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  • A.C.T. Kyokushin Karate —- Visited: 320 Times


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    Kyokushin Karate is a traditional Japanese martial art created by the legendary Karate Master Mas Oyama. After studying and mastering various martial arts, he was dissatisfied with their rigid single approach methods. So he set out to create a system that trained the student to their strengths and not to that of the teacher’s strengths, a system that was practical, NOT based on aesthetics! In the end he ended up with Kyokushin which translates to: The Way of the Ultimate Truth.
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  • ACT Fundamental Tai Chi Chuan —- Visited: 208 Times


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    A.C.T. Fundamental Tai Chi Chuan is the Canberra branch of the Thai Keik Australia, an organization founded in 1979 and dedicated to teaching the entire Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan.Teaching at our school emphasizes the principles of technically correct practice, detailed, personal instruction and effective martial application of yielding and softness. The health benefits of the practice flow from adherence to the martial principles that made Tai Chi Chuan a famous art.
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  • Australian Self Defence – Canberra —- Visited: 166 Times


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    Our mission is to facilitate positive change and self development in our student’s lives; to help them be the best that they can be. Martial arts are unique in their ability to address the improvement of our physical, mental and spiritual being. ASD offers training in a variety of martial arts including Hapkido, Brazalian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Floro Fighting Systems (Edged Weapon System). ASD also offers short training courses including FAST Defence, Ladies self defence, childrens action programs and Teens Urban Survival Courses.
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  • Bac Fu Do Kung Fu – White Tiger —- Visited: 178 Times


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    The Martial Arts, Self Defence and Kung Fu Centre of Canberra has been teaching Bac Fu Do Kung Fu as an effective self defence method in the ACT region since 1969. Our Chief Instructor, Sifu David Crook, has more than 47 years of experience and is recognised internationally for his innovative and effective approach to teaching combat tactics.Our school is a founding member of the Australian Kung Fu Wushu Federation a ustralia’s only government recognised management organisation for the Chinese Martial Arts. All our instructors are very experienced and government-accredited so that you can be sure you receive quality instruction in a safe environment. Why not come along and check us out by having a free introductory lesson? If you bring along friends, you will get a bonus lesson for each friend that you introduce to Bac Fu Do Kung Fu. 
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  • Canberra Wing Chun Academy —- Visited: 180 Times


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    The internationally acclaimed Canberra Wing Chun Academy teaches efficient fighting techniques for modern day self defence. Wing Chun Kung Fu provides a safe fitness training program improving one’s self-defence, fitness, flexibility, confidence, relaxation and concentration.  The academy offers mixed classes for both men and women of all ages and fitness levels.  Master Allan Graham is ranked among the world’s most highly skilled practitioners of Wing Chun Kung Fu today 
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  • Chris Harvey Wing Chun Kung Fu —- Visited: 120 Times


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    Chris Harvey teaches their theories of power generation, thought force and mental determination, cultivation of correct body movement and a true understanding of the unique biomechanical processes that makes wing chun such an intriguing and effective martial art. This no nonsense, scientific and demystifying approach to one of the world’s most rapidly growing martial arts is one that should not be passed in by any true student of this art. Chris Harvey has been teaching in the Canberra area since 1987. With over 20 years experience he offers expert instruction in all aspects of the Wing Chun style of gung fu.
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  • Elements Fitness —- Visited: 121 Times


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    Elements Fitness is an independent and locally owned gym located in Canberra City specializing in personal training and martial arts instruction. We feel we have the best gym in Canberra but talk is cheap so we’d like to give you the option to come in, meet the coaches, meet the other members and see for yourself. At Elements we’re happy to offer you a complimentary lesson in any of our martial arts classes or group fitness programs. At the end of class if you’re keen to join speak to the coach and they’ll be able to talk to you about membership options. No hard sell, just give it a try and see if its right for you.
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  • Fire Dragon Australia —- Visited: 131 Times


