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  • Acewild Kennels ---- Visited: 166 Times

    Clarendon Vale

    Listing id: 18704

    Run by Maree Pledger and daughter Jade, Acewild Kennels is the Tasmanian branch of Victoria's TRUPOINT German Shorthaired Pointers (Mark Nielsen). We breed for the German Shorthaired Pointer who can be in the field one day and in the show or obedience ring the next; who have brains and know how to use them.

  • Amarada German Shepherds ---- Visited: 75 Times


    Listing id: 18698

    Amarada Kennels was established in 1996, but Garry has been involved with German Shepherds since 1976 when he purchased 'Grantara Duchess' from Roger and Helen Lette.

  • Arctickara ---- Visited: 54 Times

    North West Coast

    Listing id: 18701

    We are a small Kennel based on the North West Coast of Tasmania, in the quiet Town of Ulverstone. Our first Siberian Husky joined our family in 1991 and others have followed. In 2005 became involved in German Shepherds.

  • Arwynet Staffordshire Bull Terrier ---- Visited: 25 Times


    Listing id: 18721

    we are a small kennel situated on the beautiful North West Coast town of Wynyard Tasmania. We were established in 1993 our aim is breeding TEMPERAMENT, SOUNDNESS and TYPE.

  • Barad Kennels - Tasmania Tibetan Spaniels & Italian Greyhounds ---- Visited: 60 Times


    Listing id: 18711

    Barad Kennels is a partnership between - Barbara Blackman, Monique Blackman, Simone Bingham and Rowena Ransley. We all live in Hobart Tasmania.

  • Borregoperro Border Collies ---- Visited: 118 Times

    South Arm

    Listing id: 18691

    We are located in South Arm, Tasmania, Australia. We believe in quality not quantity. Operating as a small kennel where all our dogs are treated like loving members of the family. All our puppies are registered with the National Kennel Council (Tasmanian Canine Association), microchipped, vaccinated, vet checked and wormed before being sold.

  • Boxer Club of Tasmania ---- Visited: 69 Times


    Listing id: 18665

    A small group of Boxer lovers trying to find new friends, whether it be show families or pet owners, everyone is invited to become a member even if just to have a laugh and share memories and stories, or just to receive the newsletter (chatterbox) Any loving boxer owners are more than welcome to contact the club to become involved in showing these wonderful dogs and meeting new people. The Boxer Club of Tasmania is dedicated to helping with the preservation of the breed, and to promote the health and well being of the Boxer through all aspects of its life.

  • Bustabones ---- Visited: 36 Times

    Tamar Valley

    Listing id: 18723

    Bustabones Staffords was established in 1986 located in the Tamar Valley in Tasmania, Australia. It started as a family concern for Mike and Jan Polley and daughter Justine with the purchase of our first two Staffords CH Nadoo Taura Peachie and CH Gypsystarr Rufus.

  • Coleisha Japanese Spitz & Pomeranians ---- Visited: 43 Times


    Listing id: 18714

    We are a small but dedicated breeder of this beautiful breed. Here at Coleisha we strive for soundness and most importantly temperment. We have imported lines from Norway "Akido" Jasam's Only Cola Light D' Showman is a delight and has given us off springs that have wonderful temperments and loves everyone. Thank you Hanne for this beautiful boy from Jasam's Kennels in Norway
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  • Crozier English Cockers, Greyhounds and German Shepherds ---- Visited: 32 Times


    Listing id: 18708

    Breeding for quality not quantity. Breeding stock elbow, hip and yearly eye scored.

  • Edinglen Bearded Collies ---- Visited: 32 Times


    Listing id: 18683

    We are a small kennel with 15 years experience in the breed. We are dedicated to preserving and promoting the versatile Bearded Collie. Home of Multiple Best in Show winning Beardies.
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  • Forshona Kennels ---- Visited: 53 Times


    Listing id: 18700

    Forshona Kennels is situated in a lovely rural suburb called Sandford, located 30 minutes from Hobart, Tasmania. This region is popularly known as "Paradise Peninsula". Much to the dogs delight we are surrounded by three fabulous beaches.

