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  • EDGE Martial Arts Centre ---- Visited: 194 Times

    Mount Evelyn

    Listing id: 5117

    EDGE Martial Arts centre has been providing martial arts tuition to students of all ages in Mount Evelyn, Victoria since 1989. Our School encompasses many forms of Martial Arts drawn from a variety of styles that make us one of the best centres in the eastern region. We specialise in teaching Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Kicknastics, Weapons, Personal Fitness for all ages, and Ju Jitsu. Edge Martial Arts has produced many fine outstanding and award winning martial artists throughout our history.
    Website - (03) 9736...

  • Eltham Martial Arts Academy ---- Visited: 243 Times


    Listing id: 5007

    Eltham Martial Arts Academy believes that one of the secrets of good health is regular exercise that makes you sweat! Our primary focus is to train and empower you in your preferred art  Kyokushin Karate, Muay Thai Kickboxing and/or Balintawak Arnis. Eltham Martial Arts Academy's secondary focus is to periodically expose and broaden your understanding to other martial arts  seminars. Eltham Martial Arts also offers tournaments and gradings but it's up to you to take it as casual or as serious as you like.
    Website - 0410 603 ...

  • Enshin Karate ---- Visited: 145 Times


    Listing id: 5106

    After devoting himself for many years to reaching the top in competitive karate, Kancho Ninomiya won the All-Japan Tournament in 1978. As one of Japan's most popular champions, he realized that his life in karate was leading him beyond the mat of tournament competition. He returned to the U.S. and rededicated himself to his art, developing and teaching the strategy and technique he believed in.  Kancho Joko Ninomiya developed Enshin's unique fighting strategy drawing upon his years of tournament competition and real life confrontations. Enshin's Circular strategy known as The Sabaki Method makes use of the opponent's power against them to gain an advantage by breaking the opponent's balance and creating a strong 'blind spot' position. Kancho Joko Ninomiya's Sabaki Method not only embodies the true spirit, and power of karate it employ's a method of strategy, which is rarely seen in other forms of martial arts, and is the essence of his Enshin Karate.   Enshin Karate is located at 67- 69 Grand Blvd, Montmorency, Victoria, 3094
    Website - (03) 9439...

  • Extreme Kyokushin Karate ---- Visited: 159 Times

    Bentleigh East

    Listing id: 4933

    We at Extreme Kyokushin Karate provide intense training in all traditional aspects of martial arts, co-ordination, balance, flexibility, strength, self defense and fighting techniques. The art of Kyokushin Karate is overall body fitness, mental health, speed and power to react without thought to instantly deal with surprise attacks. Sensei Vaviti and all his Instructors believe that a vital ingredient to Kyokushin Karate training is the spiritual element and the meditation that overcomes emotion and conscience thinking, which gives free reign to our inner abilities and possibilities.
    Website - (03) 9551... 0409 007 ...

  • Field Aikido ---- Visited: 82 Times


    Listing id: 5022

    Aikido is the way of defending physical, mental and emotional attacks from a centered state of harmony within yourself; The martial art for the peace loving. Aikido is a breakthrough for those unhappy with aggressive competitive confrontational martial arts. It has no sex weight or age divisions. If you have to defend your life such concepts are useless. Aikido trains the mind through the body; After much training your habitual pattern of struggle will be replaced with a resourcefulness which will shows you choices in any situation. Field Aikido is dedicated to assisting people to replicate the basic Aikido principles as taught by Morihei Ueshiba O Sensei, the founder of Aikido, to his senior students at his Iwama Dojo (training place).
    Website 0425 703 ...

  • Fighting Arts Fitness Centre (FAFC) ---- Visited: 172 Times


    Listing id: 3867

    We offer the perfect mix of realistic Martial Arts instruction with the facilities and expertise of a Gymnasium. We cater for beginners and advanced students of all ages in a clean, safe and friendly environment. With competitors at the top of their fields in everything from non-contact karate, full-contact karate, kickboxing, BJJ and mixed martial arts competitions.
    Website - 03 9304 4... 0410 693 ...

