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  • Afghan Hound Club of NSW —- Visited: 63 Times

    St. Clair

    Listing id: 18885

    The Afghan Hound Club of NSW is the oldest Afghan Hound Club in Australia. It was originally formed in 1956 by a handful of enthusiasts when there were probably fewer than 50 Afghan Hounds in the whole of Australia.

  • Agility Dog Club of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 174 Times

    Baulkham Hills

    Listing id: 18886

    The Agility Dog Club of NSW Inc is a non-profit organisation formed to help provide Agility facilities needed in this growing sport. We encourage pure and mixed breeds. Our aim is to provide an atmosphere, through agility, for all handlers with their dogs to have fun and to have the option to compete in various trials which are held through out Australia.

  • Airedale Terrier Assoc of NSW —- Visited: 54 Times

    Umina Beach

    Listing id: 18887

    The ATA of NSW has been functioning since 1967 and is affiliated with DOGS NSW. Our Club is committed to promoting the purebred Airedale Terrier and responsible dog ownership.

  • Alaskan Malamute Club of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 279 Times


    Listing id: 18888

    The Alaskan Malamute Club of NSW Inc was founded in 1995, with the first constituted meeting taking place in 1997. The Alaskan Malamute Club of NSW Inc actively supports Alaskan Malamutes and their owners through a range of activities such as showing, working whether it be weight pull, back packing and sledding.

  • American Staffordshire Terrier Club NSW —- Visited: 120 Times


    Listing id: 19143

    Established in 1998, the American Staffordshire Terrier Club of NSW Inc is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of this wonderful breed. Our aim is to bring Amstaff lovers together in a forum to share information and educate the public about responsible dog ownership.

  • Armidale All Breeds Kennel Club —- Visited: 35 Times


    Listing id: 47216

    The Armidale All Breeds Kennel Club is affiliated with DogsNSW and promotes caring and responsible dog ownership while providing its members with support, advice and professional instruction.

  • Aust Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Club of NSW —- Visited: 33 Times

    North Richmond

    Listing id: 19153

    The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Club of New South Wales undertakes to encourage, guide and advance the interests of purebred Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs and their owners and breeders, and to encourage the improvement of type and quality of the breed.

  • Australian Cattle Dog Society of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 49 Times


    Listing id: 18877

    The Australian Cattle Dog Society of NSW Inc. was the first Australian Cattle Dog Breed Club to be established. Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every second month (January, March, May, July, September, and November) in the German Shepherd Dog League Building at the Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs, Erskine Park, at 7.30pm.

  • Australian National Kennel Club —- Visited: 84 Times

    Erskine Park

    Listing id: 19168

    Australian National Kennel Club is the peak body in Australia responsible for promoting breeding, showing, trialling, obedience, and other canine-related activities and the ownership of temperamentally and physically sound purebred dogs by individuals across Australia.

  • Australian Shepherd Association of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 47 Times


    Listing id: 46964

    The Australian Shepherd Association of NSW Inc. “Enjoying & Promoting the Australian Shepherd in NSW”

  • Basenji Club of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 31 Times


    Listing id: 18871

    The formative years of the Basenji Hound Club of New South Wales, under the leadership of Bill Chandler, saw the establishment of an October Annual Championship Show. The first was held at Strickland House, Vaucluse in 1969.

  • Bathurst & District Kennel Club Inc. —- Visited: 34 Times


    Listing id: 18891

    Bathurst and District Kennel Club Inc has been operating continuously since being formed by dog enthusiasts in 1955. The Club is affiliated with the Royal NSW Canine Council, also known by the trading name of Dogs NSW.

  • Blacktown Kennel & Training Club Inc. —- Visited: 94 Times


    Listing id: 18899

    Blacktown Kennel and Training Club Inc (BK&TC;) was formed in 1960 by a dedicated group of people whose goal was to improve the relationship between dogs and their owners and to promote dog sports. BK&TC; is a friendly and fun place for people to learn about dogs and activities with dogs such as training the family pet, competition obedience and showing.

  • Blue Mountains Dog Tng Club Inc. —- Visited: 56 Times

    Blue Mountains

    Listing id: 18902

    Blue Mountains Dog Training Club is affiliated with the Royal New South Wales Canine Council and promotes caring, responsible dog ownership while providing its members with support, advice and professional instruction.

