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  • Central Coast Speedway Kart Club —- Visited: 129 Times


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    Central Coast Speedway Kart Club Inc. first started in 1998. CCSKC boasts exceptional hospitality and inclusion, whether you are a Member of our Club or are a visiting competitor. We exude the typical Central Coast warm and friendly atmosphere, and are very family orientated, with a racing class for just about every family member aged 7 to 70 years to participate in.

    Our facilities are second to none on speedway. We have many families that have multiple generations competing, as well as many people who compete in more than one class at each race meeting. You will always find someone who is more than happy to answer questions or assist you in any way possible to ensure that everyone has a great day and enjoyable experience of racing at our circuit. Our Member’s race karts for the love of karting and our major aim is to foster enjoyment and fun for all

  • Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club —- Visited: 50 Times

    Coffs Harbour

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    Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club is located at Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Ground, NSW –

  • Combined District Kart Club —- Visited: 104 Times


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    Art Ingles builds the first Go Kart in California in August 1956. Kart racing commences in Sydney on 24 July 2020 at Castlereagh air strip. The first purpose built tar go kart track opens at Caringbah on 20 August 2020, while Lithgow City Go Kart Track opens in February 1963 and racing commences.  Combined Districts Kart Club has enjoyed the position of being in the unique situation of owning the current site since the mid 1980’s and is regarded as the family club that has generated many champion’s in motor sport including Mark Winterbottom, Australian Champion James Courtney and IRL competitor Ryan Briscoe.

  • Dubbo Kart Club —- Visited: 58 Times


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    The Club commenced in the early nineties with about 80 members and this number grew to a high of 160 members at the height of the club with great interest throughout the town with the official opening and State and National championships being held. The membership levels have remained steady over the last few years at around 80 to 100 members.

    Club Members compete not only at their home circuit but also at Zone, State and National levels with some success. Several members have gained podium places at National and State level including two State Champions, one National Champion and many Zone Champions. Spectator levels vary from 7000 at the 1995 Nationals down to several hundred at Zone meetings. Club championship meetings attract about 100.

  • Formula Vee Association of New South Wales —- Visited: 90 Times


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    You’ve been watching Garth Tander, Peter Brock, Craig Lowndes, Larry Perkins, Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel on TV for as long as you can remember. Reading about Formula 1, V8s, Karts, apexes, understeer, oversteer, brake balance etc. “Yes I can do better than all of them! Webber couldn’t pass a car if the driver moved over and waved him through! But of course I’ve got nothing to prove either.” But maybe you’ve been driving karts since you were 6 years old and now you’re 13 it’s time to think of making the big move into real racing cars like Formula Vee.

    Well regardless, the time has come to take the plunge, to fulfill your dreams – to become a racing car driver. Formula Vee Racing provides the thrill of fiercely competitive motor racing at a budget cost. Permitted modifications are minimal so that greater emphasis is on driver skill rather than budget. As a result, the class is the first proving ground in motor racing and has always been a stepping stone to higher levels of motorsport. Larry Perkins, Jason Bargwanna, Colin Bond and John Bowe began their careers in Formula Vee.
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  • Goulburn Kart Club —- Visited: 33 Times


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    Goulburn Kart Club is located at Wakefield Park, NSW,

  • Grafton Sporting Car Club —- Visited: 23 Times

    Mountain View

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    Grafton Sporting Car Club is located at Mountain View, NSW It has a 562 metre bidirectional bitumen track that caters for up to 24 Karts

  • Grenfell Kart Club —- Visited: 56 Times


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    The Grenfell Kart Club was formed in 1967, a little under 10 years after karting took off in Australia. When the club was formed, there were 10 members. The first President of the Club was Mr Eric Burton and the first Secretary was Mr Maurice Simpson. The Grenfell Kart Club currently conducts a number of race meetings each year. The two main events are the Bob Hinde Memorial, which is a two (2) day event held in the middle of the year, and the other major event is one of the Southern Star Series.

  • Griffith Kart Club —- Visited: 44 Times


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    The griffith Kart Club was formed in 1975 with an initial membership of 34 people. This group set about establishing a track on land at Tharbogang, a small village 10km west of Griffith, that the council leased to the fledging club. In 1983 the track surface was replaced with hot mix to give an ideal racing surface.

    Futher upgrading of the track was carried out in 1987 when the hairpin corner was rebuilt for the NSW State Championships, which the club hosted that year. This was another successful event which ran over 3 days of the June long weekend. With the growth of the sport in the Riverina region, the Riverina Kart Championship was instituted in 1989, with rounds being held at the Griffith, Grenfell and Wagga tracks. With the series expanding in 1990 to include the Canberra and Orange clubs. This series has now gone on to be expanded into the Southern NSW Zone Championship which now also includes Dubbo, Forbes and Albury.

