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  • Agility Dog Club of Queensland Inc. ---- Visited: 226 Times


    Listing id: 19378

    TWe hope you have found your way here through a love of dogs, fitness, fun or all three! At ADCQ we train dogs and owners to master the arts of basic obedience, basic agility and competition agility. So no matter what your dog's (or your owner's) skill level, we have the solution for you.

  • Airedale Enthusiasts Association of Qld ---- Visited: 78 Times


    Listing id: 18730

    Our club is now fully affiliated with the Canine Control Council (Q) and are now able to run Championship and Open shows. Our club is for the benefit of Airedale Terrier owners, and people interested in the breed, and particularly for the people of Queensland.

  • Alaskan Malamute & Siberian Husky Social Club (Qld) Inc. ---- Visited: 130 Times


    Listing id: 18731

    The AMSHSCQ is a group of people with a common interest in the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky breeds. The club has a strong focus on social activities and promoting responsible pet ownership, as well as improving the breed standards.

  • Basenji Hound Association of QLD ---- Visited: 79 Times


    Listing id: 18741

    The Basenji Hound Association of Queensland (BHAQ) formed over 20 years ago to preserve, protect and promote the Basenji breed. We assist and support Basenji owners through our newsletter and social meetings.
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  • Beagle Club of QLD ---- Visited: 90 Times

    Ellen Grove

    Listing id: 18743

    The Beagle Club of Queensland is a club affiliated with Dogs Queensland.

  • Bedlington Terrier Association of Queensland ---- Visited: 119 Times


    Listing id: 47208

    The Bedlington Terrier Association of Queensland is a social club based in Brisbane and affiliated with Dogs Queensland. The club is for the benefit of all Bedlington owners and people interested in the breed. Our social functions enable our members and interested people to get together and promote our beautiful breed.

    We engage in games and activities that owners and dogs can enjoy. The end of year fancy dress is one of our much anticipated events of the year. The club executive meets at The Coffee Club, West End every second month and we have our social events twice a year, usually in New Farm Park.
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  • Boxer Club QLD ---- Visited: 168 Times


    Listing id: 18752

    The Queensland Boxer Club was established in 1958 and is affiliated with the National Boxer Council and the Canine Control Council (Qld). The club is made up of people who are dedicated to the wonderful Boxer and who deal with issues that affect all Boxers - show dogs and family pets alike.

  • Brisbane Agility Dog Club Inc. ---- Visited: 126 Times


    Listing id: 19379

    BAD started in June 2001 with a handful of people who wanted to start a club on the Southside of Brisbane to cater for Dog Agility Enthusiasts. With the help and support from the Australian Agility Dog Association (ADAA), BAD grew from the original eight founding members, a few jumps and a borrowed tunnel, to a strong agility club.

  • Bull Terrier Club of Qld Inc. ---- Visited: 72 Times

    North Maclean

    Listing id: 18753

    Back in 1966 Bull Terriers were not being shown in Queensland in sufficient numbers to justify approval for the formation of a Speciality Club for the breed. Progress of The Bull Terrier Club of Queensland has continued since 1986, when the Club became a Specialiast Club in its own right. Membership continues to grow and finances are in a healthy condition, due to the efforts of the stalwarts of the Club.
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  • Bulldog Club QLD ---- Visited: 99 Times


    Listing id: 18754

    The Qld Bulldog Club was established in 1915. The club is for lovers of British Bulldogs, who enjoy the Bulldog as a whole and want to learn more about this wonderful breed, exhibit or just enjoy spending time with other Bulldog people.

  • Caboolture Kennel Club ---- Visited: 67 Times


    Listing id: 18758

    The Caboolture Sports Dog Obedience Club (originally named Murrumba Dog Obedience Club) was formed in 1979 as an offshoot of the Metropolitan Dog Obedience Club. Its aim was to provide dog obedience training services to the Caboolture, Pine Rivers and Redcliffe areas and also to conduct Obedience and Agility Trials under its affiliation with the Canine Control Council (Qld). The Club also helped form the Redcliffe and Pine Rivers Dog Obedience Clubs.

  • Canine Obedience Club of Townsville ---- Visited: 47 Times


    Listing id: 18761

    The Canine Obedience Club of Townsville arose from the amalgamation of two dog training clubs in 1971. The Club then affiliated with the State Controlling Body, The Canine Control Council of Queensland, and has been conducting basic and advanced obedience lessons and official competitions ever since.
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  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club QLD ---- Visited: 75 Times


    Listing id: 18765

    Our aim as a Club is to strive for the unification of all people who are fortunate enough to own and care for Cavaliers and to dedicate our efforts towards the betterment of the Breed.

  • Central Qld Toy Dog Club ---- Visited: 42 Times


    Listing id: 18767

    The Central Queensland Toy Dog Club is an organisation that promotes all the Australian recognised Toy Dog breeds. This club is a newly founded organisation that is growing in members and we are working towards our first Championship and Open Dog Shows on the 26th June 2010 at the Rockhampton Showgrounds.