  • Border Collie Club Of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 85 Times


    Listing id: 18904

    The Club promotes proper care of all dogs, and provides events such as Breed Conformation Exhibition, Obedience, Rally-O, Agility & Jumping, Tracking and Herding Trials specifically for Border Collies. The Club also strives to minimise the incidence of hereditary diseases in Border Collies. Every year the club holds Championship Shows, Obedience, Agility/Jumping, Rally-O, Herding and Tracking Trials.
    Website 6337 3393…

  • Boxer Club of NSW —- Visited: 53 Times


    Listing id: 18585

    1949 was a very important year for Boxers in Australia. On the 13th December at the Gordon (Sydney) home of Mr & Mrs Gerardy (Park Royal Kennels) the first Boxer Club was formed under the banner of ‘The Boxer Club of Australia’.

  • Broken Hill All Breeds Obed Dog Club —- Visited: 37 Times

    Broken Hill

    Listing id: 18913

    The Broken Hill All Breeds Obedience Dog Club was set up in 1961 with a view to assisting and supporting the responsible ownership of dogs. he club also provides an opportunity for those wishing to compete in obedience trials conducted by the club.

  • Brunswick Valley Kennel Club Inc. —- Visited: 29 Times

    Empire Vale

    Listing id: 18916

    The Club is affiliated to Dogs NSW, the governing body for breeders and exhibiters of dogs in New South Wales.

  • Brush Farm Dog Training Club Inc. —- Visited: 59 Times


    Listing id: 18917

    Puppies respond very well to gentle, insistent training. They have the ability to learn up to 200 words provided they are used in correct and consistent context. Handlers and their pups may join our Puppy Class 10 days after the 12-week injection and up until the age of 16 weeks.

  • Bull Terrier Club Inc. of NSW —- Visited: 104 Times

    Seven Hills

    Listing id: 46988

    Bull Terrier Club Inc (NSW) the oldest Bull Terrier club in Australia, founded in 1947. Promoting responsible ownership of the breed, showcasing the breed through specialty breed shows with international and local judges. Providing information to interested prospective new owners and ongoing support for existing owners. The Bull Terrier is a special breed and needs special people.

  • Cairn Terrier Club of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 23 Times


    Listing id: 18923

    The Club exists to encourage the breeding and exhibition of Cairns, to act as a reference and support source for pet owners and to generally safeguard the breed’s best interests in NSW.

  • Cattle Kelpie Border Collie & GSD Club —- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 47023

    Cattle, Kelpie, Border Collie and German Shepherd Dog club Inc
    This club was founded in 1941 and is a not for profit organisation promoting the following 5 breeds – Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, Australian Kelpie, Border Collie and German Shepherd Dog. Club can be contacted at P.O. Box 238, St Clair, 2759, NSW

  • Cavalier King Charles Span. Club NSW Inc. —- Visited: 61 Times


    Listing id: 18933

    The Club is a non profit organisation focussed on promoting the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (CKCS) breed. This includes education on the breed, minimising the incidence of hereditary disease and highlighting activities such as Conformation Showing, Obedience and Agility/Jumping Trialling.

  • Central Coast Dog Obedience Training Club Inc. —- Visited: 92 Times

    Central Coast

    Listing id: 47372

    Central Coast Dog Obedience Training Club – includes basic eight week course, competition classes for Obedience, Agility and Rally O.

  • Chihuahua Club of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 57 Times


    Listing id: 18937

    The Chihuahua Club of NSW holds three championship shows each year. Two being on the Easter weekend and a night show that coincides with the Spring Fair in November. We also hold sanction / open shows for our trainee judges to gain experience as the need arises.

    Our club meets bi monthly, (being September, November, January, March, May and July each year (our AGM is held in September each year before the regular meeting) on the second Tuesday of that month at the John Edmondson VC Memorial Club in Liverpool. Some members choose to meet at 7.00pm for dinner in the Figtree Brasserie before the meeting commences at around 8.00pm in an allocated meeting room.

