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  • Bundaberg Kart Club —- Visited: 100 Times


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    The Bundaberg club was established in 1968 with a track being built at the current site in early 1970. The track layout has changed a number of times in the last 36 years. The club changed to bitumen surface in 1989 and the layout stayed virtually the same until further changes to the layout in 1998. This layout remained until the 2005 redevelopment.

    The Bundaberg club has a proud tradition of running state and national championships throughout the years. In fact the Bundaberg club organized and ran the first national dirt track championships in 1973 followed by National dirt track championships in 1984, Queensland Bitumen state titles in 1989, state bitumen titles 1992 and the Queensland state championships in 2003
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  • Cairns Kart Club —- Visited: 74 Times


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    Karting is the world’s most affordable form of motorsport. Many people associate it with young drivers, but adults are also very active in karting. Karting is considered the first step in any serious racer’s career. It can prepare the driver for high-speed wheel-to-wheel racing by developing quick reflexes, precision, car control, set-up, mechanical and decision-making skills.
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  • Cooloola Coast Kart Club —- Visited: 258 Times


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    Cooloola Coast Kart Club is an affiliated associate member of Karting Australia Ltd, The Cooloola “Gympie Gold Race Track” was opened on the 12th November 2006. Since this time we have made many improvements to the facility and continue to do so as finances permit. Cooloola Coast Kart Club is a non profit organisation and is run by a very dedicated group of volunteers club members and continues to do so on that basis.

    Our circuit is 890 metres long by 8 metres wide and is approved by Karting Australia Ltd to conduct race events in both directions. The circuit features 10 corners, differing from fast to slow sections with both negative and positive camber. The track is unusual in that it is undulating a feature that is not found in European karting cirtcuits.

    Track Inspections occur every year by an appointed Inspector and circuits inspection are conduced prior to each event by race day officials. There are a number of events that the Cooloola Coast Kart Club hosts throughout the year, our race calendar and race information is available and we welcome visitors to our events and there is no admission fee for the general public.
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  • Formula Vee Association of Queensland —- Visited: 131 Times


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    You’ve been watching Garth Tander, Peter Brock, Craig Lowndes, Larry Perkins, Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel on TV for as long as you can remember. Reading about Formula 1, V8s, Karts, apexes, understeer, oversteer, brake balance etc. “Yes I can do better than all of them! Webber couldn’t pass a car if the driver moved over and waved him through! But of course I’ve got nothing to prove either.” But maybe you’ve been driving karts since you were 6 years old and now you’re 13 it’s time to think of making the big move into real racing cars like Formula Vee.
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  • Gladstone Kart Club —- Visited: 90 Times


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    The Gladstone Kart Club facility situated just outside Gladstone and has an easy going friendly atmosphere about it. The track itself is a total of 720 meters consisting of 1 magnetic strip. Being set into the side of a hill, it is widely regarded as a “Driver’s Circuit” offering many challenging off-camber corners and undulating surfaces. Lighting is installed at the circuit providing some great night racing. The canteen is one of the best spots at the track not only for its great food but it is also the best place to see the whole track when watching the racing.
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  • Gold Coast Kart Club —- Visited: 301 Times


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    The Gold Coast Kart Club has operated since 1971 at Day’s Park Raceway Coomera. However this race track is now closed. The Gold Coast Kart Club is currently hiring other tracks for race events until a new facility can be established.  The new facility will feature two kart circuits consisting of one CIK standard circuit 1,500 metres long and 10 metres wide and one 1,350 metre AKA standard circuit 10 metres wide. Both tracks will have the ability to be joined to make one 3,000 metre circuit.

    All facilities will be state of the art with all flag points etc, electronically controlled and all corners under video surveillance beaming back to a central control. Additionally there is a full driver training facility with a 750 metre circuit 8 metres wide, skid pan and driver skills training strip. It is hoped to have the facility up and operational by the end of 2014.
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  • Ipswich Kart Club —- Visited: 383 Times


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    IKC is the premier karting club in SE Queensland and the largest member only karting facility in Queensland. A place where the whole family can be involved, without denying anyone that “Need for Speed”.
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  • Rockhampton Formula K Kart Club —- Visited: 51 Times


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    Fitzroy Park Raceway is situated 23km south of Rockhampton on the Bruce Highway. Facilities include an 861m track with 3 magnetic strips and pits for 150 karts. General Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday night after the race meeting at 7.30pm
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  • Superkarts Australia —- Visited: 27 Times


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    Superkarting is an exhilarating and high performance form of motor racing. Likened to a miniature Formula1 or a GP Bike with four wheels, the Superkart is not a hybrid of racing car and go-kart, it is a purpose-built race vehicle in its own right. With average power to weight ratio of 2.9, Superkarts hold outright lap records at many tracks world-wide. Superkarting is a high performance, affordable motor sport. Sensation to cost is second to no other form of motor racing.

  • Toowoomba & Lockyer Valley Kart Club —- Visited: 92 Times

    Greer Park

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    Toowoomba & Lockyer Valley Kart Club is located at Greer Park Raceway. “come and race your mates”
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  • Towers Kart Club —- Visited: 48 Times


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    Towers Kart Club is located at (Dirt) Gladstone Park Raceway,
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  • Townsville Kart Club —- Visited: 52 Times


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    Karting is one of the most affordable forms of motorsport within Australia and the world. It is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Children can start as young as 7 years old and there is no end age limit on competing. Whilst it is a competitive sport that can teach basic driving skills, among other facets of racing, it is also a fun, family orientated sport. It is by no means limited to just boys, with an ever increasing amount of girls choosing to participate. Events takes place at circuits every weekend and can be at National, State, Regional or club level.
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  • Whitsunday Moto sports Club —- Visited: 57 Times


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    Whitsunday Raceway Facility Located on Lascelles Ave (Proserpine airport road) in the beautiful WHITSUNDAYS
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