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  • Roselands Raptors Soccer Football Club ---- Visited: 158 Times


    Listing id: 38259

    Roselands Soccer Football Club a.k.a. Roselands FC was formed in 1971 by Tony and Grace Martin and participated in competition in 1972 fielding eight teams.

  • Roselea Football Club ---- Visited: 131 Times


    Listing id: 38620

    Roselea Soccer Club was established in 1967 and in 2005 became Roselea Football Club. In 2010, Roselea Football Club fielded 55 teams consisting of 689 players.

  • Rouse Hill Soccer Club ---- Visited: 150 Times

    Rouse Hil

    Listing id: 37964

    The Rouse Hill Rams Soccer club was formed by Rod Yendle, Gavin Hunt and Glen Smith just before the 2006 winter season commenced. The first objective of the club was to form a committee to run the sport for the inaugural year.

  • RSL 78's Soccer Club ---- Visited: 1 Times


    Listing id: 38530

    The club may be reached thru Susan Wade at Ph# 0438 281 388 or at

  • Ruse Football Club ---- Visited: 56 Times


    Listing id: 38905

    The club may be reached thru Dave Chaffery at Ph# 0410 982 973 or at

  • Russell Lea Women's Soccer Club ---- Visited: 157 Times

    Five Dock

    Listing id: 38261

    Russell Lea Women’s Soccer Club is one of only a few all girls soccer clubs. For the second consecutive year, our club has received the Bert Harvey Memorial Trophy for club sportsmanship.

  • Ryde Panthers Football Club ---- Visited: 133 Times


    Listing id: 38632

    The original club was known as Marsfield Soccer Club, and was formed in 1958 by Charlie Follington and Ted Cooper. Each of whom had 3 sons - they were the basis for the first competitive teams.

  • Ryde Saints United Football Club ---- Visited: 137 Times


    Listing id: 38641

    Ryde Saints United Football Club (RSUFC) is one of the oldest clubs in the area. We have over 450 registered players ranging from Under 6 boys teams to All Age teams and Under 8 to Under 17 girls teams. Our boys participate in the Gladesville competition & Girls in the North West Sydney Womans Football Competition.

  • Sacred Heart Mosman Soccer Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 38757

    The club may be reached thru Lisa James at Ph# 0416 352 419 or at

  • Sacred Heart Pymble Football Club ---- Visited: 100 Times


    Listing id: 38759

    Sacred Heart Pymble Football Club was born in the early 1960’s emanating out of the Catholic Convent School then located at the corner of Telegraph Road and Pacific Highway, Pymble.

  • Saint Christopher’s Soccer Club ---- Visited: 77 Times


    Listing id: 38048

    Saint Christopher’s Soccer Club may be emailed at /

  • Sans Souci Soccer Club ---- Visited: 0 Times

    Sans Souci

    Listing id: 847

    Located at The Promenade Sans Souci NSW, ph: (02) 9529 3838

  • Schofield Scorpions Football Club ---- Visited: 295 Times


    Listing id: 38088

    Soccer for Schofields Scorpion Club started with the amalgamation between Riverstone Schofields Soccer Club and C.S.I. Soccer Club in 1982. The team was then called C.S.I. Schofields Soccer Club, and was admitted into the N.S.W. Federation Second Division.

  • SDW Junior Soccer Club ---- Visited: 1 Times


    Listing id: 38534

    The club may be reached thru Murray Wood at Ph# 02 6884 1373 / 02 6801 0373 / 0418 636 864.

  • SDW Senior Soccer Club ---- Visited: 1 Times


    Listing id: 38535

    The club may be reached thru Patricia Mules & Veronica Pickering at Ph# 02 6882 0122.

  • Seaforth Soccer Club ---- Visited: 81 Times


    Listing id: 695

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 616, Balgowlah, NSW 2093 - Ph# 0420 810 142 / 0423 838 144.

