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  • Alloura Waters Computer Club —- Visited: 73 Times


    Listing id: 21230

    Alloura Waters Computer Club, is one of many “special interest groups” that operate within Alloura Waters Retirement Village, at Davistown on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

  • ARV Residents Computer Club —- Visited: 66 Times

    Castle Hill

    Listing id: 21196

    The Club started in October 1998, when a small group of residents sought the assistance of ARV (Anglican Retirement Villages) management to start a computer club.

  • ASCCA —- Visited: 119 Times


    Listing id: 21174

    ASCCA exists to support and encourage seniors to take advantage of modern information technology to meet their individual needs and to provide further challenges. To become computer literate at their own pace, in a friendly non-threatening environment and to have fun whilst doing so.

  • Avalon Computer Pals —- Visited: 61 Times


    Listing id: 21168

    Avalon Computer Pals helps Seniors learn and improve their computer skills. It is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers. Since 2000, we have helped hundreds of seniors from complete beginers to people who need to improve or update their skills .

  • Bulli Senior Citizens Computer Club —- Visited: 98 Times


    Listing id: 21185

    Our Computer Group was formed during Seniors Week in 2005 to allow seniors in our locality to access the knowledge to be able to use a computer. Classes are held three days a week, and are all conducted at a pace that is friendly to senior learners.

  • Byron Shire Seniors Computing Club —- Visited: 33 Times

    Ocean Shores

    Listing id: 21352

    The Seniors Computer Club is established to help meet the needs of seniors who want to know more about computers. The prime objective of the club is to teach seniors to use and enjoy the benefits of computer technology.

  • Campbelltown Senior Cyber Seekers Inc. —- Visited: 98 Times


    Listing id: 21190

    Campbelltown Senior Cyber Seekers Inc is a computer club for Seniors over 55, either fully or semi retired, operating in the Campbelltown Local Government area. The club operates from “Richmond Villa”, 12 Lithgow Street Campbelltown, and is run by an elected volunteer management committee.

  • Clarence Valley Seniors Computer Club Inc. —- Visited: 31 Times


    Listing id: 21320

    The aim of the CVSCC is to create an environment that will encourage senior members of the community to share information so as they may acquire knowledge and skills in the use of computers for recreation activities and enable communication for social or commercial purposes.

  • Computer Pals for Seniors – Manly Inc. —- Visited: 62 Times


    Listing id: 21325

    Computer-pals for Seniors – Manly Inc. is an active member of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA) It is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers.

  • Computer Pals For Seniors – East Lake Macquarie Inc. —- Visited: 41 Times


    Listing id: 21218

    The club was incorporated on the 7th February 2005, our first tutorials commenced in May 2005, assist seniors to learn skills to enable them to use computers with knowledge and confidence and of course to make it fun.

  • Computer Pals for Seniors – Epping Inc. —- Visited: 62 Times

    Macquarie Centre

    Listing id: 21236

    On 29 March 2020,the inaugural meeting of Computer Pals for Seniors-Epping (CPS-E) was held in the Epping Creative Centre with 170 people present. Current membership exceeds 400 with tuition available to all in lessons of one and one quarter hours duration.


  • Computer Pals for Seniors – The Hills —- Visited: 88 Times

    Castle Hills

    Listing id: 21217

    Computer Pals for Seniors – The Hills was formed in May 1998 to help Seniors learn about computing while having fun, the club has grown to a membership of over 500 for the last three years or so.

  • Computer Pals for Seniors Eastern Suburbs Inc. —- Visited: 60 Times

    Bondi Junction

    Listing id: 21182

    Computer Pals For Seniors is a voluntary organisation formed in August 1999. All Committee members and Tutors are volunteers.

  • Computer Pals For Seniors Galston —- Visited: 29 Times


    Listing id: 21239

    It all began with a public meeting on May 17th 1999 when an enthusiastic group of seniors decided to form a branch of Computer Pals for Seniors for the Upper Hills district with the aim of introducing seniors to the computer age in a fun, non-threatening manner.

  • Computer Pals for Seniors Hornsby Inc. —- Visited: 80 Times


    Listing id: 21247

    To assist members in becoming familiar withcomputers and computer technology at the general user level.

