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  • Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association —- Visited: 317 Times


    Listing id: 7645

    The club is located at 119 Gloucester Ave., Belair 5052, SA

  • Adelaide Cricket Club —- Visited: 237 Times


    Listing id: 7644

    The Adelaide Cricket Club was formed on 12th September 1905 for the prime purpose of providing the residents of the City of Adelaide the opportunity to play and enjoy the game of cricket.

  • Adelaide High Old Scholars Cricket Club —- Visited: 164 Times

    West Hindmarsh

    Listing id: 7648

    Adelaide High Old Scholars Cricket Club is located at 13 Cross Street, West Hindmarsh, SA 5007 .

  • Adelaide Rockets —- Visited: 152 Times

    Ingle Farm

    Listing id: 7651

    The Adelaide Rockets were formed in 2006, and registered as an incorporated association in 2008.

  • Adelaide Turf Cricket Association —- Visited: 205 Times


    Listing id: 7652

    The Adelaide Turf Cricket Association Inc. (ATCA) has enjoyed a long and successful involvement with cricket in this state since its registration with the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) on 26 October 2020.

  • Adelaide University Cricket Club —- Visited: 111 Times

    Adelaide CBD

    Listing id: 6042

    The Adelaide University Cricket Club was founded in 1907 and entered the South Australian Cricket Association in the season 1908-09.

  • Aldgate Cricket Club Inc. —- Visited: 166 Times


    Listing id: 7653

    Committee meetings are being held and pre-season training is now underway at both the Mt Barker indoor nets and Aldgate Oval.

  • Alexandra & Eastern Hills Cricket Association —- Visited: 192 Times

    Mt Barker

    Listing id: 7658

    The club may be reached thru Merilyn J Lee, PO Box 329 Mt. Barker, SA 5251 .

  • Ashbourne Cricket Club —- Visited: 183 Times

    Happy Valley

    Listing id: 7665

    Ashbourne Cricket Club is located at 7 Fairbrother Drive, Happy Valley, SA 5159.

  • Atco Cricket Club —- Visited: 201 Times


    Listing id: 7666

    Atco cricket club, the hornets are located in the northern suburbs of adelaide and has been a strong club in the para districts cricket association for about 36 years.

  • Athelstone Cricket Club —- Visited: 168 Times

    Hope Valley

    Listing id: 7667

    Athelstone Cricket Club is located at 82 Barracks Rd, Hope Valley, SA 5090 .

  • Barossa and Light Cricket Association —- Visited: 183 Times


    Listing id: 7672

    Barossa and Light Cricket Association may be reached thru Matthew Mattner at P.O. Box 154, Angaston, SA 5353 .

  • Basket Range Cricket Club —- Visited: 141 Times

    Basket Range

    Listing id: 7674

    Basket Range Cricket Club is situated amongst the wide sweeping views of the Adelaide Hills – just a 20 minute drive from the Adelaide CBD. Featuring a welcoming culture with cricketers & volunteers from a wide range of age groups and multicultural groups, the club provides opportunities for cricketers of all ages, with a strong focus on one day cricket. The grounds at the Basket Range Oval also serves as the perfect location to hold weddings & food wine events, boasting spectacular views.

    The club also provides opportunities to participate in the following volunteer activities: Coaching & Player Management / Social event planning /Community engagement management / Social media & marketing campaign development.

  • Belair Cricket Club —- Visited: 189 Times

    Adelaide Hills

    Listing id: 7675

    The most popular and highly decorated cricket club of recent years in the Adelaide Hills.

  • Belalie Mannanarie (Bel-Man) Cricket Club —- Visited: 142 Times


    Listing id: 7676

    Established in 1991 through a merger of the Belalie North and Mannanarie Cricket Clubs, based in Jamestown South Australia. In recent years the team has trained at the Lehmann Gillespie Cricket Centre, whilst playing home games at Victoria Park in Jamestown.

  • Berri Cricket Club —- Visited: 124 Times


    Listing id: 7678

    Berri Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 8, Berri, SA 5343.

  • Birdwood Cricket Club —- Visited: 123 Times


    Listing id: 7680

    Birdwood Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 348, Birdwood, SA 5234.

  • Bordertown Cricket Club —- Visited: 60 Times


    Listing id: 7692

    Bordertown Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 503, Bordertown, SA 5268.

  • Brahma Lodge Cricket Club —- Visited: 166 Times

    Brahma Lodge

    Listing id: 7693

    The Brahma Lodge Cricket Club was formed in the 1962-63 season, being part of what ultimately became known as the Brahma Lodge Sports Club Inc.

  • Bremer Callington Cricket Club —- Visited: 120 Times


    Listing id: 7694

    Bremer Callington Cricket Club (BCCC) is renown for having one of the very best Sporting Oval Facilities located in the quiet township of Callington with in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. Coupled with a pro-active Management Committee and a terrific Volunteer Member base the BCCC provides all members with positive & structured cricket pursuits.

  • Bridgewater Cricket Club —- Visited: 61 Times


    Listing id: 7695

    Bridgewater Cricket Club may be reached Post Office Box 1103, Bridgewater, SA 5155.

  • Brighton Cricket Club —- Visited: 221 Times

    Glenelg East

    Listing id: 6048

    When the Brighton Cricket Club was formed is not known but there is record of a meeting of 26 members of the Club at the Thatched House Tavern (now the Brighton Hotel) on 19 October 2020.

  • Burra Cricket Club —- Visited: 157 Times


    Listing id: 7701

    Welcome to the 2010/11 season. With a new look format and 10 teams in the Association, it looks to be a very exciting season ahead. Burra Eagles celebrated ‘3 in a row’ against Bel Man last season…lets make it 4!