  • Firestorm Dojos ---- Visited: 154 Times


    Listing id: 4910

    Firestorm Dojos is a family within the Bob Jones Corporation's, Zen Do Kai, Freestyle Martial Arts schools. We are located in Victoria, Australia, at the outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. My name is Mike Quin. I am the founder of the Firestorm Dojos and invite you to wander through our web site at your leisure. You will find information here about our club and our style of martial art. We are a 'freestyle' martial art which means that we incorporate techniques from many other martial art's styles, including, Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu, Kendo and Muay Thai, to name just a few, and adapt them to suit today's world. I'm sure you will find that what we do is very interesting.Firestorm Dojos is a family within the Bob Jones Corporation's, Zen Do Kai, Freestyle Martial Arts schools.
    Website 0419 327 ...

  • Fudoshin Bujutsu Australia ---- Visited: 109 Times


    Listing id: 3880

    A Japanese word roughly translates to "Immutable Mind". First used in the writings of Miyomoto Musashi, a 16th Century Samuari and Legendary swordsman. It means a warrior state of mind obtained when the MIND, BODY, SPIRIT become one. KNOWLEDGE, ABILITY and COURAGE When such a state is reached, all fighting abilities become possible and great things can be achieved. The concept of Fudoshin is that it is not a style but a system of fighting. It is way of being with control and moderation and understanding of technique and philosophies in our Art.
    Website 03 9766 1...

  • Fudoshin Martial Arts ---- Visited: 94 Times


    Listing id: 3877

    Fudoshin Martial Arts is a system of Martial Arts training for the purpose of emulating the traditional values of warriorship and honour.This is achieved by studying and training in arts such as Judo, Jujutsu, Karate, Aikido and more, but only in their traditional form. We study the concept of Fudoshin, as formulated by the founder, Soke Lawrence, in order to imporove ourselves on every level. We follow the Code of Honour.
    Website 03 9539 3... 0412 235 ...

  • Funakoshi Karate Australia ---- Visited: 92 Times


    Listing id: 3863

    Funakoshi Karate teaches relatively fewer techniques than many other styles. Instructors adhere to the concept of teaching a thorough knowledge of a few techniques, rather than a superficial understanding of numerous techniques.
    Website - (03) 5561...

  • Fusion Martial Arts ---- Visited: 100 Times


    Listing id: 5246

    Fusion Martial Arts, is a specialist training center, offering a mix of MMA, BJJ, Taekwondo, Kick-boxing Fitness and Strength Training.The Fusion Martial Arts System offers many programs that will fit your needs. Not only will you achieve the benefits of greater health, fitness, and self defence awareness but more importantly you experience bonding with the group.
    Website - 03 9687 5...

  • Glenroy BJJ ---- Visited: 68 Times


    Listing id: 3879

    Glenroy BJJ teaches the dynamic art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as brought to Australia by John Will.
    Website 03 9304 4... 0410 6930...

  • Golden Cobra Martial Arts ---- Visited: 155 Times


    Listing id: 3869

    The Golden Cobra School of Martial Arts was established on 14th of July 1984, with the first-class being held at the Olinda Hall on the 17th July 1984. Approximately 25 students began their training that night. The club has expanded rapidly since, becoming one of the best-known "freestyle" schools in Victoria; producing many outstanding martial artists. The aim of the club then, as it is now, is to benefit all students, young and old, through training in the martial arts. As well as the practical aspect of self-defence, our training offers much in the way of personal development, be it fitness, courage, self-esteem, or just a sense of friendship and belonging.
    Website - (03) 9754... 0411 40 0...

  • Golden Lion Academy - Berwick ---- Visited: 141 Times


    Listing id: 4938

    All instructors of the Golden Lion Academy are fully trained, accredited and recognised coaches of the Australian Government's National coaching accreditation scheme (NCAS), a programme overseen by the Australian Sports Commission. In addition, our instructors are also required to regularly update their coaching training, which includes specific in-house training programmes to ensure that they develop and maintain the key competencies of sport coaches and officials, and are able to provide instruction in a manner that is safe, responsible and accountable.The aim of the Golden Lion is to offer a world class, innovative 'Academy of Excellence' in traditional Chinese martial arts and healing techniques that is beyond comparison.
    Website - (03) 9796...