    The Club celebrated its 30th anniversary in June 2005 with a celebratory dinner. Many past members returned to Griffith for the fun filled weekend. The Club continues to hold a round of the Southern Zone Series. To continue attracting a variety of race meetings to our area, the Griffith Kart Club continues to upgrade the safety and facilities of the track in accordance with the Australian Karting Association and Department of Sport & Recreation regulations.

  • Gunnedah Kart Club —- Visited: 40 Times


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    Gunnedah Kart Club is located at Hunters Lane, NSW. It has a 486 metre bitumern track that caters for up to 20 karts.

  • Lismore Kart Club —- Visited: 48 Times


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    Monthly race meetings are held during the year except for October (Show Month). Karting is still the most enjoyable and cheapest form of Motor Sport. Cadets can start at age 7 yrs and progress through Rookies and Juniors till age 16 when they go into Senior competition. Lismore boasts many State and National Champions – come and join them and learn from the best.

  • Manning Valley Kart Club —- Visited: 90 Times


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    Manning Valley Kart Club prides itself on developing young motorsport talent and providing a facility that promotes family involvement and enjoyment of Go-Karting. Ever more increasingly we see Mum & Dad and the youngsters coming to race at Manning Valley Kart Track.
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  • New South Wales Speedway Kart Club —- Visited: 137 Times


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    The NSW Speedway Kart Club was formed in 1991 by a group of speedway enthusiasts who were looking for a cost effective alternative to experience the thrills of speedway racing. For many of the early years, the club members were a group of “nomads” with no permanent home track and traveled to many different venues through the season. Tracks used included Fairbairn Park, Newcastle, Nepean, Goulburn, Gosford and Parramatta to name but a few.

    In 2002 the club made the strategic move to develop Nepean Raceway as ” home” and with support from Nepean Motorsport Club, build two new “speedway specific” tracks at the venue in order to provide improved spectator viewing and better racing. Since that time the club membership has grown considerably to be not only the driving force of speedway karting, but to be the training ground for many of speedway stars seen regularly at TPCR and other venues in many divisions of speedway.
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  • Newcastle Kart Racing Club —- Visited: 202 Times

    Mt. Sugarloaf

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    Newcastle Kart Racing Club was formed in 1959, and has occupied it’s current site for over 30 years. It is very conveniently located only 300 metres from the F3 Freeway (part of the National Highway from Sydney to Brisbane.) We are only 1 1/2 hours from Sydney. In 1998, a completely new, WORLD CLASS track and facilities were built…. This cost in excess of $1 million.

    This exciting and demanding track is 1058 metres long, and 8 metres wide. It’s very undulating, with 6 crests and 8.5 metre fall from the highest to the lowest point on the circuit. It has 2 straights: the main one being 160 metres long, the back straight is 96 metres long. It has a dual 40 kart starting grid, allowing for 80 karts to assemble at once. It also features a dedicated breakdown lane. There is a three storey air conditioned control tower, operating the start/finish lights, and overhead lap counter.

  • North Shore Kart Club —- Visited: 265 Times

    Eastern Creek

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    North Shore Kart Club was formed in 1993. the intention of its founders was to promote karting in the Sydney metropolitan area by building a karting facility close to the population centre. Within a couple of years this had been realised, through a commercial facility built at Eastern Creek. Soon after it was completed, North Shore Kart Club commenced using the Eastern Creek facility for monthly race meetings.

    The combination of an arrive-and-drive commercial facility incorporating a kart shop, 7 day a week 2-stroke practice and regular 2-stroke race meetings in the centre of the metropolitan area saw a large number of new karters join the sport. North Shore Kart Club has hosted many major race meetings over the years.

  • Orange Kart Racing Club —- Visited: 92 Times


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    Welcome to the official website of the Orange Kart Club Incorporated (OKC)! Orange Kart Club is located in the Central Tablelands city of Orange, just over 3 hours drive from Sydney and Canberra.  Karting is competitive, but it is also fun and family orientated, with involvement in the sport both on and off the track giving it a strong feeling of community.

    It teaches driving skills and offers people an opportunity to gain a career in motorsport, all in a safe and organised environment. Kart meetings take place at circuits across Australia every weekend and are either a club, regional, state or national level meeting. Getting into karting is relatively simple. First you need to become a member of your local kart club and start out on a provisional licence. Buying a kart has also been made a lot simpler thanks to a professional trade industry that serves the karters of Australia.

  • Port Macquarie Kart Racing Club —- Visited: 44 Times


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    The club holds Executive Meetings every month and General Meetings every second month. They are held on the First Tuesday of each month at the Hastings Hotel, Wauchope commencing at 7:00pm. All members are encouraged to attend these meetings and contribute to the efficient running of the club.

