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  • Albany Primary Junior Soccer Club ---- Visited: 340 Times


    Listing id: 638

    The Albany Junior Soccer Association caters for players, both boys and girls, from Pre-Primary to Year 12. Games are played on Saturdays in Terms 2 and 3 on the soccer grounds at North Rd, Albany.

  • Albany Rovers Soccer CLub ---- Visited: 256 Times


    Listing id: 47714

    Albany Rovers are based in the heart of the Great Southern providing a fun, friendly environment to enjoy the round ball game. Players from 13 onwards are welcome to join a side.

  • Armadale Christian Football Club Inc ---- Visited: 280 Times


    Listing id: 47830

    Serving the community with soccer on Saturdays (to allow church goers to attend church on Sundays - but not limited to church goers - all are welcome!)
    Website -

  • Armadale Soccer Club ---- Visited: 624 Times


    Listing id: 642

    The Armadale Soccer Club itself is a realtively new entity having been established in only 1997. This is a result of two existing local sides, Armadale Park and Armadale City, combining their resources to form an organisation that shares the common goal of promoting the game of soccer to the community.

  • Ashfield Sports Club ---- Visited: 461 Times


    Listing id: 38019

    Formed in 1970 the club was first named Ashfield Dynamo and first competed in the Semi Professional League Division 2 in 1976. Following a FIFA directive the club was renamed Ashfield Soccer and sports Club.

  • Australind Junior Soccer Club ---- Visited: 143 Times


    Listing id: 38117

    Australind Junior Soccer Club may be reached thru PO Box A166, Australind, WA 6233 - Ph# 0417 116 676 / 0400 972 456 or email at

  • Balcatta Soccer Club ---- Visited: 401 Times


    Listing id: 719

    Balcatta Soccer Club may be reached thru Peter Carlino at PO 41 Northlands, WA 6905 - Ph# 0422 815 840 / 0423 116975 or email at

  • Balga Soccer Club ---- Visited: 323 Times


    Listing id: 720

    As the suburb and surrounding areas have aged, the club has tried to keep up with the changes. With the "New North" government project, new families have moved into the area which has increased our junior representation. Once again, like it was in the early days of the club, our aim is to have every junior age group represented in the future. 

  • Ballajura Soccer Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 672

    Located at 61 Pelican Parade, Ballajura - Phone 08 9248 9242.

  • Ballajurra A.F.C. ---- Visited: 235 Times


    Listing id: 721

    Ballajurra A.F.C. may be contacted thru Rose de Rossi at - Ph# 0411 181 938 or email at

  • Bassendean Caledonian Soccer Football Club Inc. ---- Visited: 1 Times


    Listing id: 674

    Located at Northmoor Rd., Ashfield, WA - Phone 08 93771070 / 0439 921 639.

  • Bayswater City Soccer Club ---- Visited: 597 Times


    Listing id: 722

    The club was first formed in 1962 and over the years has evolved with different mergers and colour changes. The club today reflects, diversity and strong family generational values.  

  • BB United Soccer Club ---- Visited: 535 Times


    Listing id: 723

    Soccer Club BB United is part of the Bosnian-Hercegovian Cultural And Recreational Centre in Beechboro (Perth, Western Australia). Club exist since year 2000. In that year we manage to get finance to built the playground, lay the grass, put the fence , gols, lights etc.

  • Beldon Thistle Football Club ---- Visited: 457 Times


    Listing id: 676

    Beldon Thistle are a proud Perth Northern Suburbs club who have been playing in the WA Amateur league since 1980. The club prides itself on a competitive spirit on the park and a great social scene off it.

  • Belmont Villa Soccer Club ---- Visited: 459 Times


    Listing id: 38021

    Belmont Villa Soccer Club is registered and affiliated with Football West, Western Australia's governing Football Association, and all of its teams play within Football West leagues, home ground for all of the club's teams is the Gerry Archer Athletic Ground.

  • Blackwood United Football Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 38118

    The club may be reached thru Balingup Oval, South West Hwy, Balingup, WA - Ph# 9764 1732 or email at

  • Broome Soccer Association ---- Visited: 153 Times


    Listing id: 38073

    Broome Soccer Association may be reached thru PO Box 798, Broome, WA 6725 - Ph# 0408 096 005 or email at

  • Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club ---- Visited: 217 Times


    Listing id: 38125

    Dynamos Soccer Club was formed in 1967 by immigrant workers employed at Laporte mineral sands company. Dynamos Juniors began in 1973 with a team of under 17s and under 13s. The original Laporte title was changed to Dynamos in 1975 and the Juniors became an independent body.

