non-competitive outdoor activities throughout Victoria’s diverse environments, with some interstate and overseas trips as well.

  • Border Bushwalking Club —- Visited: 103 Times


    Listing id: 11867

    The BBC Inc was formed in Albury-Wodonga on 11 July 2020 and is affiliated with Bushwalking Victoria. Currently we have about 250 members. The club is managed by a 12 person committee elected each May.

  • Boroondara Bushwalkers Inc. —- Visited: 218 Times


    Listing id: 11542

    Boroondara Bushwalkers Incorporated was formed in 1987 as a result of a public meeting that showed an overwhelming support for a bushwalking club in the Kew Area.

  • Bunarong Bushwalking Club Inc. —- Visited: 180 Times


    Listing id: 11868

    The Bunarong Bushwalking Club provides its members and visitors with quality outdoor activities mostly involving walking. We encourage friendship and fitness while enjoying our program of events. We also encourage a wider appreciation of nature and preservation of our environment.

  • Bushwalking Victoria —- Visited: 251 Times


    Listing id: 11856

    Bushwalking Victoria (formerly The Federation of Victorian Walking Clubs) is the peak body for all bushwalkers and bushwalking clubs in Victoria, Australia.

  • CAEX Bushwalking Club Inc. —- Visited: 128 Times

    Ascot Vale

    Listing id: 11870

    CAEX Bushwalking Club was formed in July 1982 by ex-members of a Bushwalking For Pleasure course conducted at the Council of Adult Education (CAE) (hence our name, CAE X – members). The club now has no connection with the CAE.

  • Cobram Bushwalking Club Inc. —- Visited: 97 Times


    Listing id: 11872

    The club provides opportunites for social and recreational bushwalking for adults of all ages. The group meets for monthly walks on the fourth Sunday of each month.

  • Dandenong Valley Bushwalking Club —- Visited: 360 Times


    Listing id: 11873

    The D.V.B.C. is an outdoor club with its membership drawn from a wide area surrounding the Dandenong Valley. Its activities cater for persons of all ages. D.V.B.C. actively promotes bushwalking as a recreational activity.

  • Essendon Bushwalking Club —- Visited: 210 Times

    Moonee Ponds

    Listing id: 11875

    The Essendon Bushwalking Club is a member of the Bushwalking Victoria. The Club was formed in 1975,and is a major club servicing the Northern and Western suburbs.The main theme of the club is to enjoy the great outdoors and through participation learn new skills and have FUN.

  • Geelong Bushwalking Club Inc. —- Visited: 143 Times


    Listing id: 11876

    Geelong Bushwalking Club was formed in 1973 by a group of people wanting to share their liking for the outdoors with others. While essentially a walking club, we have over the years developed into many other areas, all of them giving the opportunity for people to experience the pleasure of outdoor activity.

  • Gisborne Bushwalking Club Inc. —- Visited: 173 Times


    Listing id: 11877

    We are a small bushwalking club in the Macedon/Sunbury/Gisborne area. We offer daywalks on weekends and on the first Wednesday of the month. We also offer the occasional base camp (usually on long weekends).

  • Grampians Bushwalking Club —- Visited: 76 Times


    Listing id: 11878

    The Grampians Bushwalking Club was formed in 1994. A public meeting was held in Stawell and from that the club evolved. Walks take place on a fortnightly basis at weekends, alternating between Saturday and Sunday to give everyone the opportunity to walk.

  • Koonung Bushwalking Club —- Visited: 186 Times


    Listing id: 11880

    Koonung Bushwalking Club is made up of a group of people who enjoy outdoor activities. Koonung is an aboriginal word which means “muddy water”, a reference to a local creek in the area.

  • LaTrobe Mountaineering Club —- Visited: 141 Times


    Listing id: 11559

    LaTrobe Mountaineering Club is based in Melbourne, Australia. Although mountaineering is a feature activity of the club, the club could be more broadly categorised as an outdoor adventure club.

  • LaTrobe University Mountaineering Club (LUMC) —- Visited: 95 Times


    Listing id: 11563

    LUMC is more than just scaling alpine peaks, it’s a club devoted to the enjoyment of the outdoors based on an appreciation of the natural environment and motivated by the desire for exploration, adventure and the “wilderness experience”.

