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  • Altona Hockey Club ---- Visited: 429 Times


    Listing id: 5480

    Altona Hockey Club was established over 75 years ago in 1932. Over this period it has maintained a strong sporting presence in Altona and now encompasses the broader Hobson's Bay Community.
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  • Aztecs Hockey Club ---- Visited: 244 Times

    Bellbird Park

    Listing id: 5931

    We are a family club dedicated to promoting and developing hockey in the West Gippsland area.
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  • Baw Baw Hockey Club ---- Visited: 304 Times


    Listing id: 5839

    Baw Baw Hockey Club may be reached thru PO Box 1099, Warragul, VIC 3820.
    Website - 56223653...

  • Bayside Hockey Club ---- Visited: 451 Times


    Listing id: 5840

    Bayside Hockey Club (formerly Chadstone) may be contacted thru Ben Hughes.
    Website - 0431 364 ...

  • Beechworth and District Hockey Club ---- Visited: 155 Times


    Listing id: 5864

    Beechworth and District Hockey Club may be reached thru PO Box 626, Beechworth, VIC 3747.
    Website 02 60271...

  • Benalla Hockey Club ---- Visited: 93 Times


    Listing id: 5935

    Benalla Hockey Club may be contacted thru Sylvia Baumgarten.
    05762 266...

  • Box Hill Hockey Club ---- Visited: 334 Times

    Box Hill

    Listing id: 5841

    Box Hill Hockey Club is a relatively small, yet constantly growing, family-oriented club.
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  • Brunswick Hockey Club ---- Visited: 449 Times


    Listing id: 5842

    Equipped with an ever-increasing membership base, the Brunswick Hockey Club is fast becoming one of Victoria’s fastest growing and dynamic club of its kind.

  • Camberwell Hockey Club ---- Visited: 297 Times


    Listing id: 5843

    Camberwell Hockey Club train and play at Matlock Park, corner of Matlock Street and Carinda Road, Canterbury, Victoria, 3070 (Melways 46-B12).

  • Casey Cannons Hockey Club ---- Visited: 348 Times


    Listing id: 5844

    The Casey Cannons Hockey Club, formerly known as the Berwick Hockey Club was established in 1989.

  • Caulfield Women's Hockey Club ---- Visited: 273 Times


    Listing id: 5481

    We are a small hockey club catering for all standards & ages of women wishing to play hockey.

  • Central Victoria Hockey Association ---- Visited: 142 Times

    Golden Square

    Listing id: 5846

    The Central Victoria Hockey Association fields three teams in the State League and Pennant competitions under the banner of the "CV Blazers".

  • Christian College Hockey Club ---- Visited: 46 Times


    Listing id: 5870

    Christian College Hockey Club may be contacted thru Jonathan Ryan.

  • Collegians-X Hockey Club ---- Visited: 158 Times


    Listing id: 5845

    The Collegians-X Hockey Club is located in Clayton (Melbourne, Australia), and prides itself on creating a friendly, fun environment for its members.

  • Corangamite Junior Hockey Association ---- Visited: 81 Times


    Listing id: 5915

    Corangamite Junior Hockey Association may be contacted thru Julie Wallace . 
    0417 384 ...

  • Corio Hockey Club ---- Visited: 43 Times


    Listing id: 5871

    Corio Hockey Club may be contacted thru Jay Burns .

  • Dandenong Hockey Club ---- Visited: 57 Times


    Listing id: 5482

    Dandenong Hockey Club is located at Mills Road, Dandenong, VIC 3175 .
    03 9792 2...

  • Doncaster Hockey Club ---- Visited: 324 Times

    Blackburn South

    Listing id: 5851

    The club is at a very exciting stage of its development. With its hybrid wet/dry synthetic surface and strong team representation at all levels, the club can provide you with the opportunity to develop your hockey to the maximum potential.
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  • Drouin Drouids Hockey Club ---- Visited: 145 Times


    Listing id: 5932

    The Drouids Hockey Club (DHC) is affiliated with Hockey Victoria and is a member club of the West Gippsland Hockey Association.Drouids Hockey Victoria. DHC aims for all players to have a fun in a supportive environment; to have the opportunity to build up their hockey skills; and participate in a competitive and family friendly competition.

  • Eaglehawk Hockey Club Inc. ---- Visited: 104 Times


    Listing id: 5847

    Eaglehawk Hockey Club Inc. may be reached thru PO Box 106, Eaglehawk, VIC 3556 .
    Website -

  • East Gippsland Hockey Association ---- Visited: 166 Times


    Listing id: 5916

    East Gippsland Hockey Association may be contacted thru Jane Gallatly.
    Website - 0418 380 ...

  • Eastern Christian Hockey Organization (ECHO) ---- Visited: 129 Times


    Listing id: 5852

    ECHO is a Christian hockey club that was founded to provide players with the opportunity to play in an environment that uphold Christian values and standard.

