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Netball Clubs in Victoria

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  • Ballarat Netball Association ---- Visited: 159 Times


    Listing id: 1474

    Contact P.O. Box 1189 Mail Centre, Ballarat, Victoria.
    (03) 5331...

  • Bendigo United Netball Club ---- Visited: 131 Times

    Maiden Gully

    Listing id: 1480

    Located at 22 Glenelg Drive, Maiden Gully  Victoria.
    (03) 544...

  • Box Hill District Netball ---- Visited: 205 Times

    Box Hill

    Listing id: 1481

    Located at 19 Andrew St Ringwood Victoria.
    (03) 9876...

  • Carrum Netball Club ---- Visited: 686 Times


    Listing id: 40559

    In the early 1960’s a group of parents from the Carrum Life Saving Club formed a netball team that became the beginning of the Carrum Netball Club. The Club grew in strength and size over the years with teams competing in all levels of competition with the Dandenong and District Netball Association.
    Website -

  • Cobram Netball Association Incorporated ---- Visited: 123 Times


    Listing id: 1475

    Located at Campbell Rd, Cobram, Victoria.
    (03) 587...

  • Cranbourne North Netball Club Inc. ---- Visited: 903 Times

    Cranbourne North

    Listing id: 1453

    Everyone is welcome at this club, no matter what your experience level is.  Please go to the Contact Us page for our contact details.  You're welcome to come to training for a couple of weeks and see how much you like it. 

  • Deep Creek Netball Club Inc. ---- Visited: 396 Times


    Listing id: 1473

    Deep Creek Netball Club is committed to providing people of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to , increase their social network and enjoy sport while developing their netball skillsand fitness. 

  • Diggers Rest Junior Football Netball Club ---- Visited: 249 Times

    Diggers Rest

    Listing id: 48266

    Home Ground: Bloomdale Oval, Diggers Rest Reserve, Plumpton Road, Diggers Rest.
    Website - 0400 742 ...

  • Donvale Netball Club Inc ---- Visited: 433 Times


    Listing id: 1454

    The Donvale Netball Club was established in 1971 and has since grown to involve players, umpires, coaches of all ages and a dedicated team of volunteer administrators.

  • Echuca & Districts Netball Association ---- Visited: 91 Times


    Listing id: 1476

    Located at High Street, Echuca Victoria.
    (03) 5480...

  • Frankston District Netball Association ---- Visited: 570 Times


    Listing id: 1477

    Since its inception in 1966, the Frankston & District Netball Association has continued to grow in numbers of sporting participants. From meagre beginnings of less than 100 players in 1966 to more than 3000 women, children and men in the year 2003, competing at this complex each week.
    Website -

  • Hamilton Netball Association ---- Visited: 93 Times


    Listing id: 1482

    Located at 349 North Boundary Rd Hamilton Victoria. 
    (03) 5571...

  • Lynbrook Stingers Netball Club INC ---- Visited: 0 Times


    Listing id: 1455

    Lynbrook Stingers Netball Club INC has been setup for local kids in the Lynbrook area to play netball in a safe and fun environment.

  • Married Ladies Netball Association ---- Visited: 270 Times

    Swan Hill

    Listing id: 1456

    Married Ladies Netball Association is located at Gray Street, Swan Hill, VIC 3585.
    Website 03 5032 4... 042826585...

  • Melbourne Uni Netball Club ---- Visited: 758 Times


    Listing id: 1489

    The Melbourne University Netball Club has been in existence for over 25 years and has grown to be one of the largest sports clubs operating at the University of Melbourne.
    Website -

  • Metro Revellers Netball Club ---- Visited: 613 Times


    Listing id: 1491

    The Metro Revellers Netball Club was established in 1994 when seven students from St. Aloysius Girls College in North Melbourne formed a team to compete in the Thursday Night B grade competition at the State Netball Centre. The team was coached by Ferruccio Servello, who still the head coach at the club today.
    Website -

  • Mildura Netball Association ---- Visited: 105 Times


    Listing id: 1457

    Loacted in Mansell Drive Drive Mildura.
    03 5023 5...

  • Monbulk Netball Club ---- Visited: 434 Times


    Listing id: 1458

    Monbulk Netball Club is located at Monbulk Recreation Reserve, Moores Rd., Monbulk, VIC 3793.
    Website - 9756 7123...

  • Mornington Peninsula Netball Association ---- Visited: 100 Times


    Listing id: 1483

    Located at Hampden St Mornington Victoria.
    (03) 5975...

  • Morwell Netball Association ---- Visited: 89 Times


    Listing id: 1459

    Located at Vary St, Morwell, Victoria.
    (03) 5133...

  • Mt. Eliza Netball Club ---- Visited: 320 Times

    Mt. Eliza

    Listing id: 40561

    Mt Eliza Netball Club has 2 courts for training situated behind the Mt Eliza Community Centre, Canadian Bay Road Mt Eliza.
    Website - 0488 055 ...

  • Narre Warren Netball Club ---- Visited: 812 Times

    Narre Warren

    Listing id: 14

    The Narre Warren Netball Club was established in 1977 and consisted of young mothers playing social games of netball. Our Club has grown over the years and at present consists of 24 Junior Teams who play games at Cranbourne South West Netball Association.
    Website -

  • Netball Victoria ---- Visited: 1048 Times


    Listing id: 1478

    Netball Victoria is responsible for the management and development of the sport across Victoria. The organisation's core function is to identify and meet the needs of netball players, coaches, umpires, administrators, associations and clubs and in doing so enhance participation experiences and encourage the uptake of the sport.