  • Locksley Bushwalking Club Inc. —- Visited: 87 Times


    Listing id: 11881

    Locksley Bushwalking Club is a Melbourne club with about 30 memberships and 50 members.The walking standard varies from leisurely dawdling to ten-day slogs.

  • Maroondah Bushwalking Club —- Visited: 353 Times


    Listing id: 11882

    We are a club of about six hundred members with a comprehensive program of walks and other activities throughout the year, at levels from beginners through to experienced.

  • Melbourne Bushwalkers Inc. —- Visited: 316 Times


    Listing id: 11567

    Melbourne Bushwalkers Inc. (est. 1941) is one of Australia’s largest and longest established bushwalking and hiking clubs, with around 450 members and over 60 years of walking history.

  • Melbourne Women’s Walking Club Inc. —- Visited: 157 Times


    Listing id: 31063

    MWWC is an active club for women walkers of all ages and includes both metropolitan and country members. Our program covers a wide range of activities, however the club’s primary focus is bushwalking with walks of various types, gradings and distances frequently scheduled. These activities include daywalks, backpacking, base camping and accommodation trips. As well members can participate in urban walks, cycling, canoeing and conservation work. There are also regular social gatherings throughout the year and a training program in bushwalking skills.
    Website (03) 9347… 0423 165 …

  • Melton Bushwalkers Inc. —- Visited: 110 Times

    South Melton

    Listing id: 11884

    Melton Bushwalkers was formed in January 1988 and membership is open to all members of the public. Our club is presently made up mostly of people in the 40 to 80 age bracket.

  • Monash Bushwalking & Outdoors Club —- Visited: 208 Times


    Listing id: 11885

    If you’re interested in Bushwalking, Kayaking, Rock Climbing (indoor & outdoor), Rogaining, Caving, XC Skiing, Canoe Polo, Bushwalking Search & Rescue or Rafting come join the club. Our Members range from Monash University students and staff (whether you be undergrad, postgrad, local, international or on exchange) or just from the community.

  • Orion Bushwalking Club Inc. —- Visited: 151 Times


    Listing id: 11886

    The purpose of the Club is to go bush. So the less time spent having meetings the better. As we are a very small group, you only need a couple of trips to get to know most of us. We do fit in two social activities per year that we can also mix with business.

  • Peninsula Bushwalking Club —- Visited: 169 Times


    Listing id: 11888

    The Club sees its role in the community as the promotion of the pleasures of bushwalking, both through our activities and the sharing of experiences with other members.

  • Scout Bushwalkers —- Visited: 98 Times

    Box Hill North

    Listing id: 11891

    SThe Scout Bushwalkers is a club that is a member of the Federation of Victorian Walking Clubs.

  • Secret Forest Walks —- Visited: 81 Times


    Listing id: 11976

    Experience the beauty and seclusion of the Wombat Forest, assisted by GPS technology. No clubs or tours, just you and the company of your choice, or solo if you wish.

  • Shepparton Adventure Club —- Visited: 62 Times


    Listing id: 11892

    The Shepparton Adventure Club runs a variety of outdoor activities for its members in a sociable setting. Guidance & instruction is available in a non-competitive environment so that participants can have fun and learn new skills at minimal cost.

  • South Gippsland Walking and Adventure Club —- Visited: 106 Times


    Listing id: 11893

    The South Gippsland Walking and Adventure Club was formed nearly twenty years ago from the ashes of the South Gippsland Bushwalking Club of the 1970’s.

  • Strzelecki Bushwalking Club Inc. —- Visited: 114 Times


    Listing id: 11894

    Strzelecki Bushwalking Club Inc. may be reached thru PO Box 844, Warragul, VIC 3820.

  • Sunraysia Bushwalkers Inc. —- Visited: 71 Times


    Listing id: 11895

    The Sunraysia Bushwalkers Club is a member of the Federation of Victorian Walking Clubs. The Club was founded in 1977 and is based in Mildura in the Mallee region of north west Victoria. The Club has approximately 30 members.