  • Central United Cricket/Football Club —- Visited: 126 Times


    Listing id: 7710

    The Central United Cricket/Football Club has been the home of the bulldog since 1960 and is situated just a punt kick from the world famous GM-Holdens motor plant in Elizabeth, South Australia.

  • Central/Stirling Cricket Club —- Visited: 130 Times

    Port Augusta

    Listing id: 7707

    Central/Stirling Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 339, Port Augusta, SA 5700.

  • Churches & Community Cricket Association —- Visited: 127 Times


    Listing id: 7713

    Churches & Community Cricket Association is located at 14 Dale Avenue, Ridgehaven, SA 5097.

  • Clapham Cricket Club —- Visited: 66 Times


    Listing id: 7714

    Clapham Cricket Club may be contacted thru Alex Fyfe  .

  • Colts Cricket Club —- Visited: 109 Times

    Tumby Bay

    Listing id: 7720

    Colts Cricket Club is located at 3 Pearson Street, Tumby Bay, SA 5605.

  • Concordia Old Collegian’s Cricket Club —- Visited: 97 Times


    Listing id: 7721

    The “reformed” Concordia Old Collegians Cricket Club has been playing cricket since 1998/1999 and currently has 4 teams in the Adelaide Turf Cricket association.

  • Coromandel Cricket Club —- Visited: 101 Times


    Listing id: 7724

    Established in 1862, the club currently fields four senior teams which cater for a range of cricketing abilities and backgrounds, from those with Grade cricket experience to those who are still learning the game.

  • Coromandel Valley Ramblers Cricket Club —- Visited: 131 Times


    Listing id: 7725

    Coromandel Ramblers are a highly successful cricket club in the Adelaide Suburban Cricket Association.

  • Craigmore Cricket Club —- Visited: 175 Times


    Listing id: 6045

    Established in 1987, the Craigmore Cricket Club is a community minded, not-for-profit sporting club that values the role we play within the community by providing a safe and encouraging environment for all ages and abilities as well as providing fun, family-friendly social functions.

  • East Torrens District Cricket Club Inc. —- Visited: 153 Times


    Listing id: 6054

    The East Torrens District Cricket Club is a foundation member of the South Australian Cricket Association. We are located in the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide.

  • Eastern Eyre Cricket Association —- Visited: 136 Times


    Listing id: 7734

    Eastern Eyre Cricket Association may be reached thru PO Box 339, Lock, SA 5633 .

  • Eastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club —- Visited: 118 Times

    Linden Park

    Listing id: 7737

    Eastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club is located at 1 Canterbury Avenue, Trinity Gardens, SA 5086 .
    Website 08 833173…

  • Eden Valley Cricket Club —- Visited: 55 Times

    Eden Valley

    Listing id: 7740

    Eden Valley Cricket Club may be contacted thru Mark Bartholomaeus .

  • Finniss Cricket Club —- Visited: 88 Times


    Listing id: 7748

    The Finniss Cricket Club was established in 1920 and was recently reformed after a ten year hiatus.

  • Flagstaff Hill Cricket Club —- Visited: 167 Times

    Flagstaff Hill

    Listing id: 7749

    The Flagstaff Hill Cricket Club was formed in 1980 and began playing in the 1980-81 season with one senior team in the Hills Cricket Association.

  • Flinders Park Cricket Club —- Visited: 149 Times

    Flinders Park

    Listing id: 7750

    Flinders Park Cricket Club is affiliated with the Adelaide Turf Cricket Association (ATCA) and currently fields three teams in the one day competition A2, B2, C2 and a one day (limited over’s) side, LOC.

  • Flinders University Cricket Club —- Visited: 112 Times

    Bedford Park

    Listing id: 7751

    The club is located at Flinders University, Bedford Park 5042, SA.

  • Fulham Cricket Club —- Visited: 95 Times

    North Brighton

    Listing id: 7752

    The Fulham Cricket Club almost certainly started in 1905, with the Club playing in the West Torrens Cricket Association.

  • Gawler Central Cricket Club —- Visited: 104 Times


    Listing id: 7755

    Gawler Central Cricket Club may be reached thru P.O. Box 827, Gawler, SA 5118.

  • Gaza Cricket Club —- Visited: 152 Times


    Listing id: 7756

    Gaza Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 57, Greenacres, SA 5086.

  • Gepps Cross Football & Cricket Club —- Visited: 83 Times


    Listing id: 7758

    Gepps Cross Football & Cricket Club is located at Rowe Ave., Northfield, SA 5085 .

  • Gilbert Valley Cricket Club —- Visited: 125 Times


    Listing id: 7759

    The club may be contacted thru Helen Nokes.

  • Glenelg District Cricket Club Inc. —- Visited: 137 Times


    Listing id: 7762

    Glenelg District Cricket Club Inc. may be reached thru P.O. Box 271, Glenelg, SA 5045.

  • Golden Grove Cricket Club —- Visited: 124 Times

    Golden Grove

    Listing id: 7765

    Golden Grove Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 1311, Golden Grove Village, SA 512.

  • Goodwood Cricket Club —- Visited: 169 Times


    Listing id: 7766

    The club was formerly known as Richmond Clarence Park Cricket Club, but following a vote at a special general meeting in March 2006, the club became Goodwood Cricket Club.

  • Goolwa Cricket Club —- Visited: 58 Times


    Listing id: 7767

    The Goolwa Cricket Club Oval is situated in the centre of the town of Goolwa, 80 km south of Adelaide. Goolwa is the town where the River Murray joins the sea.

  • Grange Cricket Club —- Visited: 164 Times


    Listing id: 7768

    The Grange Cricket Club is affiliated with the Adelaide Turf Cricket Association for senior and junior grades and also with Western Suburbs Junior Cricket Association.