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Yacht Clubs in Victoria

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  • Albert Park Yacht Club ---- Visited: 188 Times

    South Melbourne

    Listing id: 10965

    Our History Albert Park Yacht Club is the oldest continuing inland yacht club in Victoria. We've been around since 1871. Albert Park Yacht Club offers a safe and convenient place to sail year round in the heart of the city.

  • Albury Wodonga Yacht Club ---- Visited: 103 Times


    Listing id: 10966

    Located on the border between NSW and Victoria, the club offers great facilities for hosting Regattas from State to National Championships. Coaching and sail training is run throughout the season and is open for all age groups and levels of experience.

  • Angelsea Motor Yacht Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 10995

    Angelsea Motor Yacht Club is located at Point Roadknight Boatramp, Melba Parade, Angelsea VIC - PH# 0419 296464.

  • Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron ---- Visited: 90 Times


    Listing id: 11007

    Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron may be reached thru PO Box 45, Black Rock, VIC 3193 - Ph# 03 9589 5156 or email bmys@bigpond.com.au.

  • Beaumaris Yacht Club ---- Visited: 137 Times


    Listing id: 10968

    Beaumaris Yacht Club (BYC) was established on the Ricketts Point foreshore in 1950. The club was started by a group of local sailors who were keen to begin their organised sailing in the local area.

  • Bendigo Yacht Club ---- Visited: 86 Times

    Lake Eppalock

    Listing id: 10892

    Bendigo Yacht Club is located at 45 Sunset Drive, Lake Eppalock VIC 3551 - Ph# 03 5439 2552 or email at bendigoyc@gmail.com.

  • Black Rock Yacht Club ---- Visited: 131 Times

    Black Rock

    Listing id: 10969

    Black Rock Yacht Club is located at Half Moon Bay, Black Rock, VIC 3193 - Ph# 03 9598 0570 or email at bryc_hmb@bigpond.net.au.

  • Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 10894

    Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron is located at 2900 Point Nepean Road, Blairgowrie, VIC 3942 - PH# 03 5988 8453.

  • Chelsea Yacht Club ---- Visited: 104 Times


    Listing id: 10971

    Chelsea Yacht Club may be reached thru PO Box 4, Chealsea, VIC 3106 - Ph# 03 9772 2854 or email at thesecretary@chelseayachtclub.com.au.

  • Colac Yacht Club ---- Visited: 57 Times


    Listing id: 10902

    Colac Yacht Club may be reached thru PO Box 308, Colac, VIC 3250 - Ph# 03 52311180 or email at info@colacyachtclub.com.au.

  • Cowes Yacht Club ---- Visited: 92 Times


    Listing id: 10973

    The club was established in the late 50’s by a group of local residents interested in developing water sports of all types. The members are both local people and holiday residents from all walks of life. A number of members are second-generation members of the club, having become junior members with their families, and then bringing their own families into the club.

  • Davey's Bay Yacht Club ---- Visited: 96 Times

    Mt. Eliza

    Listing id: 10905

    The club is located off Davey's Bay Road, Mt. Eliza, Victoria, Australia and is accessed by a short walk along the cliff top. Even on days of very light winds, a sea breeze normally pops up late in the afternoon allowing us to complete a race.

  • Docklands Yacht Club ---- Visited: 154 Times


    Listing id: 11003

    Docklands Yacht Club is situated overlooking Victoria Harbour with sweeping views of the Melbourne City skyline and the fast developing Docklands precinct. Sailing is from the 60 metre pontoon at Shed 2, North Wharf Road, where the club facilities are located.

  • Esperance Bay Yacht Club ---- Visited: 74 Times


    Listing id: 11020

    The Esperance Bay Yacht Club is a dynamic club committed to the enjoyment of sailing and ensuring that the sport of sailing is available to everyone.

  • Flinders Yacht Club ---- Visited: 92 Times


    Listing id: 11000

    On 27 October 1976, 37 people interested in forming a club to ‘foster interest in boating in Flinders’ met in the recreation room of the Flinders Caravan Park and founded the Flinders Yacht Club.

  • Frankston Yacht Club ---- Visited: 124 Times


    Listing id: 10908


  • Geelong Trailable Yacht Club ---- Visited: 63 Times

    North Geelong

    Listing id: 10911

    Geelong Trailable Yacht Club may be reached thru P.O Box 899, Geelong Victoria 3220 - Ph# 0408 546193 or email at secretary@gtyc.com.au.

  • Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club ---- Visited: 63 Times

    East Gippsland

    Listing id: 10975

    On the 19th January 1937 24 people attended a meeting convened by John Kingswell Lloyd at the Soldiers Memorial Hall in Bairnsdale with the purpose of forming a motor boat and sailing club. After it was agreed to proceed, Robert Simpson moved that the name of the club be the Gippland Lakes Yacht Club, and Ralph Sinclair Thomson was elected as its President.

  • Hartley TS 18/21 Yacht Club ---- Visited: 80 Times

    Mt. Martha

    Listing id: 10976

    The Hartley TS 18 - 21 Yacht Club is devoted to the Richard Hartley designed TS18 and TS 21 Trailer Sailers. We are also devoted to having a fun and interesting time on and off the water.

  • Hastings Yacht Club ---- Visited: 101 Times


    Listing id: 11001

    Hastings Yacht Club may be reached thru Josie Hamilton - Ph# 0416 003261 or email at josie@hamiltondesign.com.au.

  • Hidden Harbour Motor Yacht Squadron ---- Visited: 112 Times

    Port Phillip

    Listing id: 11008

    Hidden Harbour Motor Yacht Squadron is based in Port Phillip (Victoria, Australia). We are an independent boating club with members that come together to enjoy a variety of boat related activities including fishing, cruising, education, or simply “messing around in boats” in a family friendly environmen.

  • Hobsons Bay Yacht Club ---- Visited: 118 Times


    Listing id: 10917

    Visitors to Hobson's Bay Yacht Club will find our club right in the heart of Williamstown. The club is very close to the shops, entertainment and social life as well as enjoying fantastic views of the city and the West Gate Bridge.

  • Indented Head Yacht Club ---- Visited: 63 Times


    Listing id: 10977

    Our Club welcomes both visitors and new members and looks forward to supplying training and racing to satisfy all junior and senior sailors for the next season.

  • Lake Boga Yacht Club ---- Visited: 0 Times

    Lake Boga

    Listing id: 10919

    Lake Boga Yacht Club is located at Murray Valley Highway, Lake Boga, VIC 3584 - PH# 03 5037 2747.

  • Lake Wellington Yacht Club ---- Visited: 56 Times


    Listing id: 10979

    Founded 1961. Home of the Marlay Point Overnight Race. Excellent sailing and accommodation conditions. Suitable venue for championship events.

  • Latrobe Valley Yacht Club ---- Visited: 64 Times


    Listing id: 10921

    The Latrobe Valley Yacht Club is located on the western shore of the Hazelwood Power Station cooling ponds. The Club is surrounded by large grassed areas, picnic and BBQ facilities, aquatic hall, accessible toilets and camping facilities provided by the LaTrobe City Council.

  • Loch Sport Boat Club ---- Visited: 51 Times

    Loch Sport

    Listing id: 10980

    Loch Sport is located on the southern shore of Lake Victoria. It also has direct access to the Ninety Mile Beach and is surrounded by National and Coastal Parkland.

  • McCrae Yacht Club ---- Visited: 89 Times


    Listing id: 10981

    McCrae Yacht Club is one of the most active and well respected off-the-beach yacht clubs in Victoria, with excellent facilities and a strong and happy membership which include a number of past and present State and National champions.

  • Melbourne Trailable Yacht Club ---- Visited: 83 Times


    Listing id: 10998

    The Melbourne Trailable Yacht Club Inc (formally Western Trailable Yacht Club and before that the Western TS Group) is a family orientated sailing club formed on the 28th of June 1973.

  • Merricks Yacht Club ---- Visited: 74 Times

    Merricks Beach

    Listing id: 10926

    Merricks Yacht Club was founded in 1964 as a small yard on the foreshore for the many enthusiastic fishermen and sailors in the holiday township of Merricks Beach.

  • Metung Yacht Racing Club ---- Visited: 57 Times


    Listing id: 10982

    The Metung Yacht Club has been operating for more than 40 years and welcomes all visitors, especially sailors, who come to Metung. - Ph# 03 51562315 / 03 98221968.

  • Mordialloc Motor Yacht Club ---- Visited: 119 Times


    Listing id: 10932

    The MMYC was established in 1925 and members in those days sailed their boats out of the creek into the bay. MMYC was one of the earliest clubs to be founded around the shores of Port Phillip. You can see early pictures of the club and activities displayed in the club house today.

  • Mt Martha Yacht Club ---- Visited: 109 Times

    Mt. Martha

    Listing id: 10984

    Mt Martha Yacht Club is an off the beach club. It is situated on the Esplanade Mt Martha with a view and a swimming beach to die for. The Club uses Sparrows for sail training and competes vigorously in the annual inter- galactic!!