  • Chinese Crested Club of NSW —- Visited: 41 Times


    Listing id: 18936

    The Chinese Crested Dog Club of NSW started as a Social Club in 1993 with a dedicated band of Chinese Crested Dog enthusiasts. In 1994, Affiliation with the Royal New South Wales Canine Council Ltd (now trading as Dogs NSW) was granted and with minor variations can be viewed at Dogs NSW Regulations for Affiliates .

  • Cocker Spaniel Society of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 42 Times


    Listing id: 18941

    When the Cocker Spaniel Society of NSW Inc. was officially formed on the 1st September 1947 the first meeting was held at the YWCA Rooms, Liverpool St Sydney, with Mr H Streeter as President. The first show was held on the 21st February 1948. It was proposed to have 3 Championship shows per year in February, June & October and a Puppy parade between October & February.

  • Collie Club of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 25 Times

    Middle Dural

    Listing id: 18944

    The Collie Club of NSW, Australia, was formed in 1943 by a group of dedicated Collie exhibitors/breeders who were the foundation members of the club. Mr F Grant of Edendale Kennels was the President, Joyce O’Reilly of Carramar Kennels was Secretary, Mrs Glad Osborne of Glendallo Collies was Assistant Secretary.

  • Crookwell A P & H Society Inc. —- Visited: 16 Times


    Listing id: 18958

    In the early days of the district, the Agriculturalists and Pastoralists felt a need to be able to exhibit their produce to the local community and beyond. In 1878 they met and formed the A & P Society and proceeded to hold their first Show Day. The competitive nature of the Show’s exhibitors caused the quality of the local Produce to escalate at an amazing rate. The quality brought both prosperity and reputation to the district.

  • Dachshund Club of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 103 Times


    Listing id: 18961

    The Dachshund Club of NSW Inc is one the largest and most successful Breed Clubs in Australia. The Club hosts Championship Shows at Easter and October/November, each year. The Club hosts Puppy Picnics and Fun Days for pet owners to participate in. All dachshund owners are welcome.

  • Deer Bush Dog Training Club Inc. —- Visited: 31 Times

    Fairfield West

    Listing id: 18965

    The club is a non -profit organisation run by a dedicated commitee and a team of instructors who work together on a voluntary basis to serve and educate the local dog community in their responsibility of owning and training a dog.

  • Dobermann Club of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 47 Times

    Erskine Park

    Listing id: 18967

    The Dobermann Club of NSW Inc. was established at a meeting held November 29th, 1963. It became the second Dobermann Club in Australia and was borne out of the enthusiasm of a group of owners and exhibitors who had at that time taken on a very new breed in the country.

  • Dog Society —- Visited: 65 Times


    Listing id: 47673

    Dog society is a brand new Australian website designed around finding new friendships for you and your dog that will last a lifetime. This website is an exciting new online community for dogs and their owners. Dog Society is all about bringing lonely pet owners together with their beloved pooches to meet other like-minded people to share stories about their pets find advice, friendship and maybe even loveā€¦..

  • Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club Inc. —- Visited: 38 Times

    Centennial Park

    Listing id: 18972

    The Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club Incorporated is a volunteer based organisation that runs obedience training for puppies and adult dogs and activity classes for adult dogs on most Sunday mornings on the grounds beside Musgrave Avenue in Centennial Park, in the heart of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

  • English Springer Spaniel Assoc NSW Inc. —- Visited: 26 Times


    Listing id: 18973

    During 1969 Mrs G Hey saw the need for the establishment of an organisation to promote the English Springer Spaniel in N.S.W. and discussed her ideas with Mrs Esme Westbrook. Mrs Hey wrote to the R.A.S.K.C. for advice on the formation of a dog club. This was followed by an invitation to Springer owners and enthusiasts to meet and discuss the formation of a breed club.

  • Field & Retrieving Association for Gundogs Inc. —- Visited: 27 Times

    Banora Point

    Listing id: 18782

    Meetings are held quarterly (Jan, Apr, Jul & Nov) on the last Wednesday of the month. The venue for meetings is Coorparoo RSL Club, 45 Holdsworth Street, Cooparoo. Meetings commence at 7:00 pm. All members are welcome.

  • Fox Terrier Club of NSW —- Visited: 30 Times


    Listing id: 18980

    The Fox Terrier Club holds two Championship Shows each year (Easter Saturday & The First Saturday in October) At the completion of the Show there is a prize giving and afternoon tea to which all members are invited.