  • Chihuahua Club of Qld ---- Visited: 172 Times


    Listing id: 18769

    The Chihuahua Club of Queensland was first formed as a social club in December 1969. It became affiliated with the CCCQ in 1973. Today the club is made up of approximately 36 members and their families. Entry at our shows ranges between 60 and 130 Chihuahua dogs.
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  • Chinese Crested Dog Club of Qld ---- Visited: 50 Times


    Listing id: 18770

    Our club started as a social club in 2000 and our first president was Lisa Johnston and patron was Aileen Goller, who next year became our president and is still there to this day. In 2006 we were affiliated and held our first Open Show in 2007.
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  • Cocker Spaniel Club of Qld ---- Visited: 82 Times


    Listing id: 18772

    Our Club is actively involved in promoting the breed to both show fanciers and the general public. The Cocker Spaniel Club of Queensland also runs a Rescue service to ensure the welfare of the breed and many of our Rescue dogs are living grand lives with their new owners.
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  • Collie Rough and Smooth Club of Qld Inc. ---- Visited: 89 Times

    Rochedale South

    Listing id: 18773

    We are dedicated to the promotion of our favourite breeds, the Collie (Rough) and the Collie (Smooth).The club was formed in 1951 as the "Scotch Collie Society of Queensland", and the founding President was Mr Daffurn.

  • Dachshund Club of Qld ---- Visited: 157 Times


    Listing id: 18775

    The Dachshund Club of Queensland was formed in 1964 and services the needs of all dachshund owners, particularly in the State of Queensland, Australia.

  • Dances with Dogs Club Qld ---- Visited: 65 Times


    Listing id: 18777

    Dances with Dogs is a growing discipline in Queensland, with a number of clubs and organisations active in the sport. The sport was only ratified by the ANKC and its member bodies (such as the CCCQ) in January 2009 and all trials conducted to date have been sponsored by established obedience clubs (particularly the Toowoomba Dog Obedience Club).

  • Dobermann Club of QLDInc. ---- Visited: 80 Times


    Listing id: 18779

    The Dobermann Club of Queensland, originally formed as the Doberman Association of Qld., was first established in 1965 and was affiliated with the Canine Control Council (Qld) in 1971.
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  • Gold Coast Dog Obedience Training Club Inc. ---- Visited: 49 Times


    Listing id: 18788

    The Gold Coast Dog Obedience Training Club Inc was established in 1971 and over that time has helped thousands of Gold Coasters train their dogs. Over the years training methods have dramatically changed from the old "jerk and release" method using check chains to the positive methods using rewards and soft collars.

  • Golden Retriever Club of QLD ---- Visited: 95 Times


    Listing id: 18789

    In August 1971 a group of twenty people all sharing a common bond 'the love of Golden Retrievers ' met to discuss the formation of a Club in Qld. Application was made to the Canine Control Council (Qld) and permission to begin as a Social Club was granted.
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  • Griffon Social Club of QLD ---- Visited: 46 Times


    Listing id: 18791

    Promoting Griffon Bruxellois throughout Queensland & Australia.
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  • Gundog Association of Queensland ---- Visited: 75 Times


    Listing id: 18793

    QGA hold general meeting bimonthly, on the second Monday of the month. These meetings commence at 7.30 pm at: CCC (Q) Showgrounds Kings Avenue, Durack meeting room. Supper is served at the end of each meeting.
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  • Gympie Dog Obedience Club Inc. ---- Visited: 41 Times


    Listing id: 18794

    The Gympie Dog Obedience Club has been helping the people of Gympie & surrounding districts to train their dogs for many years. It is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers who share their time & expertise with dog owners wishing to train their dogs to be first & foremost good canine citizens.

  • Jack Russell Terrier Club of Qld ---- Visited: 262 Times


    Listing id: 18805

    JRTs have been around for over a hundred years. They were only recognised by the ANKC in Australia in 1991. The breed takes its name from one of England's hunting parsons, The Reverend John (Jack as he was known locally) Russell from Devon, who established the breed early in the nineteenth century.

  • Labrador Retriever Club of Qld Inc. ---- Visited: 74 Times


    Listing id: 18809

    The Labrador Retriever Club of Queensland Inc. is a club devoted to the improvement in quality of breeding, working and exhibiting of Labrador Retrievers. Many of our members are experienced breeders and exhibitors who further the Club's aims by helping new owners to understand all aspects of Labrador Retriever management.
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  • Logan All Breeds Dog Obedience Club Inc. ---- Visited: 80 Times


    Listing id: 18813

    here is nothing better than having a well mannered and trained dog as your best friend and soul mate. That is something to be proud of. Logan All Breeds Dog Obedience Club Inc. will help you achieve this and if you wish you can ultimately go onto bigger and better things by competing in organised events.

  • Pug Dog Club of Qld ---- Visited: 471 Times


    Listing id: 18833

    The Queensland Pug Dog Club was formed in late 2005 as an unaffiliated social club with the Canine Control Council of Queensland. The aims of the Club are to provide fun social activities, information sharing and to foster a love and appreciation for the breed. Our main fundraising objective is to support Pug Rescue in rescuing and re-homing pugs in need.