  • Newhaven Yacht Squadron Inc. ---- Visited: 83 Times

    San Remo

    Listing id: 11002

    Newhaven Yacht Squadron has over 300 power boats from Runabouts to Cruisers on our register. We organise many regular events for power boaties. These include boat handling & safety, Summer and Winter fishing competitions and cruising in company.

  • Noelex Yacht Association of Australia Inc. ---- Visited: 54 Times

    Narre Warren

    Listing id: 10985

    Noelex Yacht Association of Australia Inc. may be reached thru c/- 22 Harries Court Narre Warren North 3804 Vic - Ph# 03 9796 8269 or email at noelex@noelex.com.

  • Parkdale Yacht Club ---- Visited: 120 Times


    Listing id: 10986

    Parkdale Yacht Club is known as the 'friendliest club on the bay' and proudly lives up to its name. The sailing and training within the club is of high standards and is available on sundays Sep - April as well as twilight sailing on Thursday nights.

  • Patterson River Motor Boat Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 11009

    Patterson River Motor Boat Club may be reached thru PO Box 505, Patterson Lakes VIC 3197. Email graemesusan@smartstep.com.au

  • Point Leo Boat Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 11011

    Point Leo Boat Club may be reached thru PO Box 393, Shoreham VIC 3916.

  • Port Albert Yacht Club ---- Visited: 0 Times

    Port Albert

    Listing id: 10935

    Port Albert Yacht Club is located at Bay Street, Port Albert, VIC 3971 - PH# 03 5183 2362.

  • Port Melbourne Yacht Club ---- Visited: 112 Times

    Port Melbourne

    Listing id: 10937

    PMYC aims to be a leading club for off-the-beach sailing on Port Phillip Bay, and relies on its members to contribute to the continuing development and operation of the Club. This involvement promotes the friendly culture of the Club and ensures responsiveness to members’ needs.

  • Portland Yacht Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 10939

    Portland Yacht Club is located at Lee Breakwater Road, Portland VIC 3305 - PH# 03 5523 1899.

  • Queenscliff Lonsdale Yacht Club ---- Visited: 86 Times


    Listing id: 10989

    QLYC is a family friendly sailing club. Club members and visitors sail a variety of craft: dinghies, trailer sailers, small and large keelboats, and couta boats. The club has some highly experienced racing sailors, who are enthusiastic and very encouraging to new members. QLYC is affiliated to Yachting Australia and races are conducted according to its rules.

  • Ranelagh Yacht Squadron ---- Visited: 64 Times

    Mt. Eliza

    Listing id: 11005

    The Ranelagh Club was established in 1927 as a consequence of the subdivision of the Ranelagh estate. Originally, membership of this club was extremely exclusive one had to be an owner of land within the Ranelagh estate.

  • Rhyll Yacht Club ---- Visited: 61 Times


    Listing id: 10941

    The Rhyll Yacht Club (RYC) has an extensive social program that works hand in hand with the racing calendar. Social events are both in line with racing events and Public Holidays such as New Years, Australia Day and Easter.

  • Rosebud Yacht Club ---- Visited: 78 Times


    Listing id: 10990

    RYC aims to be a family-friendly club for off-the-beach sailing on Port Phillip Bay, and relies on its members to contribute to the continuing development and operation of the Club.

  • Royal Brighton Yacht Club ---- Visited: 95 Times

    Middle Brighton

    Listing id: 10942

    Royal Brighton Yacht Club is located at 253 The Esplanade , Middle Brighton VIC 3186 - PH# 03 9592 3092 or email at reception@rbyc.org.au.

  • Royal Geelong Yacht Club ---- Visited: 63 Times


    Listing id: 10964

    The Royal Geelong Yacht Club is recognised as one of Australia’s premier Yacht Clubs and boasts a proud history that stretches 150 years.

  • Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron ---- Visited: 103 Times

    St. Kilda

    Listing id: 10944

    The Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron , with a history of over 120 years, is one of the oldest yacht clubs in Victoria with a long list of historical firsts. Situated at St. Kilda in close proximity to Melbourne central business district, it is regarded as the centre of aquatic events in Victoria.

  • Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 11010

    Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club may be reached thru 260 Nelson Place, Williamstown VIC 3016 - PH# 03 9397 5036. Email rvmyc@optusnet.com.au

  • Royal Yacht Club of Victoria ---- Visited: 113 Times


    Listing id: 10991

    Records show that the Club is undoubtedly Australia's senior yacht club and as such is steeped in decades of yachting history and tradition.