  • Seven Hills Soccer Football Club Inc. ---- Visited: 117 Times

    Seven Hills

    Listing id: 38370

    Seven Hills Soccer Football Club Inc. may be contacted thru Marc Coleman - Ph# 0410 530 180 or email at

  • Shoalhaven District Football Association Inc. ---- Visited: 140 Times


    Listing id: 38990

    The Association was formed firstly in 1963 as Shoalhaven Junior Soccer Association and then in 1972 added senior competition and renamed Shoalhaven District Amateur Soccer Association, prior to 1972 the senior competition was played with teams from Southern Tablelands, Highlands and Shoalhaven.

  • SJS Football Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 38986

    The club may be reached thru Frances Young at PO Box 31, Orange, NSW 2800 - Ph# 0407 952 675.

  • South Coast Wolves FC ---- Visited: 82 Times


    Listing id: 264

    South Coast Wolves FC may be reached thru PO Box 237, Fairly Meadow, NSW 2519 - Ph# 02 4283 3379 / 02 4283 3707 or email at

  • South Lismore Celtic Football Club ---- Visited: 2 Times


    Listing id: 848

    The club may be reached thru P.O. Box 6036, South Lismore, NSW 2480 - Ph# 02 6622 4233.

  • South Wallsend Junior Soccer Club Inc ---- Visited: 48 Times

    Elermore Vale

    Listing id: 849

    South Wallsend Junior Soccer Club is a community based football (Soccer) club aimed at fostering and developing the game of football at all levels. Founded in 1969 fielding just two teams, the club has since grown in size and stature and is now regarded as “the Place to Play” the world’s greatest game. Children aged from as young as 5 years to seniors are welcome.

    Located at Croudace Road, Elermore Vale NSW 2287 ph 02 4951 8015 Mobile 0448 063860


  • South West Slopes Soccer Association ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 39000

    The club may be reached thru Rodney Anderson at Ph# 0428 503 126 or at

  • Southern & Ettalong United Football Club ---- Visited: 63 Times


    Listing id: 850

    Southern & Ettalong United Football Club may be contacted thru Gary Fish - Ph# 0422 518 098.

  • Southern Tablelands Football Association ---- Visited: 102 Times


    Listing id: 39001

    The club may be reached thru Lindsay Cosgrove at PO Box 745, Goulburn, NSW 2580 - Ph# 0448 210 797.

  • Space Age Sporting Systems (SASS) Soccer Club ---- Visited: 54 Times


    Listing id: 38528

    Our club was formed in the early 1980s playing in white and purple. We regularly field over 20 teams and cater for children from ages 5 through to 17 years old. We endorse Small Sided Football and have developed youngsters who have gone on to represent Australia at international level.

  • Spirit Football Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 39006

    The club may be reached thru Paul Chalker at Ph# 0413 924 302 or at

  • Springwood United Football Club Inc. ---- Visited: 71 Times


    Listing id: 38110

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 127, Springwood, NSW 2777 - Ph# 0409 818 727.

  • St. Augustine’s Football (Soccer) Club ---- Visited: 86 Times


    Listing id: 38942

    The club may be reached thru Chris Gray at - Ph# 02 9938 8246 / 9938 8328 or at

  • St. Clair United Soccer Club ---- Visited: 114 Times

    St. Clair

    Listing id: 38209

    The club is located at Endeavour Ave., St. Clair, NSW 2759 - Ph# 02 9834 6627 / 0423 525 174.

  • St. Columba's Castle Hill Soccer Club ---- Visited: 0 Times

    Castle Hill

    Listing id: 851

    Located at Excelsior Rd Castle Hill NSW ,ph: (02) 9639 7032

  • St. George Football Association Inc. ---- Visited: 94 Times


    Listing id: 39019

    The club may be reached thru Robyn Corfield at PO Box 223, Ramsgate, NSW 2217 - Ph# 02 9593 4248 (fax).

  • St. George Football Referees Association ---- Visited: 60 Times


    Listing id: 38564

    Established in the early 1970's, the organisation has continued to provide referee's to the local and state competitions. St. George is a small branch, in numbers, but leads the way, in NSW, with regards to the development of referees.

  • St. George Saints Football Club ---- Visited: 122 Times

    St. George

    Listing id: 38072

    The club was formed shortly after the end of World War II by Hungarian migrants and was originally known as Budapest. In the 1960s, led by pioneering football administrator Alex Pongrass, it became one of the first ethnic clubs in NSW to search for a district to call home and it chose the St George district.