  • G.S.D.C.T Inc. ---- Visited: 37 Times


    Listing id: 18697

    The German Shepherd Dog Club of Tasmania was first formed in the early seventies. Its aim is to improve the breed standard in conformation and obedience and also to improve the public perception of this wonderful breed.

  • Goldlake Golden Retrievers ---- Visited: 38 Times


    Listing id: 18707

    We began our journey with goldens as pets and as time passed we decided to begin showing, and retriever trialing and then progressed into breeding. We are only a small kennel committed to breeding sound, true to type goldens with the emphasis on breeding excellent temperaments. Our dogs have all relevent hereditary health checks done. To date we have achieved some wonderfull results in the showring.
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  • Hanafor Vizslas ---- Visited: 42 Times


    Listing id: 18709

    After many years showing and trialling Standard Poodles, I became interested in the Hungarian Vizsla. In the early days, they were relatively scarce. Over the years their popularity has increased enormously and I have seen many changes in the breed some of these changes have led to over popularity and an increase in dogs needing rescue or rehousing.

  • Jackofofhearts Jack Russell Terriers ---- Visited: 47 Times


    Listing id: 18712

    We are situated in the small town of Latrobe in Tasmania. We are fortunate enouugh to live on 6 acres which is great for our little Jacky mates.

  • Jcas Tibetan Spaniels ---- Visited: 25 Times


    Listing id: 18724

    Jcas Tibetan Spaniels are located on a small hobby farm in Kellevie, which is located in the South Eastern region of Tasmania.
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  • Kabanae Siberian Huskies ---- Visited: 17 Times


    Listing id: 18648

    We are dedicated to the betterment of the breed. We take great pride in the breeding of well adjusted, sound Siberians. We produce dogs that are equally at home in the show ring and out working.
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  • Kaparla Golden Retrievers ---- Visited: 27 Times


    Listing id: 18705

    We have moved to a lovely property on acreage at Kingston, south of Hobart. We are 10 mins drive from the picturesque city of Hobart near the River Derwent, on the lovely Island State of Tasmania.

  • Karenda Japanese Spitz & Keeshonds ---- Visited: 31 Times


    Listing id: 18715

    We are a small kennel dedicated to Japanese Spitz & Keeshonds, located at Forth in northern Tasmania, Australia.

  • Karraine Kennels ---- Visited: 42 Times


    Listing id: 18702

    We are great supporters of the GSD Breed Improvement schemes with all our breeding stock, being Hip & Elbow X-Rayed and we are the proud recipients of National Councils Bronze, Silver and Gold Medallions for their hip schemes. At Karraine we place great emphasis on temperament - most of our dogs live as family pets doing what they do best - providing loyal, lovable protection and companionship.
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  • Kimskaya Samoyeds & French Bulldogs ---- Visited: 80 Times


    Listing id: 18720

    In 1977 a friend with Collies took me to a dog show in Christchurch, New Zealand as I was interested in a pedigree pet. I had researched a library book and was quite certain I wanted a keeshond. However a Samoyed jumped up and insisted on being patted and then proceeded to lick my face and wag her tail at me, and there began my love affair with this breed.

  • Kurvon Pugs & Bullmastiffs ---- Visited: 78 Times

    North-West Coast

    Listing id: 18718

    Kurvon Pugs is situated on the North-West coast of Tasmania, Australia. My name is Yvonne Metzger and I am a licenced Championship Toy & Utility judge. I have been lucky enough to have been owned by one of the top pugs in Australia, Aust/NZ Champion Belmignon Eugene Prince. 'Eugie' was one of the top sires,(serving a limited number of ladies), producing 4 Grand Champions, 2 dual champions, 1 triple champion and and 9 Best In Specialty Show Winners. 'Eugie' himself won Best Of Breed at Royal Melbourne Show in 1994, and the winner of the only 3 CACIB's ever offered in Australia.

