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  • Blackford Fencing Club ---- Visited: 436 Times


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    The Blacklords Fencing Club offers males and females of all ages tuition and training for fencers of all abilities, from the complete beginner up to the elite competitor.The club is located at the Lynden Park Scout Hall in Stornoway Road, Camberwell.
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  • Fioretto Fencing Club Inc. ---- Visited: 413 Times

    Clayton North

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    Fioretto Fencing Club was founded in 1982 by Maestro Joe D'Onofrio. It started as a handful of new fencers, Maestro and a school hall. The club has come al long way since those humble beginnings.

  • Melbourne Fencing Club Inc. ---- Visited: 536 Times


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    The Melbourne Fencing Centre encourages people to develop their full potential. In order to facilitate this, we offer a variety of opportunities such as personalized lessons, advanced Squad Training with electrical apparatus as well as the availability of scholarships to further support promising youngsters in their quest for excellence.
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  • Monash University Fencing Club ---- Visited: 42 Times

    Monash University

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    Monash University Fencing Club is located at Monash University, PO Box 1, Clayton, VIC 3168.
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  • Spatha Fencing Club ---- Visited: 445 Times

    Albert Park

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    One of the oldest sports and one of the 4 to be included in modern Olympic Games is fencing. Getting involved in fencing is not a bad idea since it's a great way to stay and get fit. Fencing involves lots of movement. Players needs to be constantly on the move. Also required in fencing is footwork. The fencer would have to move constantly. Spatha is seeking new members in all ages. You are most welcome to visit us and watch us in action.
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  • Victorian Amateur Fencing Association ---- Visited: 54 Times

    Brunswick East

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    Victorian Amateur Fencing Association is located at 24 Robert St., Brunswick East, VIC 3057.
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  • Victorian Fencing Academy ---- Visited: 82 Times

    North Melbourne

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    A sport that has evolved from swordfighting and duelling. Victorian Fencing Academy (VFA) is based in North Melbourne and Burwood. Sessions cater for school children (afterschool and weekend sessions) and adults (evening and weekend sessions). You will learn balance, distance and co-ordination for fencing. Fencing develops excellent focus and concentration as you learn to hit without being hit. VFA provides training opportunities for people looking for a fun and social activity all the way to the Olympic Games. VFA caters for all ages (children to Veterans) Speak to Pieter for more information.

    Located at North Melbourne, 1st Floor, 204 - 206 Arden St and Burwood, Presbyterian Ladies College, Burwood Hwy.
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  • VRI Fencing Club ---- Visited: 100 Times


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    VRI Fencing Club in Richmond offers fencing in foil, epee, and sabre for all ages.
    We offer fencing classes and squads from beginner to elite level. Our dedicated fencing gym is open all week for classes, bouting, and private coaching.

    While VRI does train Olympic fencers and pentathletes, we are also proud of the achievements of our youngest members. Through classes such as VRI Swordplay, children as young as 5 learn new skills, improve their fitness and develop self-confidence through fencing.

    VRI's intermediate squads for teenagers and adults are also a unique way to learn fencing in a group. We offer much more than free bouting, and coach intermediate to elite fencers in dedicated foil, epée and sabre squads throughout the week, as well as providing access to private lessons in all 3 weapons.

    Custom built facilities in Richmond
    VRI is a custom made, modern facility with a hi-tech training surface for fencers. In the heart of Melbourne's sports precinct, VRI Fencing Club is superbly located in Yarra Park, right next to the MCG. We share the same training ground as the Richmond Tigers at "Tigerland" overlooking Punt Road Oval.

    VRI is Melbourne's most central fencing club and is easily accessible via train, tram, bike, bus, and car. Club is located Richmond Football Club Indoor Sports Hall, Punt Road Oval, Yarra Park Richmond VIC 3121.
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