  • Computer Pals for Seniors Kensington —- Visited: 25 Times


    Listing id: 21302

    Computer Pals for Seniors Kensington is located at Lifestyle Centre, UNI NSW, Anzac Pde, Kensington, NSW, 2032.
    02 939995…

  • Computer Pals for Seniors Ku-ring-gai Inc. —- Visited: 62 Times


    Listing id: 21314

    The First “Computer Pals for Seniors” in Australia, was launched with the support of Ku-ring-gai Council, in March 1991 at the Lindfield Senior Citizens Centre. Using a computer given by the Council, the first lesson was to send an Email.

  • Computer Pals for Seniors Maitland Inc. —- Visited: 26 Times


    Listing id: 21322

    The club is a non profit organisation. It relies on volunteers to plan and organize club activities. A committee meets monthly to plan forward directions, and respond to member requests.

  • Computer Pals For Seniors Northern Beaches Inc. —- Visited: 44 Times


    Listing id: 21342

    The club operates from The Tramshed Arts & Community Centre, 1395-A Pittwater Road, Narrabeen overlooking Narrabeen Lake, on Sydney’s northern beaches, a most peaceful setting and very conducive to learning.

  • ComputerPals for Seniors Holroyd —- Visited: 52 Times


    Listing id: 21290

    Computer Pals for Seniors – Holroyd Inc. is part of a popular and expanding network of similar computer clubs in Australia. It is a members’ club, a non-profit organisation run by its members.

  • ComputerPals for Seniors Newcastle Inc. —- Visited: 29 Times


    Listing id: 21254

    We have developed training courses specifically for our Senior Citizens so that they can learn about computers without feeling under pressure to keep up with the “youngsters”. Membership is open to Novocastrian residents over the age of 55 years, as well as residents of nearby Local Council areas.

  • Crows Nest Centre Computer Club —- Visited: 64 Times

    Crows Nest

    Listing id: 21228

    The Club was set up under the auspices of the Crows Nest Centre for Seniors (50+) and people with disabilities to learn how to use a computer in a social environment.

  • Endeavour Seniors Computer Club —- Visited: 86 Times


    Listing id: 21194

    The Endeavour Seniors Computer Club is a Not-for-profit organisation formed in October 1998 that is management by member volunteers and aims to teach computer skills to older adults in an enjoyable friendly way.

  • Eurobodalla Seniors Computer Users Group —- Visited: 18 Times


    Listing id: 21332

    In mid 2007 The Australian Senior Computer Clubs Association with the assistance of the Eurobodalla Shire Council held an open meeting to gauge interest in the formation of a seniors computer group in the shire.

  • Forest Computer Pals for Seniors Inc. —- Visited: 37 Times


    Listing id: 21238

    When an enthusiastic group of computer users met with the Warringah Council’s Age Services officer in 1993, it was with the aim of providing an introduction to the use of the Internet and a pathway that senior citizens would find most helpful. After a steering committee had been formed and facilities and initial finance provided by the Council, recruiting began.

  • Frequency —- Visited: 81 Times


    Listing id: 47256

    PC Club, NSW, Sydney, LAN, Party, video games, social – Come and check out one of the biggest Tech Meets / Lan parties in Sydney 

  • Gorokan Seniors Computer Club Inc. —- Visited: 75 Times


    Listing id: 21273

    Gorokan Seniors Computer Club Inc. exists to encourage senior people to use computers effectively and enjoyably. We meet at the St Lukes Anglican Church Hall, 27 Hammond st, Toukley

  • Gosford City Council Seniors Citizens Centre —- Visited: 85 Times


    Listing id: 21351

    Computer Training is offered to all eligible seniors who join the Centre.

  • Hawkesbury Seniors Computer Group —- Visited: 37 Times

    Richmond Park

    Listing id: 21368

    Hawkesbury Senior’s Computer Group is a non profit organisation. We share our knowledge – we gladly teach – we enthusiastically learn. We have fun with computers.