  • Queensland Boxer Club ---- Visited: 41 Times


    Listing id: 18586

    The Queensland Boxer Club was established in 1958 and is affiliated with the National Boxer Council and the Canine Control Council (Qld). The club is made up of people who are dedicated to the wonderful Boxer and who deal with issues that affect all Boxers - show dogs and family pets alike.
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  • Redlands Dog Obedience Club ---- Visited: 57 Times


    Listing id: 18836

    The club aims to provide instruction to the public, including children, in the correct manner of dog handling and control, so as to prevent the dog from becoming a nuisance to others. To educate the public against the use of, or need for cruel practices of dog discipline and control.

  • Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Qld Inc. ---- Visited: 50 Times

    Brisbane City East

    Listing id: 18837

    The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of QLD Inc. officially came into being as a Canine Control Council of QLD recognized club on the 17 December 1977. In 1991, the RRCQ became an incorporated body with the QLD Department of Justice and Corrective Services, while a drive to see increased numbers supporting Open and Championship Shows resulted in the CCC (Q) granting affiliation in 1993.
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  • Schnauzer Club of Qld ---- Visited: 227 Times


    Listing id: 18844

    The Schnauzer Club of Qld, is affiliated with the Canine Control Council of QLD, and was founded in 2005. It has over 60 members residing in Qld and Interstate. The club was founded by dedicated Schnauzer fanciers interested in promoting wider knowledge and greater appreciation of the extraordinary qualities of the 3 Schnauzer breeds - Giant, Standard and Miniature.

  • Shetland Sheepdog Club of QLD ---- Visited: 74 Times


    Listing id: 18846

    Our club has been in existence for well over 25 years here in Queensland and we strive to improve the Shetland Sheepdog breed and to promote our magnificent Shelties as the wonderful Dog Breed that they are.
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  • Southside Dog Obedience Club Inc. ---- Visited: 48 Times


    Listing id: 18848

    The club was established in 1993 by a group of dog trainers from nearby clubs, many of whom still participate regularly in Club events.

  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of QLD ---- Visited: 91 Times


    Listing id: 18850

    The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Qld Inc. was formed in 1986 after the Staffordshire AND Bull Terrier Club of Qld.decided to part and form two separate clubs. Since 1986 the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Qld. has become a proactive club that focuses on promoting the Staffordshire Bull Terrier in all aspects.

  • SunCoast FunDogs Agility Dog Club Inc. ---- Visited: 35 Times


    Listing id: 19381

    Members have a common bond - that of owning a dog, and the pleasure of seeing that their dogs have fun whilst learning new skills in our sport of Agility.

  • Sunshine Coast Dog Obedience Club Inc. ---- Visited: 38 Times


    Listing id: 46975

    The Sunshine Coast Dog Obedience Club, situated at Ballinger Park (off Dixon Road) Buderim, has been operating for about 13 years. Staffed by volunteers its main function is to help residents of the Sunshine Coast socialise and train their dogs and, if required, reach a standard for competition in Obedience, Agility and Rally-O trials.
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  • Tenterfield Terrier Club of Qld ---- Visited: 40 Times


    Listing id: 18854

    Our members aim is to promote pure bred Tenterfield Terriers; breeding true to type, genetically sound and of excellent temperament. We are all dedicate to the development of the breed, striving to breed the very best.

  • The Australian Terrier Club Qld ---- Visited: 62 Times

    South East QLD

    Listing id: 47019

    The Australian Terrier Club is a small club started in 1953. Dedicated to the breed. We have two shows a year in July. The Aussie is a delightful dog and will live happily with all ages he loves a walk or a free run
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  • Townsville Kennel Association Inc. ---- Visited: 36 Times

    Garbutt BC

    Listing id: 18857

    Townsville Kennel Association Inc is one of the oldest clubs in Queensland. Townsville Kennel Association Inc. has a very strong history, and at Easter 2010 the club reached another landmark when we celebrated our 80th Anniversary, like all clubs their survival depends on great members that want to keep this wonderfull hobby of Dog Showing alive,

  • Weimaraner Club of QLD ---- Visited: 39 Times


    Listing id: 18863

    The Weimaraner Club of Queensland (Inc.) is affiliated with the Canine Control Council (Qld) and is a member of the National Weimaraner Council (Australia). The Club's inception was in 1974.
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  • Wide Bay Working Gundog Club ---- Visited: 22 Times


    Listing id: 18868

    On 27th February 1978 a special meeting of the Bundaberg Canine Club was held for the purpose of incorporating a Field Trial Section of that Club.Some twenty-six enthusiasts keen to form the Burnett Gun Dog Club but not gaining affiliation with the Canine Control Council, instead became known as the Field Trial Section of the Bundaberg Canine Club.

  • Working Dog Club of Queensland ---- Visited: 128 Times


    Listing id: 18869

    The Working Dog Club of QLD is a affiliated club of the CCCQ or Dogs QLD. Our club focuses on the Working dog breeds of the pure breed dog world. With 31 different breeds of dogs ranging from the Australian Cattle Dog to the White Swiss Shepherd Dog and big and small breeds such as the German Shepherd Dog to your Welsh Corgi's.
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