  • Newcomb Power Netball Club ---- Visited: 227 Times


    Listing id: 1452

    Newcomb Power Netball Club has teams from Fun Net / Netta, junior to Senior players including all abilities teams, we can accomodate all aspects of learning and our dynamic coaching team would love to have you come along and join in the fun.
    Website -

  • Nirranda District Netball Association ---- Visited: 88 Times


    Listing id: 1461

    Located at Ocean Rd, Nirranda Victoria.
    (03) 5566...

  • Numurkah & District Netball Association ---- Visited: 83 Times


    Listing id: 1462

    Located at Melville St, Numurkah, Victoria.
    (03) 5862...

  • Oakleigh South Netball Club ---- Visited: 101 Times


    Listing id: 1472

    Oakleigh South Netball Club or OSNC has teams registered at Caulfield & District Netball Association.

    9503 9892...

  • Otway Districts Football Netball Club Inc ---- Visited: 79 Times


    Listing id: 1484

    Located at Recreation Reserve Gellibrand Victoria.
    (03) 5235...

  • Portland Netball Association Inc ---- Visited: 99 Times


    Listing id: 1463

    Located at Wade St, Portland, Victoria. 
    (03) 5523...

  • Prahran Netball Association ---- Visited: 880 Times


    Listing id: 1464

    The Prahran Netball Association Inc. was established in 1983 and took as its slogan "Fun, Fitness and Friendship". In full co-operation with the Prahran Council, we commenced competitions on Sundays on the Cato Street car park (behind Coles in Chapel Street, Prahran).
    Website -

  • Queenscliff Netball Club ---- Visited: 185 Times


    Listing id: 1465

    This club was formed by Joyce Waite (nee Lister) and Dot Doe in the early 1960's. Joyce resigned as President of Queenscliff to become the first President of the new Manly Warringah Netball Association formed in 1966.
    Website -

  • Richmond Netball Association ---- Visited: 752 Times


    Listing id: 1479

    The Richmond Netball Association (affiliated with Netball Victoria) was established over 17 years ago in an effort to provide structured netball competitions for the local community including school groups and individual community members.
    Website -

  • Royal Park Netball Association ---- Visited: 145 Times


    Listing id: 1466

    Royal Park Netball Association is located at Brens Drv, Parkville, Victoria.
    03 932655...

  • Samurai Schools Of Shukokai Karate ---- Visited: 76 Times


    Listing id: 4891

    Samurai Schools Of Shukokai Karate is located at 1216 High St., Armadale, VIC 3143.
    0416 111 ...

  • Skipton Football Netball Club ---- Visited: 173 Times


    Listing id: 1490

    The earliest reported match for the Skipton Football Club dates back to 1873 or 1874, when a game was played against Streatham on a ground east of the current Recreation Reserve. Skipton played other matches against Carngham, Haddon and Linton around this time.
    Website -

  • South Belgrave Netball Club Inc ---- Visited: 93 Times


    Listing id: 1467

    Located at Recreation Reserve Mt Morton Rd, Belgrave, Victoria.
    (03) 9754...

  • South East Netball ---- Visited: 137 Times

    South Yarra

    Listing id: 1468

    Located at Chapel Street South Yarra Victoria. 

  • St Leonard's College Netball Club ---- Visited: 408 Times


    Listing id: 47399

    St Leonard’s College Netball Club is a member of the Sandringham Youth Netball Club Association (SYCNA) competition and welcomes any new players aged from 10 years onwards from throughout the Bayside Region. Games are played on Saturdays at the SYCNA courts located in Thomas Street, Hampton, Victoria. Come and join our friendly club and have some fun whilst playing netball.
    Website -

  • Sunraysia Netball Association ---- Visited: 90 Times


    Listing id: 1485

    Sunraysia Netball Association is located at Mansell Rsrve, Mildura, VIC 3500.
    03 5023 ...

  • Sunshine Netball Association ---- Visited: 887 Times


    Listing id: 1486

    Sunshine Netball Association is located at Kinder Smith Reserve Lily St., Braybrook, VIC 3019.

  • Surfside Netball Association ---- Visited: 90 Times

    Ocean Grove

    Listing id: 1469

    Surfside Netball Association is located at Shell Rd., Ocean Grove, VIC.
    0414 78 1...

  • Victorian Men's Netball League ---- Visited: 210 Times


    Listing id: 1492

    In 1985, All Australia Men's Netball Association (AAMNA) was formed to gather from each State, teams to play in a National Tournament. This Tournament has now become an annual event, held during the Easter holidays, hosted on a rotational basis by the States.
    Website -

  • Warracknabeal Netball Club ---- Visited: 79 Times


    Listing id: 1487

    Located at Caramut Rd Warrnambool Victoria. 
    (03) 5562...

  • Warrnambool City Netball Association ---- Visited: 81 Times


    Listing id: 1470

    Located at Caramut Rd, Warrnambool, Victoria. 
    (03) 5562...

  • Workers Wrens Netball Club ---- Visited: 87 Times


    Listing id: 1488

    Contact PO Box 3573 Mildura Victoria.
    (03) 5025...

  • Yinnar Football & Netball Club Inc ---- Visited: 92 Times


    Listing id: 1471

    Located at Recreation Reserve, Yinnar, Victoria.
    (03) 5163...