Rock Climbing Clubs in New South Wales, Australia

Rock Climbing Clubs in New South Wales

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  • Airborne Indoor Rock Climbing Centre ---- Visited: 11 Times

    Wagga Wagga

    Listing id: 11983

    Airborne Indoor Rock Climbing Centre is located at Bolton Park Multi Purpose Centre Morgan Street, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650 .
    02 692595...

  • Australian Climbing Instructors Association (ACIA) - NSW ---- Visited: 26 Times


    Listing id: 11466

    Australian Climbing Instructors Association (ACIA) - NSW may be contacted thru Jason Beachcroft at Phone.
    02 478252... 0438 457 ...

  • Canberra Climbers Association (CCA) ---- Visited: 51 Times


    Listing id: 11490

    The Canberra Climbers Association (CCA) was founded in 1998. Membership is steadily growing and is now a respected body representing climbers interests.
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  • Newcastle University Mountaineering Club ---- Visited: 119 Times


    Listing id: 11516

    The Newcastle University Mountaineering Club is an outdoor adventure club at Newcastle University, Australia. We organise trips for members across a wide selection of activities.
    Website -

  • Sports Climbing Australia ---- Visited: 72 Times

    St. Peters

    Listing id: 12012

    Sport Climbing Australia (SCA) is the sole peak body in Australia responsible for competition climbing and the development of climbing in artificial climbing environments whether these be indoors or outdoors.
    Website -

  • Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym ---- Visited: 47 Times

    St. Peters

    Listing id: 11498

    After pioneering indoor climbing in Sydney in 1993 (first in NSW), we upgraded our new "high" standard in 2003 by building our new venue in St. Peters. After several upgrades since, it's now the country's largest, with around 2900 m2 of climbing walls.

  • Sydney Rockclimbing Club (SRC) ---- Visited: 160 Times

    Sydney South

    Listing id: 11431

    Sydney Rockies has been around for more than 50 years and is going as strong as ever. The SRC aims to be a meeting point for climbers and, to this end, meets monthly and organises for members outdoor climbing trips, social events and gym nights.
    Website -

  • The Climbing Centre ---- Visited: 48 Times


    Listing id: 11477

    The Climbing Centre is located at 16 Borec Rd, Penrith, NSW 2750 .
    Website - 02 473111...

  • UNE Mountaineering Club ---- Visited: 54 Times


    Listing id: 11468

    The U.N.E.M.C. (pronounced UNI-MUCK) is an affiliated club of Sport UNE. Although no one here can remember back that far, historical documents indicate the club was formed way back in 1960.

  • UTS (University of Technology, Sydney) Outdoor Adventure Club ---- Visited: 100 Times


    Listing id: 12008

    The Club runs on average about 100 trips a year that vary in activities like Bushwalking, Canyoning, Rockclimbing, Cross-Country Skiing, Free Diving, Mountain Biking, Caving, Abseiling and many more. These trips also vary in difficulty from Beginner to Extreme so there's something for every level of fitness and experience.

  • UWA Outdoor Club ---- Visited: 40 Times


    Listing id: 12009

    The UWA Outdoor Club has been established to provide people with great opportunities to get outdoors, try new adventure activities, meet great people and generally have a fantastic time. The Outdoor Club is definitely not limited to students, anybody with a good sense of fun and adventure is welcome.