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  • Astronomical Association of Queensland —- Visited: 855 Times

    St. Lucia

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    The Astronomical Association of Queensland (AAQ) is Queensland’s original astronomical body with a history extending back to 1896. The AAQ promotes observational and scientific astronomy as well as fostering a general interest in astronomy for both beginners and for the more advanced.

  • Brisbane Astronomical Society Inc. —- Visited: 928 Times


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    What makes the Brisbane Astronomical Society such an exciting group is our friendly and motivated amateur astronomers covering a broad range of interests. We welcome beginners taking their first steps to exploring the skies and seasoned amateurs alike.

  • Hervey Bay Astronomical Society —- Visited: 284 Times

    Hervey Bay

    Listing id: 42417

    With a deep interest in all things space and the science of astronomy from telescopes to observing the night sky and even photographing it, we hold monthly night sky observing sessions and open public education nights at various times throughout the year. Our society is comprised of beginners to advanced.

  • Mackay Tropical Stargazers —- Visited: 312 Times


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    We are in Mackay QLD and travel to Eungella which is 80 klm’s west of Mackay and almost a kilometer high and view locally as well.
    Website 0477 431 …

  • Redlands Astronomical Society Inc. —- Visited: 334 Times


    Listing id: 42247

    TThe Redlands Astronomical Society Inc. is a community based astromony interest group. We are for all ages and levels of knowledge.

  • .. Scenic Rim Astronomy Association —- Visited: 226 Times


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    Formed in 2011, we are a group of like minded amateur astronomers passionate about the wonders of the night sky. If you have never seen the night sky through a telescope, are considering purchasing a telescope but are unsure of which type, have a desire to learn the finer points of astrophotography or to simply learn more about our night sky in general, please contact us ( or 0408 631 698 a/h) & arrange to come to one of our monthly meeting & observation nights.
    Website 0408 631 …

  • South East Queensland Astronomical Society Inc. —- Visited: 692 Times

    Everton Park

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    The South East Queensland Astronomical Society Inc consists of a group of amateur astronomers who get together and share their views, ideas and telescopes with friends and fellow members. SEQAS Inc has expertise within the club in areas of astrophotography, deep sky observation, computers, CCD and video cameras, and lunar and planetary and solar observation.

  • Southern Astronomical Society —- Visited: 324 Times


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    The SAS was formed in 1986 to promote Amateur Astronomy. The Society actively encourages Observational Astronomy, Astrophotography, Telescope and Observatory Construction. Many of our members specialize in one or more forms of observing and have indeed become very proficient.

  • Star Gayzers —- Visited: 513 Times


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    Star Gayzers is an amateur astronomy club specifically for the Brisbane area LGBTI community. A place where you can be among like minded people and delight in the night sky in a social, relaxed and safe atmosphere. LGBTIQ Astronomers: Fun friendly and just a little geeky.

  • Townsville Astronomy Group —- Visited: 115 Times

    Alligator Creek

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    We presently hold our viewing nights at Donnington Airpark at Woodstock, which is about 35 minutes from Townsville, where the skies are reasonably dark, with just a glow from Townsville lights on the horizon. These are held once a month around the time of New Moon.

    We often have a second viewing night at Rangewood with an astrophotography focus, which has become quite popular. Several members of the group have the GStar cameras, or webcams, while others attach their DSLR to their scopes.
    Website 0438 028 …