  • Bunbury United Soccer Club Inc. ---- Visited: 196 Times


    Listing id: 38129

    Bunbury United Soccer Club (formerly Tricolore) was founded in 1968 by Life Member Rocky Calabrese and a few enthusiastic followers. They played in the Collie Soccer Association in 1969 winning very few games in their inaugural season.

  • Burekup & Districts United Soccer Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 38138

    The club may be reached thru C/- Post Office, Burekup WA 6227 - Ph# 0419 900847 / 9726 3076 or email at

  • Busselton Soccer Club ---- Visited: 172 Times


    Listing id: 38170

    The first recorded game of soccer in Busselton was held in August 1923 between Busselton Town and Blythe Park Rangers which Rangers won 2-0. By 1926, a small association had formed and games were being played against Bunbury teams. A Busselton Association team hosted and won the 1929 South Western Carnival.

  • Canning City Soccer Club ---- Visited: 851 Times


    Listing id: 724

    Our pitches for Juniors and Rooballers are located at Willeton Reserve , corner Apsley Rd and Malindi Street in Willetton.Our Seniors play at Burrendah Reserve, Burrendah Boulevard opposite Southlands Shopping Centre.

  • Capel Junior Soccer Club ---- Visited: 167 Times


    Listing id: 38171

    Capel Junior Soccer Club was formed in 2003 by one of the clubs senior player Shea Parker, Capel Junior Soccer Clubs philosophy is to “Encourage kids and their families to have fun, enjoy team spirit, and meet new friends all the while learning some soccer skills.”

  • Carnarvon Junior Soccer Association ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 38091

    The Association may be contacted thru, Andrea Musulin - Ph# 409 071068 or email at

  • Cockburn City Soccer Club Inc. ---- Visited: 466 Times


    Listing id: 673

    Located at Kent Street, (Cnr Hamilton Rd), Spearwood - Phone (08) 9418 3800. At Cockburn City our aim is to provide the required environment necessary to promote and develop our players to express their individual talents at the highest level available to them.

  • Collie Junior Soccer Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 38112

    n 2008, the small junior clubs of Rangers and Saints amalgamated and formed the Collie Junior Soccer Club. As a result of this, a Junior Sub-Committee was formed to run the Juniors which will make for the improvement of junior soccer in Collie. - Ph# 0409 293722 / 9734 2205.

  • Collie Soccer Association ---- Visited: 135 Times


    Listing id: 38108

    Collie Soccer Association mission is to promote and encourage the playing of Soccer for all ages, levels and gender in an environment that places great emphasis on their own individual growth and the development of team spirit.

  • Cornerstone Junior Soccer Club ---- Visited: 121 Times


    Listing id: 38174

    Cornerstone Soccer Club’s (CSC) motto is ‘Making Friends, Playing Fair, Having Fun’, which we strive to achieve in all we do and believe is at the very heart of the LNJSA and every club in the association.

  • Country Coastal Junior Soccer Association ---- Visited: 91 Times


    Listing id: 38168

    The Association may be reached thru PO BOX 219, Bunbury, WA 6231 or email at

  • Cracovia Soccer Club Inc. ---- Visited: 274 Times


    Listing id: 38015

    The Cracovia Club Inc. is a community focused organization that works with people of all ages including seniors and young children for the benefit of all its members. Cracovia has been founded in 1950 as a Polish Soccer Club.

  • Dalyellup Soccer Club ---- Visited: 139 Times


    Listing id: 38122

    Dalyellup Beach Soccer Club may be reached thru PO Box 50 Gelorup WA 6230 - Ph# 9795 8193.

  • Denmark Junior Soccer Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 38066

    The club is located at North Road, Denmark, WA 6333 - Ph# 9848 2044 or email at

  • Dianella White Eagles Soccer Club ---- Visited: 407 Times


    Listing id: 677

    Dianella “White Eagles” Soccer Club - Perth - Western Australia Dianella WE is currently playing in the FW Sat Semi-Pro Div 1 League and has 3 teams the League team, Reserves and the Under 18s team. 