  • French Bulldog Club of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 20 Times

    Kurrajong Heights

    Listing id: 18981

    Club meetings are held bi-monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at The Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs 44 Luddenham Rd Erskine Park at 7.30 pm.

  • German Shepherd Dog League Inc. —- Visited: 100 Times


    Listing id: 18983

    German Shepherd Dog League of NSW Inc and the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia (GSDCA) has been established to promote the breeding, exhibition and overall improvement of the German Shepherd Dog.

  • German Shorthaired Pointer Soc NSW Inc. —- Visited: 113 Times


    Listing id: 18984

    The club was formed in 1968 to promote and protect the interest of the German Shorthaired Pointer and to organise regular meetings, functions, shows and trials, etc, involving this wonderful breed and their owners.

  • Golden Retriever Club of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 40 Times


    Listing id: 18986

    The Golden Retriever Club of NSW Inc. recognizes all serious and realistic endeavors to improve the overall quality of the Golden Retriever, particularly, Breed Type, Conformation, Temperament and Hereditary Defects.

  • Gordon Setter Club of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 20 Times


    Listing id: 18987

    The club runs two Championship shows each year, usually with overseas judges, produces a quarterly newsletter, holds an annual picnic day for Gordons and their families and helps to unite Gordon puppies and older dogs with their human.

  • Grafton Dog Obedience Club —- Visited: 25 Times


    Listing id: 18991

    All classes are run under the supervision of qualified instructors. Our instructors have many years of experience between them and are always willing to discuss any training or behavioural problems you may be having with your dog.

  • Great Dane Club of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 32 Times


    Listing id: 18992

    The Great Dane Club of NSW Inc. is the only Great Dane Breed Club in New South Wales affiliated and recognized with Dogs NSW, the controlling body for purebred dogs in New South Wales and the Australian National Kennel Council.

  • Greater Western All Breeds, Obedience & Agility Club Inc.(GWABOAC Inc.) —- Visited: 8 Times


    Listing id: 47010

    Proudly Dogs NSW affiliated, all dog training – General Location: Bathurst NSW 2795
    Obedience – Wednesday 6pm-7pm (daylight saving) & Saturday 9-10:30am all year round except christmas break.
    Agility – Friday 6:45-8:30pm (daylight saving / warmer months) / Sunday 10am-12noon
    (during Winter) + Occasional Saturday’s 10:45am -12 noon Check with club for actual dates
    Classes held at St Pats Sporting Complex, 234 Gilmour St, Kelso 2795
    Further contact information: Obedience: Pat 02 63324520
    Agility: Jon/Alison 02 6329 4244 or Elizabeth 6365 2633

  • Hills District Kennel & Training Club —- Visited: 88 Times

    Castle Hill

    Listing id: 19003

    The Hills District Kennel & Training Club Inc. has been running classes for over 25 years and our trainers are all very experienced in training dogs, having completed a 12 month Instructors Course run by the Club and we are all committed to helping people train their dogs.

  • Hornsby Dog Training Club —- Visited: 55 Times


    Listing id: 19005

    Hornsby Dog Training Club is a non profit organisation run by a group of volunteers interested in the training and basic well-being of our best friends. The Club first began assisting the local community in 1959 and since then has grown into one of the foremost thinking dog training clubs in the state.

  • Hungarian Vizsla Club of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 29 Times


    Listing id: 19115

    The Club welcomes all Vizsla owners – whether the dog is a top-winning show dog, a companion hunter or a top class pet. Also welcome are those who are interested in learning more about the breed, previous Vizsla owners who happen to be without a Vizsla currently and others who, for whatever reason, are admirers of this lovely breed.

  • Irish Wolfhound Club of NSW Inc. —- Visited: 38 Times


    Listing id: 19014

    The Club has been active from its foundation in 1976 and was brought into being for the promotion and welfare of these ancient and noble Gentle Giants. Our first Championship show was held at Easter 1979

  • Kombinalong —- Visited: 21 Times


    Listing id: 18680

    Quality Kombinalong pups and adults have been exported to South Africa, New Caledonia, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, both mainland USA and the Island of Hawaii, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, South America, Japan and the Philippines. All puppies at Kombinalong are sold with health guarantees.