  • Grampians Aikido - Martial Arts Ballarat ---- Visited: 101 Times


    Listing id: 3894

    Grampians Aikido is committed to teaching Iwama ryu Aikido - the Art of Peace. Experience a learning environment that promotes self-discipline, taking responsibility, respect for others and effective leadership.  Challenge yourself to reach your potential and to have a positive impact on others.
    Website - 03 5352 4... 0418 171 ...

  • Greensborough Mixed Martial Arts Centre ---- Visited: 207 Times


    Listing id: 5043

    Located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Greensborough Mixed Martial Arts Studio has been owner operated and run for over 20 years. We have a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with parks, running tracks and trails right on our doorstep. We offer classes in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA for both beginners as well as experienced enthusiasts, and we welcome all ages and fitness levels.  We also offer personal training and can arrange female only classes and corporate sessions. Whether it is to improve your fitness, develop your skills, increase your confidence, or an interest in competition fighting, we can help you achieve your goals. 
    Website - 0411 237 ...

  • Guest's Martial Arts ---- Visited: 121 Times


    Listing id: 5166

    Our brand new training facility has over 500 Safety mats, a Free Gym for parents and adult students to use, Free tea and coffee, up to date magazines and newspapers to read and seats over 65 people in our viewing area and we have over 60 classes each week to choose from.

    Free 3 lesson trial for Kids, Teens and Adults Training. Over 70 classes scheduled every week, flexible timetable and a great atmosphere.
    Website - 03 9495 1...

  • Hall's Taekwondo Centre, Brunswick West ---- Visited: 100 Times

    Brunswick West

    Listing id: 4953

    Hall's Taekwondo is made up of full-time privately owned Taekwondo schools that are based on tried and tested systems and supported by outstanding Instructors and staff.
    Website - (03) 9383...

  • Hall's Taekwondo Centre, Tullamarine ---- Visited: 91 Times


    Listing id: 5221

    Hall's Taekwondo is about much more than the founding directors Martin and Jeanette Hall.  Halls Taekwondo offers programs designed specifically to suit your individual needs, whether you are a young child, a teenager, or an adult male or female.  
    Website - (03) 9330...

  • Heishin-Kai Karate ---- Visited: 152 Times


    Listing id: 4934

    Heishin-Kai is a well respected karate school that has been established for 28 years. We teach traditional karate for realistic self defence and self development in a disciplined and friendly environment.
    Website - (03) 9579...

  • Hills Aikido ---- Visited: 104 Times


    Listing id: 3861

    Welcome to the Hills Aikido dojo. We are a branch of Australian Aikikai, under Sugano Sensei 8th Dan.
    Website 0448 364 ...

  • Il Shim International Taekwon-Do Melbourne ---- Visited: 131 Times


    Listing id: 5225

    We are a friendly, family-oriented martial arts club, located at the foothill of the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne's outer East. Available to all New Members - Free Introductory Taekwon-do Lessons! Taekwon-Do (TKD) is both a mental discipline as well as a martial art. Founded by the late General Choi Hong-Hi, Taekwon-Do is a scientifically designed and developed alternative to other martial arts such as Kung-Fu and Karate. We strive at all times to present a balanced training program that reflects this, with emphasis on the 5 Tenets of Taekwon-Do being Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit. Classes are conducted in a safe and controlled environment. All students at this martial arts school are encouraged to participate at a level and intensity that is suited to their individual fitness and ability, whether beginner or black belt.
    Website - 0423 048 ... 0402 810 ...

  • Impact Taekwondo & Fitness ---- Visited: 111 Times

    Bentleigh East

    Listing id: 4935

    Taekwondo is a dynamic martial art and Olympic sport practiced by millions of people around the world. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art using kicks, blocks and punches, which help to develop a student's power, speed, and agility while also providing them with excellent self defence techniques. Disclaimer Taekwondo is addictive. Students may experience abnormal levels of improvement in fitness, strength, agility, endurance, flexibility, memory, ability to focus, and discipline!  Impact Taekwondo & Fitness is located at Level 1, 227 East Boundary Rd, Bentleigh East, VIC 3165.
    Website - 0417 010 ...