  • Echuca Moama Hockey Club ---- Visited: 144 Times


    Listing id: 5860

    Echuca Moama Hockey Club is located at Echuca East Recreation Reserve, Sutton St., Echuca, VIC.
    Website - 040814575...

  • Falcons Hockey Club Albury Inc. ---- Visited: 133 Times


    Listing id: 5865

    The club was formed initially in 1968 by Ron Young and other workers from Blacklocks Motors.
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  • Footscray Hockey Club Inc. ---- Visited: 246 Times


    Listing id: 5483

    The Footscray Hockey Club (FHC) was formed in late 1934. FHC fielded one men's team for its inaugural session (1935), and added a ladies and a junior team in 1936.
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  • Frankston Hockey Club ---- Visited: 183 Times


    Listing id: 5856

    Frankston Hockey Club may be reached thru The Secretary, 35 Park Street, Seaford, VIC 3930.
    Website 0407 009 ...

  • Geelong College Hockey Club ---- Visited: 33 Times


    Listing id: 5872

    Geelong College Hockey Club may be contacted thru Gary Montgomery .

  • Geelong Raiders Inline Hockey Club ---- Visited: 22 Times


    Listing id: 5960

    Geelong Raiders Inline Hockey Club is located at 6 Lambert Avenue, Newtown, VIC 3220.
    03 52232...

  • Glenelg Regional Hockey Association (GRHA) ---- Visited: 179 Times


    Listing id: 5918

    The Glenelg Regional Hockey Association provides hockey to the Hamilton and District Region. We provide a range of divisions that many clubs and teams play in.
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  • Goulburn Valley Hockey Association (GVHA) ---- Visited: 136 Times


    Listing id: 5857

    In 1992 the Shepparton Women's Hockey Association and the Goulburn Valley Men's Hockey Association amalgamated to form the Goulburn Valley Hockey Association.
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  • Grampians Hockey Association ---- Visited: 74 Times


    Listing id: 5920

    Grampians Hockey Association may be contacted thru Brigid Hodgetts.
    0434 353 ...

  • Greensborough Hockey Club ---- Visited: 256 Times


    Listing id: 5484

    Come and learn to play hockey in a friendly and safe environment with the Greensborough Hockey Club.

  • Gulls Hockey Club ---- Visited: 127 Times


    Listing id: 5933

    Gulls Hockey Club may be contacted thru Jeanette Kemp.
    Website -

  • Hawthorn Hockey Club ---- Visited: 312 Times


    Listing id: 5862

    Hawthorn Hockey Club may be reached thru PO Box 624, Hawthorn, VIC 3122.
    Website - 0438 198 ...

  • Hockey Albury-Wodonga ---- Visited: 116 Times


    Listing id: 5863

    Hockey Albury-Wodonga may be contacted thru Angus Beath .
    Website - 043113852...

  • Hockey Australia National Office ---- Visited: 111 Times


    Listing id: 5461

    Hockey Australia is an organization that formed from the merger of the Australian Hockey Association and Women's Hockey Australia in 2000. It is the national body responsible for the promotion, development and administration of field hockey in Australia.
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  • Hockey Ballarat ---- Visited: 104 Times


    Listing id: 5917

    Hockey Ballarat is an incorporated body that has been formally in existence since 1993, which occurred with the amalgamation of the Ballarat Women's Hockey Association and the Ballarat Men's Hockey Association.

  • Hockey Geelong ---- Visited: 88 Times


    Listing id: 5869

    Geelong Hockey aims to be a successful, respected and leading association in the sport of hockey.
    Website -

  • Hockey Victoria Inc. ---- Visited: 97 Times


    Listing id: 5500

    Hockey Victoria Inc. is the governing body of hockey in Victoria and currently has 62 affiliated clubs in metropolitan Melbourne plus 19 regional affiliated associations.

  • Kardinia International College Hockey Club ---- Visited: 75 Times


    Listing id: 5874

    Kardinia International College Hockey Club may be contacted thru Gillian Armstead .

  • Kerang Junior Hockey Association ---- Visited: 67 Times


    Listing id: 5921

    Kerang Junior Hockey Association may be contacted thru Lee Guest at PH# 05452 1813 
    05452 181...

  • Kew Hockey Club ---- Visited: 166 Times


    Listing id: 5878

    Founded in 1905, Kew Hockey Club is one of the oldest Hockey Clubs still in existence in Australia.

  • Knox Hockey Club ---- Visited: 305 Times


    Listing id: 5880

    Formerly Eastern Hockey Club, Knox Hockey Club is based in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
    Website -

  • Koowinda Hockey Club ---- Visited: 65 Times


    Listing id: 5928

    Koowinda Hockey Club may be contacted thru Dafydd Scholes.