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    Pai Lum is taught in the Fire Dragon Kung Fu Club, and offers prospective students a traditional Kung Fu, with Chinese philosophy, Chi Gung, meditation and the achievement of harmony. The Fire Dragon Club can be found in Canberra, in the ACT. We train on Tuesday and Thursday nights in the All Saints Church Hall, in Cowper St, Ainslie.  Remember, that if the idea of Kung Fu attracts you, you can make your dreams come true. Come and look at class, come and join in. For thoughts without action are just that – thoughts. Every journey starts with that first, single step, and you too can be a part of the Pai Lum family.
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  • Gungalhlin Soo Bahk Do —- Visited: 95 Times

    Civic Square

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    Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan is a traditional Korean Martial Art. Its roots can be traced back over 2000 years to the arts of Soo Bahk Ki and Tae Kyun. At Gungahlin Soo Bahk Do we offer a class for 5 year olds and above Adults and Tigers program). These concentrate primarily on the grading requirements but also include fitness and conditioning components. There is also an introductory course which teaches you the necessary skills to be an active participant in class. Tigers are our 9 – 14 year olds, Adults are our other students. Currently we offer a combined class for adults and tigers. The younger students benefit from the presence of adults in the class learning with them, by achieving a more mature approach to their Martial Arts, with many beneficial effects in other parts of life. The adults gain a little of the energy and enthusiasm of the tigers. The classes have more students than they otherwise would which makes for a much more dynamic feeling in the Do Jang (Training Hall).
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  • Impact Martial Arts —- Visited: 117 Times


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    IMPACT practices many styles of Martial Arts including Taekwondo, Kenpo Karate, Kyusho Jitsu and Hapkido. Internationally qualified Instructors. Achieve internationally recognised Black Belt’s in several styles. 4 Big Centres in Woden, Belconnen, Gungahlin, and Tuggeranong.
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  • International Jujutsu Institute —- Visited: 115 Times


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    The International Jujutsu Institute (IJJI) teaches traditional Japanese jujutsu including strikes, joint locks, throws and strangulations. The training we provide is structured to suit men, women and children. The IJJI was founded in 1956 by recognised jujutsu Grand Master Kam Hock Hoe to preserve, foster and teach the system that he learnt in Japan.  International Jujutsu Institute is located at North Road, Australian National University, ACT 2601.
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  • Jinju Wushu Academy —- Visited: 102 Times


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    Jinju Wushu Academy is an organisation dedicated to the teaching and perfection of Wushu, a Chinese Martial Art. The word “Wu” means martial art or dance and the term “wushu” is used by Chinese to describe all martial arts. However, modern wushu is very unique from other martial arts such as Karate and Taekwando, it is fluid, and has an array of both very easy but hard to master movements, and technical or aerial moves of extreme difficulty. These movements have unique combat practicalness, and are first taught individually and then interwoven in forms for easier practice. Gradually, a student develops a full understanding of these moves as if they were instinct.

  • Kyokushin Karate Tuggeranong —- Visited: 150 Times


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    Kyokushin Karate Tuggeranong has been operating since 2003. We are located in the Calwell High school gym. Our Classes are taught in a structured and disciplined environment. Emphasis is placed on effort and on coaching students to push through self-imposed limits.

    We offer Adults and Childrens classes which includes weapons, rolls and break fall training. We are a traditional style of Karate. Activities include full contact and non-contact tournaments, self defence / fitness training.
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  • Rhee Tae Kwon-do – Bonner ACT —- Visited: 91 Times


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    Luke and Edith Graham opened the Forde Dojang in May 2013, whilst awaiting the completion of the Bonner School hall. 2nd Dan Instructor Luke and 1st Dan Instructor Edith, together with their daughters, Junior Black Belts, Georgia and Josie, run a family oriented class with emphasis on fun, energetic fitness and self-defence. Edith and the girls are known for their dynamic sparring, whilst Luke regularly includes destruction techniques in class. Their son Callum (age 10) is a brown belt. Outside of Rhee Taekwondo, they live on a cattle property just north of Canberra and lead a very active lifestyle. Luke is a pilot with Qantas and Edith is the Financial Controller with the Australian National Council on Drugs. The current training times will be expanded to include junior and senior classes upon moving to the larger premises in Bonner.
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  • Rhee Tae Kwon-do – Evatt ACT —- Visited: 105 Times