  • International Cheng Ming Of Taiwan-Victoria Group ---- Visited: 70 Times

    Wattle Glen

    Listing id: 5234

    Miriam Rosewarne has been studying Martial Arts since 1989. After several years of karate styles, her interest in the Soft Style Internal Martial Arts led her to Taiwan to seek out one of the true Masters in the field of Internal Kung Fu. Miriam and Neil are official representatives in Australia of the International Cheng Ming Association Chinese Martial Arts based in Taiwan. Miriam and Neil are the official head coaches of the Victorian Branchs being the most senior indoor pupils of Master Wang Fu Lai. Experience positive and personal changes. INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH - YOUR GREATEST ASSET BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL.
    Website 0418 576 ...

  • International Goju-Kai Karate-Do Association, Brunswick Dojo ---- Visited: 100 Times


    Listing id: 3904

    International Goju-Kai Karate-Do Association, Brunswick Dojo is located at 170 Albert St., Brunswick, VIC 3056.
    Website 03 9620 5... 0419 885 ...

  • Invictus Gym ---- Visited: 110 Times


    Listing id: 47512

    Our gym offers beginners and advanced level wrestling in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. Our students and coaches a currently competing in a number of wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and MMA events. Invictus gym is based in Tullamarine, Melbourne. - Mention this listing and receive a week's free training.
    Website - (03) 9330... 042037046...

  • Jishukan Ryu Australia Inc - VIC ---- Visited: 111 Times


    Listing id: 3868

    The Australian Branch of the Jishukan Ryu was established in January 1961, and is an authorised Branch of the Jishukan Ryu Honbu in Yokosuka, Japan. Jishukan Ryu, which literally means "School to Master Self Training", aims to teach self defence whilst promoting physical and mental well being. The MOTTO of the Australian school is "BE MASTER OF YOURSELF" and the basic precept of the School is to always exercise self restraint and humility. Jishukan Ryu Australia is a non-competitive, non-profit organization with clubs in NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC and WA<
    Website -

  • Jo Sui Kai Wado Ryu Karate - Oakleigh ---- Visited: 119 Times


    Listing id: 5143

    Wado-Ryu Karate is a Japanese martial art founded by Hironori Ohtsuka Sensei in 1924. Ohtsuka Sensei developed Wado-Ryu after studying the Samurai martial art of Jiu-jitsu, and Shotokan (another style of Karate). his combination, according to Ohtsuka Sensei, is a softer, more natural means of self-protection.
    Website -

  • Ju Jitsu Australia Dojos ---- Visited: 101 Times

    Keilor East

    Listing id: 3888

    Ju Jitsu Australia Dojos was established on the 8th of August 1998. Soke Joe Varvello who is the Founder and Principal Instructor has over 30 years dedication and teaching experience in the art of Ju Jitsu, and has been renowned as a family club with Soke Joe's wife Shihan Ann who has been training in martial arts since 1992 also assists in teaching the classes. Ju Jitsu Australia Dojos is a member of the Ju Jitsu Instructors Alliance who oversee our Instructors Dan level gradings, gives recognition to our instructors and approves our teaching criteria and teaching practices. All instructors and assistant instructors are holders of the "Working with Children Check Card" as issued by the Department of Justice Victoria.
    Website 0412 558 ...

  • Judo Bendigo Inc. ---- Visited: 111 Times


    Listing id: 4929

    Judo Bendigo is one of the largest regional Judo centres in Australia offering a high standard of training for Beginners to elite players, both junior and senior. We have a long history of producing state and national champions as well as helping those in bendigo and surrounding areas with their self defense and fitness needs. We have excellent facilities including a permanently laid olympic size mat area and gym for our members helping them to reach their goals without expensive fees and long travel.
    Website - 0418 510 ...