  • Dunsborough Junior Soccer Club ---- Visited: 116 Times


    Listing id: 38179

    Dunsborough Junior Soccer Club caters for boys and girls from the surrounding area, living or attending school in Dunsborough, Yallingup, Eagle Bay, Qunidalup and surrounding districts.

  • East Fremantle Soccer Club ---- Visited: 376 Times

    East Fremantle

    Listing id: 675

    East Fremantle Tricolore Soccer Club was formed in 1953 and became an incorporated body in 1964. Since the club was founded the Club has been a focal point for the local Italian community.

  • Eaton Boomers Football Club ---- Visited: 102 Times


    Listing id: 38278

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 472, Bunbury, WA 6231 - Ph# 08 9725 0282.

  • Eaton Town Soccer Club ---- Visited: 123 Times


    Listing id: 38126

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 7186, Eaton, WA 6232 - Ph# 0418 932206 / 0408 250204 or email at

  • ECU Joondalup Soocer Club ---- Visited: 431 Times


    Listing id: 38023

    ECU Joondalup Soocer Club is located within ECU Joondalup Campus near corner of Joondalup Drive and lakeside Dve, Joondalup. - Ph# 0409 116 458.

  • Esperance Soccer Association ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 38098

    The Association may be contacted thru Carole Pearson - Ph# 0405 714881 or email at

  • Floreat Athena FC ---- Visited: 344 Times


    Listing id: 684

    The Athena Club was founded in 1952 and represented a meeting place for the existing Greek community of Perth and for new immigrants coming from Greece to settle in Australia. As with most ethnic groups of European origin, the sporting interest was football and it was soon after in 1953 that the club entered a team into the third division. 

  • Football Federation South West ---- Visited: 78 Times


    Listing id: 38097

    Football Federation South West may be reached thru PO Box 1964, Bunbury, WA - Ph# 08 9795 5618 / 0400 862 249 or email at

  • Forrestfield United Soccer Club ---- Visited: 374 Times


    Listing id: 38025

    Forrestfield United Soccer Club is one of the largest football clubs in Western Australia and continues to grow every year. The club provides competition, fun, fitness and development for players of all abilities and ages.

  • Fremantle Croatia Soccer Club ---- Visited: 0 Times

    North Fremantle

    Listing id: 38026

    The club is located at Cnr Alfred Rd. & Stirling Hwy. North Fremantle WA 6159 - Ph# 61 08 93358729 or email at

  • Fremantle Spirit Soccer Club ---- Visited: 212 Times

    East Fremantle

    Listing id: 38028

    Fremantle Spirit Soccer Club may be reached thru PO Bo 345, South Fremantle, WA 6162 - Ph# 08 9437 5533 or email at

  • Fremantle United Soccer Club ---- Visited: 263 Times


    Listing id: 38029

    The origins of Fremantle United Soccer Club date back to 1977. At a meeting between one of the Club's founders, Alastair Mackay, and local Council members, it was agreed to establish a soccer club to represent Fremantle.

  • Geraldton Junior Soccer Association ---- Visited: 135 Times


    Listing id: 38093

    The Geraldton Junior Soccer Association (GJSA) strives to provide a variety of competitions for all Mid West children to participate in the great game of Football. The GJSA has four local Geraldton Clubs affiliated - La Fiamma, Rovers FC, Chapman Athletic and Spalding Olympic FC that combined have an annual total of 600 children registered to play.

  • GMAS Junior Soccer Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 38181

    The club may be contacted thru - Ph# 9752 5252 or email at

  • Goldfields Soccer Association ---- Visited: 114 Times


    Listing id: 38101

    The Goldfields Soccer Association organises the playing of Junior Soccer here in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Coolgardie and Kambalda, and Senior Soccer here in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

  • Gosnells City Football Club ---- Visited: 417 Times


    Listing id: 729

    Gosnells City FC was established in 1969. Through it’s many name changes our continued aim has been to promote the game of football in the community, whilst encouraging our players, coaches, managers and parents to develop an appreciation and enjoyment of the game and its skills. 

  • Gwelup United Football Club ---- Visited: 279 Times


    Listing id: 730

    Croatian Sporting Complex , Wishart Street, Gwelup, Western Australia 6018. Located directly opposite Gwelup Plaza Shopping Centre.