  • St. Ives Soccer Club ---- Visited: 117 Times

    St. Ives

    Listing id: 38763

    St. Ives is one of the largest clubs in the KDSA and in 2009 we had 850 players ranging from the under 6 age group through to over 45s with an additional group specifically for children with intellectual disabilities. The St. Ives Soccer Club was formed in 1957 and has been in continuous operation since then.

  • St. John Bosco Soccer Club ---- Visited: 71 Times


    Listing id: 38010

    In 1972, two men talking together over a back fence shared a vision, of the St. John Bosco Youth Boys’ Club, as it was known then, having its own soccer club.

  • St. Johns Soccer & Recreation Club Auburn Inc. ---- Visited: 102 Times


    Listing id: 38679

    The club may be reached thru Elsbeth Alexander at Ph# 0409 919 868.

  • St. Josephs Rydalmere Soccer Club ---- Visited: 76 Times


    Listing id: 37966

    The club may be contacted thru - Ph# 0411 325047 / 0423 944859 / 0411 611648.

  • St. Josephs Soccer Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 38212

    The club can be reached at Parker Street Reserve Soccer Fields, King St., Penrith - Ph# 0411 544 582.

  • St. Marys Band Club Rangers Soccer Group ---- Visited: 88 Times


    Listing id: 38213

    In 1960, two members of the St Marys District Band Club, Stan Harris & Don Tinnion decided to get together a soccer team.

  • St. Marys Convent Soccer Club ---- Visited: 92 Times

    St. Marys

    Listing id: 38214

    The club can be reached at 2210 The Northern Road, Luddenham, NSW 2745 - Ph# 0401 086 606.

  • St. Marys Eaglevale Soccer Club ---- Visited: 84 Times


    Listing id: 251

    St Mary's Eagle Vale Soccer Club has its own designated playing fields in Raby and is home to some 68 teams from Under 6 through to All-Age and Premier League, with strong representation both in Boys/Mens and Girls/Ladies competitions.

  • St. Marys Soccer Club ---- Visited: 85 Times

    St, Clair

    Listing id: 700

    Our Home Field is Potter Field (also know as Shepherd Park). It is located in the Block bordered by Bennett Road, Shepherd Road, Orchard Road and the M4 Motorway.Potter Field is centrally located in the St.Marys/St.Clair Area, being just over 5 Klms to the furthest part of North St.Marys and Erskine Park but is less than 4 Klms from the furthest part of St.Clair.  

  • St. Michael's Football Club ---- Visited: 87 Times

    Lane Cove

    Listing id: 38767

    The Club exists to provide football coaching, development and game play for all players so that their skills and personal confidence can grow. The coaches, managers and parents that assist throughout the season do so voluntarily and in the interests of the kids.

  • St. Patricks Sutherland Football Club ---- Visited: 85 Times


    Listing id: 38011

    In the Beginning The St. Patricks College Sport’s Club:“… to give all students of the College the opportunity to take part in organised sport of their choice.” Sport, from the opening of the College in 1956, was always an important element in school life.

  • St. Patrick’s Soccer Club ---- Visited: 124 Times


    Listing id: 38297

    The last decade has seen St. Patrick’s grow from one of our Association's smaller clubs into one of the largest. We are one of the 5 clubs who represent in all but one competition.
    Website -

  • St. Peter & Paul Soccer Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 39008

    The club may be reached thru John Coppolino at Ph# 0451 077 995 or at

  • St.Johns Soccer & Recreation Club Auburn Inc. ---- Visited: 70 Times

    St. Johns

    Listing id: 37965

    The club may be contacted thru - Ph# 0417 297747 / 0431 954651.

  • Stags Football Club ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 39007

    The club may be reached thru Craig Norris at Ph# 0429 307 327 or at

  • Stanmore Hawks Football Club ---- Visited: 143 Times


    Listing id: 38090

    Originally known as the C.Y.C Soccer Club when it was originally founded, the club played in the 1st division of the Southern and Eastern Association in Sydney.