  • Judo Victoria Inc. ---- Visited: 110 Times


    Listing id: 5204

    The JVI is an association incorporated under the Victorian Incorporated Associations Act. It is the official member of the Judo Federation of Australia Inc (SA) in Victoria and hence is the link to Olympic games, Commonwealth games and World Championships.
    Website - 0459 597 ...

  • Kaizen Judo ---- Visited: 80 Times


    Listing id: 47050

    Judo club for children and adults, male and female. Expert tuition for self defence or competition judo. Learn to defend yourself against bullying, great confidence builder for kids. Go to our web site for more information.
    Website - 0418 144 ...

  • Kaizen Martial Arts Australia ---- Visited: 106 Times

    Wyndham Vale

    Listing id: 47452

    We have one of the largest kids De Been Jiu Jitsu clubs in Australia with over 100 children training BJJ ( plus then our adult members ) and they come from Wyndham Vale, Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Tarneit, Point Cook and Surrounding Areas. If you are looking for martial arts for kids or more specifically BJJ for kids judo for kids or even karate for kids then we have a solution for you and your children. In today's world your children ( and you as a parent ) need the confidence of knowing that they can look after themselves no matter what the situation whether that be standing, whether that is while they are being pushed over or even like most fights they end up on the ground. Also with the ever increasing worry of childhood obesity, kids martial arts is a great answer to keeping your children fit, healthy and confident.. come and see for your self, We teach our children students how to deal with bullying in a non violent manner and give them the ability and strategies to manage most bullying situations, we also give parents the strategies they need as well to help support the right outcomes at school or elsewhere Bringing Karate, Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu together for Adults and Kids, we are a not for profit, family focused and community based club. Come, Try and have fun.
    Website - 1300 308 ...

  • Karyukai Karate Melbourne ---- Visited: 70 Times


    Listing id: 5170

    KARYUKAI was established by Natsuko Mineghishi, a Japanese female Karate-ka and a renowned Melbourne soprano. In January 2007. KARYUKAI is officially recognized by the Shotokan Karate-Do International Australia [SKIA] and the Shotokan Karate -Do International Federation [SKIF] in Japan.

  • KI Fusion Aikido ---- Visited: 115 Times


    Listing id: 5140

    Aikido as a martial art teaches a non-aggressive attitude through an understanding of harmony. Circular movements are designed not to stop an attack, but rather lead that negative energy to a non-conflicting resolution. The art of ki fusion Aikido adds greater emphasis on a fusion of the attackers intention, so as to remove their stability or pillar of support, requiring no or little generation of physical energy to over power them. KI Fusion Aikido is located at Corner Koonawarra Street & Princes Highway, Clayton, VIC.
    Website - 0400 823 ...

  • Kihon Aikido ---- Visited: 97 Times


    Listing id: 5120

    Develop power, harmony and ki, your spirit energy, while learning effective throwing and pinning techniques to empty handed attacks and attacks with weapons, from the front or from behind, by one or many attackers. Improve your awareness, self confidence, coordination and fitness, all while studying an honourable martial art. Learn self defence and one of the most difficult martial arts to master, traditional, precise, complete, Kihon Aikido
    Website - 0414 646 ...

  • KMA Martial Arts Centre ---- Visited: 130 Times


    Listing id: 5145

    KMA Challenge Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Centre has been offering instruction and training in Martial arts since 1985. Located in Oakleigh and servicing South Eastern suburbs of Victoria such as Chadstone, Monash, Caulfield, Carnegie, McKinnon, Bentleigh, Malvern, Ashwood, Mt Waverley, Dingley, Canterbury, Clayton, Huntingdale, Hughesdale and Chadstone in Victoria. Challenge Martial Arts and Fitness Centre has produced champions in life as well as in the martial arts..
    Website - 03 9564 7...

