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  • Community Arts Network SA ---- Visited: 72 Times


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    Community Arts Network SA is the group for community arts and is the principal source of community cultural development, information, advice and support services in South Australia.
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  • Ethnic Schools Association of SA Inc. ---- Visited: 58 Times


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    The Ethnic Schools Association of SA Inc. (ESA) is the umbrella body representing 96 ethnic schools authorities teaching 49 different languages.

  • Local Government Association of SA - Arts & Culture ---- Visited: 36 Times

    Frome Street

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    All Councils are involved in supporting artistic and cultural growth and expression by communities. Collectively Councils invest $67m a year on libraries, galleries and other cultural activities and a further $46m on parks and gardens and $60m on recreation.
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  • Nexus Multicultural Arts ---- Visited: 37 Times


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    Nexus is a contemporary arts organisation based in South Australia generating positive social outcomes by promoting understanding, acceptance and respect, celebrating difference and diversity through the arts.
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  • Oral History Association of Australia - South Australia ---- Visited: 22 Times


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    The Oral History Association is a non-profit body whose members practice and promote oral history..

  • Persian Cultural Association of South Australia ---- Visited: 349 Times


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    The Persian (Iranian) community of Adelaide consist of around 3000 individuals of several religious and ethnic backgrounds. The first Iranian family arrived here in 1967 then joined by many more several years later when a great influx of Iranians arrived in Adelaide in the early years of 1980's. Adelaide was chosen by Iranians as an appealing living environment and academic destination. Many students and researchers later on settled here to live permanently.
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  • The Multicultural Communities Council of SA ---- Visited: 153 Times


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    The Multicultural Communities Council of SA is the peak organisation that efficiently services, innovatively empowers and strongly advocates for cultural and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in South Australia.
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