  • Sapphire Coast Kart Club —- Visited: 44 Times

    Frogs Hollow

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    The Sapphire Coast Kart Club is a small club dedicated to providing a top class karting facility to residents of the South Coast of New South Wales. The Club is also dedicated towards providing an environment for the development of Driver Education in the Far South Coast of New South Wales. In 2004 we completed a brand new track at Frogs Hollow, which is situated virtually between Bega and Merimbula.

    Karting is one of the few sports where there is no competitive difference between male, female, young and old. Everybody can compete against anyone within their class structure. There are classes for 7 years old up, fast to slow, sprint karting to endurance, two stroke to four stroke. To put it simply karting is for everyone whether it be competitor or official, administration, or helper at Club to State level. Whatever your desire within motor sport it can be achieved through karting.

    If you would like to become part of this exciting development, and take part in some of the most affordable motor racing available, contact any of the members of the Club. Club meetings are held Saturday Race Weekends starting at 4pm once a month (check out the Calendar page for our race dates). You are welcome to come along and race or just watch and have a chat to our members.

  • Superkart Club of NSW —- Visited: 99 Times

    St. Marys South

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    The Superkart Club of NSW is the only CAMS affiliated club that covers Superkarting in NSW. The club is run by volunteers who are either Superkart drivers, or former Superkart drivers. The club is motivated by one simple factor, the thrill of racing Superkarts.  The Superkart Club of NSW normally holds around 7 race meetings each year, with some being single day events usually held on a Sunday, while championship meetings are usually two day events

  • Superkarts Australia —- Visited: 13 Times


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    Superkarting is an exhilarating and high performance form of motor racing. Likened to a miniature Formula1 or a GP Bike with four wheels, the Superkart is not a hybrid of racing car and go-kart, it is a purpose-built race vehicle in its own right. With average power to weight ratio of 2.9, Superkarts hold outright lap records at many tracks world-wide.

    Superkarting is a high performance, affordable motor sport. Sensation to cost is second to no other form of motor racing. With classes for 6 speed 250cc, 125cc Rotax and GP motorcycle engines, fitted 4 wheel disk brakes, full bodywork with rear wing – Superkarting is not an entry to motor sport, it is a progression to a more dynamic and affordable form of motor sport for many sprint karters, motorbike and car racers.

  • Sydney Kart Racing Club —- Visited: 64 Times

    Oran Park

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    Welcome to the Sydney Kart Racing Club. Your club has been made up from a band of very dedicated and loyal volunteers who give up time so we can put on some of the best race meetings in the country. As we do not currently have a track we recommend strongly that members support other clubs as shown in our Club Championship Rules. Our track situation is being addressed with all possible efforts. So if anyone knows of land for long term lease… Welcome once again. Thank you for racing with us. We look forward to assisting you and we will see you at the track.

  • Tamworth Kart Racing Club —- Visited: 51 Times


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    Tamworth is centrally located in the northern zone being within approximately 3.5 hours drive from many clubs. Our track is challenging, providing a good balance of straights and different degrees of corners. We have secure camping within the track complex with toilets and hot showers in the clubhouse.

    Our clubhouse is large and modern. We have a well serviced canteen, first aid room, race secretary’s office, steward’s room and a club room that can hold a large group of people (up to 75 for a sit down dinner). While the number of club members is not large, we are enthusiastic and passionate about karting. Our largest race meeting to date was the 2010 NSW State Titles 1st, 2nd & 3rd October, with 284 entrants. Our two Major Race Meetings each year are the Brian Higginbotham Trophy and the Alan Cox Cup.

  • The Endurance Karting Association —- Visited: 72 Times

    North Rocks

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    Endurance karting originated in the United Kingdom in the early 1990’s and was introduced to Australia less than seven years ago. Unlike sprint karting, where races are usually only 10 or 15 laps, endurance events are usually for a minimum of 4 hours and can be as long as 24 hours – continuous racing!  The Endurance Karting Association Inc (TEKA) was established by a group of competitors in 2000 with the aim to promote the sport and provide structured, safe and affordable racing. There are currently over 250 financial members and the association is run by a committee of team owners and drivers.

  • Wagga & District Kart Racing Club —- Visited: 85 Times

    Wagga Wagga

    Listing id: 13902

    The Wagga & District Kart Racing Club has been around for over twenty years. The club originally started at Ladysmith, but was soon moved into Wagga to a new track and complex. The Wagga & District Kart Track is in an ideal location, as it is only 5km from the CBD and is close to accommodation. Our track has a very large pit area, that can accommodate up to 400 karts, not to mention the great canteen at the track for all your food and drink needs.

  • Wollongong Kart Racing Club —- Visited: 138 Times


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    Wollongong Kart Racing Club hosts Sprint Kart meetings including Club racing and State Championships for both its own members and other Karting club members. We are dedicated to providing our members and visiting kart racers with the best facilities and racing available.We invite you to join our kart club, join us for a race meeting or if you are thinking of getting into karting we will help in any way we can.
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