  • Koryu Shinjitsu Ryu Karate-Do ---- Visited: 129 Times


    Listing id: 5109

    Koryu Shinjitsu-Ryu' literally translated means 'to maintain ones principle in truth' or 'school of truth' and our aim is to develop strong leaders to help those in the need of assistance. By developing physical and mental strength in students we cultivate positive attributes such as self-confidence, discipline, focus and integrity, enabling students to ultimately develop an unwavering spirit to overcome any of life's obstacles. Our intention is that students develop vital skills in the Dojo (training hall) and implement these positive skills into our communities. In short, we encourage ordinary people to become extraordinary.
    Website - 0411 709 ...

  • Krav Maga (IDF Training) ---- Visited: 151 Times


    Listing id: 4971

    Krav Maga is Hebrew for "contact combat". It is the Israeli Defense Forces' (IDF), official self-defense system.  Krav Maga is our signature offering, and we offer scheduled classes, private training and workshops in Krav Maga as well as BJJ, Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA and FMA. With a full weights gym, showering facilities and exceptional customer service, we're focused on providing a gym we'd want to train in ourselves. 
    Website - 1300 858 ...

  • .. Krav Maga - Guardian Defence ---- Visited: 17 Times

    Brunswick Melbourne

    Listing id: 48475

    Guardian Defence brings you the very best in practical Krav Maga self-defence skills, and fitness training, here in Brunswick Melbourne Australia. Our friendly, accessible classes, are designed to accommodate individuals of various levels of skill and fitness. So whether you are new to training or a professional in the field of law enforcement, you will gain expert self-defence skills, fast. And if fitness is your goal- we have fitness classes, pro-trainers and health professionals that will help lift you to new heights in your journey towards health and wellness. Contact us for your free intro/trial class today!
    Website - 03 9383 4...

  • .. Krav Maga Evoluton ---- Visited: 35 Times


    Listing id: 48347

    Krav Maga Evolution was created with the community in mind. The gym on Bignell Road has been fitted out using state of the art Agglorex mats (imported from Belgium) and high quality punching bags, boxing gloves, shields, pads and mitts by RevGear (direct from the USA). Crucially, the space has been converted to create a welcoming atmosphere for novices and enthusiasts alike – a gym dedicated to fun, fitness and all round health. Highly trained staff are ready and prepared to create a one stop training centre that can cater to advanced emergency personnel and martial arts purists, as well as the most humble beginner off the street, looking to improve his or her health and general well being. We offer classes in Krav Maga, BJJ as well as general fitness
    Website - 03 9553 7... 042759008...

  • Lifestyle Kung Fu - Dandenong ---- Visited: 128 Times


    Listing id: 40396

    Lifestyle Kung Fu is a Martial Arts Training Institute specialising in Traditional and modern training methods in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Self-Defence and Fitness Kickboxing and San Shou.  Lifestyle Kung Fu Melbourne was founded in 1993 by Sifu Bruce Corles. Sifu Bruce has over 33 years martial arts experience and continues to train his students personally, along with many other Government Qualified Instructors. 
    Website - 03 9791 2...

  • Lifestyle Kung Fu - Oakleigh ---- Visited: 67 Times


    Listing id: 5146

    Lifestyle Kung Fu is a Martial Arts Training Institute specialising in Traditional and modern training methods in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Self-Defense and Fitness Kickboxing and San Shou. San Shou is the fastest growing amateur combat sport in the world. San Shou is the official full contact fighting sport of modern Wushu which is rapidly growing in popularity around the world.
    Website -

  • Lion Bushido Karate Academy ---- Visited: 101 Times

    Mount Waverley

    Listing id: 3896

    Lion Bushido Karate Academy is located at Essex Rd, Mt. Waverley, Mount Waverley, VIC 3149.
    Website 03 9887 4...

  • Luke Byrne School of Karate ---- Visited: 77 Times

    Roxburgh Park

    Listing id: 3874

    The Luke Byrne School of Karate is a member of the Shotokan Karate Coalition and is dedicated to the education of all students regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. As well as karate Luke also trains regularly in Tae Kwon do, boxing, kickboxing, kung fu, jiu jitsu and judo. Luke implements a lot of the training methods and techniques that he learns from other styles into his own style in order to bring the best out of his students. As a qualified Physical Education teacher he also implements a number of inventive teaching strategies into his training. His knowledge of individual learning abilities and motor skill development help him to develop and modify strategies to meet individual student needs in order to increase their progress and help them reach their full potential. It is Luke's positive attitude and commitment to never ending improvement that will ultimately see him achieve even greater success in the near future.
    Website 0425 817 ...