  • Victorian Mountain Tramping Club —- Visited: 157 Times


    Listing id: 11897

    The VMTC is a club for those with the spirit for adventure.The clubs aim is to provide facilities for members to walk in congenial company and thus bring about a better understanding, use, and preservation of wildlife and natural assets of the state.

  • Victorian Rogaining Association —- Visited: 64 Times


    Listing id: 11898

    Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation in which teams of two to five members visit as many checkpoints as possible in the specified time. In Victoria, rogaines are typically run over periods of 6, 12 or 24 hours. In a bush rogaine teams travel entirely on foot, navigating by map and compass between checkpoints in terrain that varies from open farmland to hilly forest. However, the Victorian Rogaining Association also runs a few events on bikes, in metropolitan areas, on cross-country skis, and even in canoes!

  • Victorian Rovers (Scout Association) —- Visited: 59 Times

    Mt. Waverley

    Listing id: 11899

    Rovers – an exciting and rewarding section of the Scouting Movement, open for those aged between 17 & 26 years. While many members have come through scouting or guides it definitely is not essential and you’ll be welcomed immediately! Being a Rover will open up opportunities that will provide challenge physically, mentally and socially.

  • Victorian YHA Bushwalking Club —- Visited: 146 Times


    Listing id: 11909

    The YHA Bushwalking club has been in existence since 1939 and is a foundation member of the Federation of Victorian Bushwalking Clubs. Our club is made up of a healthy bunch of people who enjoy getting out into the bush to walk with a sociable group of like minded people.

  • VNPA Bushwalking and Activities Group (BWAG) —- Visited: 187 Times


    Listing id: 12006

    BWAG provides the largest range of outdoor activities of any Victorian bushwalking group. On any given weekend there are up to five different activities taking place across the state with events also available midweek, ensuring VNPA is a great choice no matter what your work or lifestyle commitments.

  • Wangaratta Out and About —- Visited: 63 Times


    Listing id: 11900

    Wangaratta Out and About is an outdoor activity club based in North East Victoria. Our program consists of bush walking, cycling, canoeing, camping and other recreational and educational activities.

  • Warby Range Bushwalkers Inc. —- Visited: 58 Times


    Listing id: 11902

    The Warby Range Bushwalkers Club (BRWC) is a fun and friendly way to keep fit, meet new people and enjoy the beautiful scenery of North East Victoria and other locations throughout Australia.

  • Warrnambool BushWalkers —- Visited: 72 Times


    Listing id: 11903

    Warrnambool BushWalkers (or Warrnambool Walkers or The Warrnambool Bushwalking Club) is an incorporated non-profit organisation fully affiliated with Bushwalking Victoria (formerly VicWalk). The club is mainly involved in bushwalking, walking, camping and hiking.

  • Waverley Bushwalking Club Inc. —- Visited: 187 Times

    Mt. Waverly

    Listing id: 11904

    Waverley Bushwalking Club provides a range of outdoor activities, mainly day walking, but also base camps, pack carries, canoeing, bicycling and skiing, all with correct procedures to keep our events as safe as possible.

  • Werribee Bushwalking and Outdoor Club Inc. —- Visited: 146 Times


    Listing id: 11905

    The Werribee Bushwalking and Outdoor Club Inc. is a small club comprising approximately 50 members. We aim to typically provide at least 1-2 walks a month. The majority of our walks are day walks, (usually held on a Sunday).

  • West Gippsland Bush Walkers Inc. —- Visited: 113 Times


    Listing id: 11906

    West Gippsland Bushwalking Club was formed on 10th February 1998 as an outcome of the Warragul Proceed Walking Club being disbanded. A group of the former members gathered to form the present club, with a limit of 70 members. Thirteen of the founding members are currently active members ten years on. Currently there is no limit on membership numbers.

  • Wimmera Bushwalking Club —- Visited: 82 Times


    Listing id: 11907

    Whilst we may be one of the smallest walking clubs around, we have managed to survive for more than 30 years – formed in 1972. The club is based in Horsham, in the heart of the Wimmera District (central – west Victoria, Australia) and consists of people from towns all around the district.