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    Rhee Taekwondo – Evatt ACT – Mikael has been training in Rhee Taekwondo since the age of 8, and is well known among the instructors for his dynamic aerial techniques. Mikael is a full time university student, but when not training or studying can be found tinkering with one of his cars. He has two assistant instructors, plenty of equipment, and separate children’s and adult’s sessions.
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  • Rhee Tae Kwon-do – Gilmore ACT —- Visited: 82 Times


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    Rhee Taekwondo – Gilmore ACT – Ben has been instructing for 12 years, and has a Bachelor of Primary Education specialising in Physical Education, so knows how to bring the best out of kids. With students ranging from 5 years to 60 years old and families who train together, Gilmore is a friendly and relaxed dojang. Black belts are engaged in assisting all junior members.
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  • Rhee Tae Kwon-do – Harrison —- Visited: 77 Times


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    Sabum Nathan has been training with Rhee Taekwondo for almost 13 years, 9 years of which have been as a Branch Instructor. He Obtained his 1st Dan on his 18th birthday and his 2nd Dan just last year. Nathan is a manager at Woolworths Gungahlin, has a beautiful wife and a 7 year old son. When he’s not training or working Nathan is usually tending to his many Bonsai or playing sports that keep him both fit and busy. He describes his class as having a friendly easy-going atmosphere, with a focus on self-discipline, good technique, simple but effective self defence, with a number of black belts available for more intimate, personalised training sessions With weekdays busier than ever for families, Harrison offers a Sunday class in addition to its regular Tuesday and Thursday classes. All classes have the additional senior class available for older members and higher grades/belts. Beginners welcome. Call now.
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  • Rhee Tae Kwon-do – Kambah —- Visited: 80 Times


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    Peter, a retired Sergeant with the Australian Federal Police 1975 – 1995, joined Rhee Taekwondo in January 1981. He qualified for the Special Operations Team (or SWAT) and undertook venue and VIP security duty at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Melbourne of that year and route, venue and competitor security at the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane in 1982. He reached the position of SOT Team Leader before returning to full time General Policing. In 1990 Peter was appointed as an Authorised Firearms Instructor after completing Instructor Training in the recreational area and security industry. Peter credits his spirit, strength and confidence to deal with every day policing to Rhee Taekwondo. Peter is married with two young adult children. Shane was promoted to Yudanja (1st degree black belt) by Master Rhee in 2006. Kassandra is an accomplished ballet dancer. Both are currently undertaking a trainee ship. Kambah dojang was closed in October 2009 until November 2010 due to the school refurbishment program. Now re-opened, Peter is determined to see Kambah dojang return to a flourishing Rhee Taekwondo learning environment built on enthusiasm, enjoyment and commitment.
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  • Rhee Tae Kwon-do – Macquarie ACT —- Visited: 94 Times


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    Rhee Taekwondo – Macquarie ACT – Stephen started Rhee Tae Kwon Do in 1998, training under 2nd Dan Instructor Brent Williams in Forster (now 3rd Dan). After getting his black belt in 2000, and a year of being an assistant instructor, Stephen went to Wollongong for university in 2001 and trained there for a short while until he started his own class at Wollongong University.

    His favorite techniques are fast open hand techniques incorporating grabs, free-sparring and flying kicks. Stephen’s classes specialise in high intensity with a strong focus on technique and building students personal and physical strength to intensify their destructive ability. He also has a strong traditional focus on patterns, and discusses strategy in sparring and defensive situations.
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  • Rhee Tae Kwon-do – Red Hill ACT —- Visited: 85 Times

    Red Hill

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    Rhee Taekwondo – Red Hill ACT – Adam and Alice, brother and sister, were appointed as branch instructors for the Red Hill Dojang early in 2010. This dynamic duo create a fun and exciting training atmosphere with a focus on both the technical aspects of Rhee Taekwondo and developing fitness. They were awarded their second Dan black belts in May 2012. Adam began his training in Rhee Taekwondo in 1995 and was promoted to black belt in 2002. In his life outside Rhee, he completed a Bachelor of Medical Sciences at the Australian National University in 2008 and has almost completed his post-graduate medical degree. He aspires to becoming a paediatrician when he completes his training. Alice, the youngest branch instructor in Australia, began her training in 1998 and took to Rhee Taekwondo immediately. She currently holds the record in the ACT for breaking a board with a flying side kick over 5 people. She leads a very active life outside Rhee Taekwondo; competing in state league Netball, representing the ACT in squash and Australia in European Handball in the Youth Olympics in 2010.
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  • Rhee Tae Kwon-do – Wanniassa ACT —- Visited: 92 Times