  • MACE Academy ---- Visited: 127 Times

    Mill Park

    Listing id: 3905

    MACE Academy is a martial arts / karate school located in sth morang between mernda, mill park, doreen and epping in the northern suburbs of Melbourne in Victoria MACE Academy is a martial arts school with a HUGE difference. We are more of a life coaching centre that as part of it curriculum teaches streetwise self defence and traditional martial arts. Our main aim is to work on the all important LIFE SKILLS we know as parents our child needs. Confidence, Discipline, Respect and Focus are our main areas of training, as well as Inner security, Patience, fitness/co-ordination and loyalty to ones self and family. Our training is run with a no nonsense approach and whilst playing lots of educational but fun games, our blend of traditional karate (Shotokan), Hapkido (locks, holds and restraints) and streetwise self defence (military unarmed combat) over and over again produce disciplined, considerate children ready to face the challenges of life we all know lay ahead of them. Let us educate your children in the power of saying no and the pride of self discipline they can take into their adult hood. M.A.C.E Academy also runs adult classes and even a mixed family class where mums and dads can train with their kids!
    Website - 1300 302 ...

  • Martial Arts Mount Waverley - Chinkon Kishin ---- Visited: 91 Times

    Kings Park

    Listing id: 3893

    Chinkon-Kishin teaches Iwama Ryu Aikido, which originates from the founders private Dojo in Iwama, Japan. Chinkon-Kishin means calming the mind, gathering the thoughts and becoming one with the universe. The way of the new warrior. The spiritual path to enlightenment, peace, harmony truth , goodness and beauty. Polish Ki and forge the spirit. Become the best that you can be. Children's classes are designed to improve listening skills, focus, alertness, coordination, responsiveness and awareness. Forward and backward rolls taught to survive falls. Adult syllabus includes unarmed as well as sword and staff techniques.
    Website 03 9366 0... 0408 881 ...

  • Martial Arts Prahran - Field Aikido ---- Visited: 77 Times


    Listing id: 3892

    Take advantage of your opportunity to learn directly from Michael Field Soke headmaster of Iwama Ryu Aikido Australia who has taught most of Australia's quality Aikido instructors. You can learn Aikido self defence, get fit & stay fit while you acquire the qualities you need to reach your human potential. Those qualities are: Perseverance, discipline, taking responsibility, respect for others, listening, assertiveness, leadership, being in the now & how to enter other useful states of mind.
    Website - 0425 703 ...

  • Martial Arts Sports Coaching ---- Visited: 106 Times


    Listing id: 47465

    Garry Baniecki has been involved in wing chun kung fu for 27 years and has been teaching martial arts in Melbourne professionally since 1995. Linda Baniecki has been involved with wing chun kung fu for 22 years and has been teaching wing chun kung fu professionally since 1997. Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda Baniecki are the principle teachers and both hold Diplomas in Sports Coaching and Sports Development, and have over 45 years of wing chun experience between them. In 2006, under the new government regulations, Garry and Linda became government accredited martial arts sports coaches as well as nationally accredited trainers and assessors. In 2008, Garry and Linda also qualified successfully to train government accredited courses for the individual in fitness and personal training. Martial Arts sports coaching in Melbourne is a government accredited training centre dedicated to those wanting to pursue a career teaching martial arts.The school is located in Abbotsford, Melbourne.
    Website - 03 9415 8... 03 943285...

  • Martial Mix ---- Visited: 107 Times


    Listing id: 3907

    Martial Mix can provide you with the quickest, most effective way to get your adrenalin going, tone your body, learn self defence and challenge your boundaries all while having the time of your life. We can provide classes and personalised private training for ALL fitness levels.
    Website - (03) 9563... 0417 002 ...