  • Holbrook Community Technology Centre —- Visited: 13 Times


    Listing id: 21243

    The Seniors computer group was set up in March 2007 and is managed by CTC Holbrook, a Section 355 committee of council. The aim of the CTC is to provide training, technology and associated services to the local community.

  • Hurstville Seniors Computer Club Inc. —- Visited: 86 Times


    Listing id: 21250

    The Club was started after George Thompson visited the Seniors Card Technical Expo in October 1997. There he met members from the existing eight clubs who were collecting names of people interested in joining a Club.

  • Illawarra Computer Enthusiasts (ICE) —- Visited: 88 Times


    Listing id: 21164

    The Illawarra PC Users Group Incorporated, commonly known as Illawarra Computer Enthusiasts, or ICE, is a growing non-profit organisation of novices, experts, computer professionals and casual users that began in the 80’s. We are based in Wollongong on the South Coast of New South Wales. Our current membership extends from Helensburgh in the North to Gerringong in the South.

  • Long Jetty District Senior Citizens Club —- Visited: 42 Times

    Long Jetty

    Listing id: 21319

    Long Jetty District Senior Citizens Club was started in 1976 and our Computer Group has been operating for 8 years. The Club offers classes for Beginners, as well as those at Intermediate and Advanced levels.

  • Mangrove Mountain Computer Club —- Visited: 22 Times

    Mangrove Mountain

    Listing id: 21323

    The Mangrove Mountain Seniors Computer Club was formed under the auspices of the Community Technology Centre at Mangrove Mountain Incorporated t/as CTC@MangroveMountain on 25th November 2004.

  • Muswellbrook Seniors Computer Club —- Visited: 22 Times

    Hunter Valley

    Listing id: 21340

    The Muswellbrook Seniors Computer Club (MSCC) is located in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia. A prime objective of our club is to teach seniors in the district to use and enjoy the benefits of computer technology and to provide a seniors oriented resource that members can comfortably call on to help solve their computer related issues.

  • Parramatta Computer Pals for Seniors Inc. —- Visited: 52 Times


    Listing id: 21358

    The club is running classes in Basic Computing, Various word processing, including Graphics in Word; Internet & Email; Managing Digital Photos; Digital Photo Stories; PowerPoint; Genealogy; CreataCard; Google applications in the Council Chambers Building.

  • Penrith Valley Seniors Computing Club Inc. —- Visited: 87 Times


    Listing id: 21360

    The club was formed in March 2003 with the intent to provide a friendly environment in which seniors could be encouraged in the use of computers to enhance their lifestyle. The club attempts to cater for all levels of computer experience and needs. All Club management and teaching activities are conducted by volunteer club members.

  • Port Macquarie Seniors Computer Group —- Visited: 37 Times


    Listing id: 21166

    We are a group of retired and semi retired persons from different walks of life who have been brought together by a common interest namely Computers and Information Technology. We enjoy getting together at Meetings and helping others.

  • Seniors Computer Club Central Coast Inc. —- Visited: 44 Times


    Listing id: 21304

    The S.C.C.C.C. Inc. was founded on 15th May 1998, when a steering committee was formed at a meeting called to gauge public interest on the viability of a club for Seniors to help other Seniors learn how to use a computer.

  • Southern Highlands Computer Users Group Inc. —- Visited: 38 Times


    Listing id: 21183

    The Southern Highlands Computer Users Group Inc began as a result of a public meeting of people interested in sharing their computing experience and learning how to solve computer problems.

  • St. Georges Basin Country Club Ltd Seniors Computer Club —- Visited: 28 Times

    Sanctuary Point

    Listing id: 21376

    Our Club has members whose ages start from around 50 up to the late 80’s; the range of skills is just as wide. Some members are computer literate whilst others use a computer as a means of keeping in touch with family and friends.

  • Sydney PC Users Group Inc. —- Visited: 133 Times


    Listing id: 21260

    The club began in December 1986, became a company in October 1987, transferred to an Incorporated Association in December 2004. We have regular monthly meetings on various subjects.

  • Westlakes Seniors Computer Club Inc. —- Visited: 54 Times

    Dora Creek

    Listing id: 21227

    We are a “Not for Profit Organisation” and a proud member of the Australian Seniors Computer Club Association.