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    Alan commenced training in Rhee Tae Kwon-Do 12 years ago and is now the branch instructor at Wanniassa Dojang, where his students include his wife and son. During the day, Alan works as a policy adviser at the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. One of Canberra’s more recently appointed instructors, Alan has had two of his students promoted to black belt by World Master Chong Chul Rhee in the last six months. At Wanniassa, Alan teaches his students all aspects of Rhee Tae Kwon-Do with a particular emphasis on practical self-defence skills, improved power and stamina, as well as a responsible approach to martial arts. Alan strongly believes that effective self-defence skills build confidence in young people and, like learning to swim, should be a key part of a young person’s development. Wanniassa Dojang welcomes students of ages ranging from their forties to teenagers and youngsters.
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  • Rhee Tae Kwon-do – Yarralumla ACT —- Visited: 84 Times


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    Sabum Nim Rob commenced training with Rhee Taekwon-do in 1980 and has been an Instructor for 10 years, before being promoted to Secretary General in 2009. Rob has had a varied work life from spending 12 years in the Royal Australian Navy to managing companies like Sony Music, Warner Music, Sanyo Australia, numerous liquor companies and Allied Pickford’s to name a few. When not promoting Rhee Taekwon-do he enjoys spending time with his little grandson Harley whom he hopes one day will start training of his own.
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  • The Seifukan Dojo Canberra Australia —- Visited: 130 Times


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    The Seifukan is a small locally owned and managed full time dojo. We are committed to teaching the very best of traditional self-defence orientated martial arts. We are proud members of the Kokusai Goju Kobujutsu Kenkyukai, that is, the International Goju Traditional Martial Arts Research Society, under the leadership of master instructor Tino Ceberano Hanshi. The principal martial art taught at the Seifukan is Ceberano-ha IGK Goju-ryu Karatejutsu under the leadership of Warwick Sheils Shihan. We also have a small group of dojo members who enthusiastically practice Hyou-ha Bankoku Jujutsu and Kotakanotsume Taijutsu and kobujutsu to add complimentary skills to their karate. Visitors and new members are always welcome.
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  • Yu Shih Tao Kung Fu —- Visited: 130 Times


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    Although Yu Shih Tao Kung Fu can trace its distant origins to the Hsuan Shu Monastery in the remote gorges of Szechwan, we strive today to be a modern, combative art � an integrated combat system that combines striking, grappling and weapons defence strategies from a variety of ranges and situations. Progressive in our approach to training, we emphasise effective fighting methods and concentrate on the rapid acquisition of practical techniques.
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  • Yun Hoi Yuen Kay San Wing Chun Gung Fu —- Visited: 133 Times


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    The school opened in 2000, the Year of the Golden Dragon. Yun Hoi is a semi-private gwoon. This means it is not a public commercial school open to all applicants. Yun Hoi follows the Chinese tradition of interested prospective students applying for membership. If sifu decides to accept the applicant based on his experienced judgment then training can commence. Yun Hoi Gwoon teaches Yuen Kay San Wing Chun. Disciples also learn Koo Lo Pin Sun Wing Chun. A unique and highly systematic and sequential spiral currriculum covering the complete Wing Chun art is offered to selected students. Students advance through appropriate commitment, effort, attendance and attitude. As the gwoon is not open to the general public with visitors not allowed, if you are a bona fide applicant, please contact us for details on the training location.
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  • Yut Hung Kung Fu Academy —- Visited: 133 Times


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    Chinese Martial Arts School in Canberra offering lessons to children and teenagers aged 8-18 y.o. Yee Kuen Kung Fu and practical self defence. Our classes emphasise the various aspects of martial arts including strikes, grappling, weaponry, sparring and forms, along with the development of self esteem, realistic confidence and physical fitness.Our students aim to not only become accomplished martial artists but also good citizens in the community  we believe the pursuit of excellence in the martial arts will give them the confidence to be able to stand up for what they believe in. We also hold some weekend lessons for students who wish to learn more !
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