  • Neethorp Cavaliers ---- Visited: 23 Times


    Listing id: 18693

    Residing in the beautiful countryside of Forcett, Tasmania with our 2 current Cavaliers, Sunshine & Tysinia.

  • Parnew Whippets ---- Visited: 34 Times


    Listing id: 18727

    We're a small kennel breeding and showing quality whippets. Importing some of the finest English blood lines to incorporate with our own and to maintain fantastic personalities, temperaments and breed type.

  • Penita Kennels ---- Visited: 35 Times


    Listing id: 18696

    The prefix PENITA was established in 1974. We have exhibited Rough Coated Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs and even a German Shepherd.

  • Pugmate Kennels ---- Visited: 73 Times

    Northern Tasmania

    Listing id: 18717

    We are situated in Northern Tasmania enjoying the relaxed lifestyle that this area provides.

  • Saxten Pugs ---- Visited: 57 Times


    Listing id: 18719

    SAXTEN Pugs was established in 1985 when we acquired our first Pug. As breeders, we strive to improve every time we breed, every mating is carefully thought through .As far as is possible we research the ancestry of the dogs in a effort to eliminate faults." The Standard " always remains our ultimate guide.
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  • Sirstaffalot Staffordshire Bull Terriers ---- Visited: 27 Times


    Listing id: 18722

    Our only aim in breeding is TYPE, TEMPERAMENT and SOUNDNESS and to place our puppies in homes where they can live as part of the family and bring great pleasure to their owners and anyone else they come in contact with . We are certified DNA breeders all of our Stafford's have been DNA Profiled and are L2 - HGA & HC Clear.
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  • Tasmanian Collie & Shetland Sheepdog Club ---- Visited: 61 Times


    Listing id: 18667

    During 1995 breeders and exhibitors of Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs formed a club with the principal aim being to establish a supportive network for all Collie and Sheltie owners. It was initially a social club and an associate member of the Tasmanian Canine Council. We are now a full affilicated club and run Championship shows at least once a year.
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  • Tasmanian Dog Training Club Inc ---- Visited: 32 Times


    Listing id: 18675

    Non profit community minded volunteer organisation, that provides dog training, education and a path to a variety of dog sport activities in Launceston Tasmania. We can assist you to get involved in training your dog or getting involved in dog sports such as agility and jumping, obedience, Rally-O, tracking and endurance. We strictly believe in positive reinforcement for our training !
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  • Tasmanian Golden Retriever Club ---- Visited: 31 Times


    Listing id: 18668

    In July 1996 a small group of dedicated enthusiasts, interested in the development of the breed via a Specialist Breed Club, got together and formed The Tasmanian Golden Retriever Club. A Constitution was drawn up, and Executive and Committee duly elected and the Club was formed.
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  • TAZLON Hungarian Vizslas & Welsh Springer Spaniels ---- Visited: 34 Times

    Western Tiers

    Listing id: 18710

    Live in the foothills of the Western Tiers, 10 minutes from Deloraine in Tasmania, Australia. We have 38 acres of mostly bush, with a spring fed dam for the dogs to enjoy, and they make the most of their morning and afternoon runs.

  • The Border Collie Club of Tasmania ---- Visited: 75 Times


    Listing id: 18669

    The Border Collie Club of Tasmania was founded in 1989 after a meeting of interested dedicated breeders and enthusiasts. The club started as a social club and in recent years has become affiliated as a specialist breed club. The club was formed to encourage and promote the purebred border collie.

  • Waterwisp Glden Retrievers ---- Visited: 31 Times


    Listing id: 18706

    We are a small kennel in the beautiful island state of Tasmania. Our aim is to breed Golden Retrievers with lovely temperaments, which are equally at home in the show ring, obedience ring or as beloved members of their owner's family.