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Cricket Clubs in Victoria

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  • Echuca Cricket Club ---- Visited: 225 Times


    Listing id: 8139

    Echuca Cricket Club is located at 2 Clyde Court, Echuca, VIC 3564 .
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  • Echuca South Cricket Club ---- Visited: 204 Times


    Listing id: 8140

    Echuca South Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 867, Echuca, VIC 3564.
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  • Edinburgh Cricket Club ---- Visited: 192 Times

    Fitzroy North

    Listing id: 8141

    Our home and training base is the WT Peterson (Brunswick Street) Oval located within the beautiful Edinburgh Gardens precinct.
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  • Eildon Park Cricket Club ---- Visited: 156 Times


    Listing id: 8142

    Eildon Park fields teams in Under 10/11/12/13/15 and 17 (17 junior sides in total), we have 6 senior sides, 2 Vets sides and a very successful In2Cricket program, recognised as one of the best in the state. Our First XI plays Division One FTGDCA.
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  • Elgar Park Cricket Club ---- Visited: 152 Times


    Listing id: 8143

    The club is located at 1/1 Wedmore Rd Boronia 3155.
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  • Elmore Footballers Cricket Club ---- Visited: 138 Times


    Listing id: 8144

    Elmore Footballers Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 58, Elmore, VIC 3558 .
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  • Elsternwick Cricket Club ---- Visited: 170 Times


    Listing id: 8145

    The Elsternwick Cricket Club was founded in August 1901 and one of its first acts was to commission a cricket ground in Elsternwick the same size as the MCG, the current Elsternwick Main Oval. The Cricket Club raised 250 pounds to establish the ground, equivalent to over $20000 in todays money, over a 12 month period due to the enormous effort by club members and the enthusiastic local community
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  • Eltham Cricket Club ---- Visited: 184 Times


    Listing id: 6125

    Eltham Cricket Club, with its home at Eltham Central Park, Panther Place Eltham, is a senior and junior club.
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  • Elwood Cricket Club ---- Visited: 166 Times


    Listing id: 8146

    The best way to contact the club is by email
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  • Emmanuel South Oakleigh Cricket Club ---- Visited: 140 Times

    Aspendale Gardens

    Listing id: 8147

    We play out of W.A. Scammell Reserve, off Guest Road in South Oakleigh, Victoria, 3167.
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  • Endeavour Hills Cricket Club ---- Visited: 153 Times

    Endeavour Hills

    Listing id: 8148

    The club may be contacted thru David Anning .
    Website -

  • Essendon Cricket Club ---- Visited: 191 Times


    Listing id: 6126

    Established in 1872 (5 years before Test Cricket) the Essendon Cricket Club has always played at Essendon Reserve (Windy Hill). It was not until 1922 that the Essendon Football Club were invited to use the ground during winter and since that time we have successfully co-existed.
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  • Essendon Maribyrnong Park Ladies' Cricket Club ---- Visited: 136 Times


    Listing id: 8149

    Essendon Ladies Cricket Club was founded in September 1905 in Mt. Alexander Road (Annals of Essendon) and was one of 21 clubs that formed the Victorian Ladies Cricket Association.
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  • Euroa Cricket Club ---- Visited: 146 Times


    Listing id: 8150

    The club is located at Memorial Oval, Slee Street, Euroa 3666, VIC.
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  • Euroa Juniors Cricket Club Inc. ---- Visited: 112 Times


    Listing id: 8151

    Euroa Juniors Cricket Club Inc. is located at 16 Charman Ave., Euroa, VIC 3666.
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  • Ex Students Cricket Club ---- Visited: 119 Times


    Listing id: 8152

    The club is located at Whittakers Road,Traralgon 3844, VIC.
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  • Fairfield Cricket Club ---- Visited: 196 Times


    Listing id: 8153

    Fairfield Cricket Club was formed in the 1920s.  Formerly the club was known as Fairfield Methodists and played in the now defunct Northcote and Preston Churches Cricket Association.
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  • Federal District Cricket Association ---- Visited: 169 Times

    South Melbourne

    Listing id: 8154

    Federal District Cricket Association is located at 2 Ross Street, South Melbourne 3205, VIC.
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  • Ferntree Gully and District Cricket Association ---- Visited: 175 Times

    Ferntree Gully

    Listing id: 8155

    On Monday the 25th August 1947, a group of cricket followers from Ferntree Gully and its surrounding districts, led by Cr. Frank Pickett, held a meeting in the Ferntree Gully Shire Hall for the purpose of forming an Association within the Ferntree Gully Shire.
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  • Ferntree Gully Cricket Club ---- Visited: 172 Times

    Ferntree Gully

    Listing id: 6128

    Ferntree Gully Cricket Club was formed in the late 1800s, and is nestled at the foot of the Dandenong ranges off Glenfern Road, Ferntree Gully in Melbourne's East.
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  • Ferntree Gully Footballers Cricket Club ---- Visited: 123 Times

    Ferntree Gully

    Listing id: 8156

    The club is located at Pickett Reserve, Commercial Rd., Ferntree Gully 3156, VIC.
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  • Fiji Victorian Cricket Club ---- Visited: 151 Times


    Listing id: 8157

    Fiji Victorian Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 23, Preston, VIC 3072.
    Website -

  • Fitzroy-Doncaster Cricket Club ---- Visited: 146 Times


    Listing id: 6118

    The club may be contacted thru Maurie Turner at P.O. Box 185 Doncaster 3108.
    Website -

  • Flemington Colts Cricket Club ---- Visited: 231 Times


    Listing id: 8158

    Flemington Colts Cricket Club play in Moreland Moonee Valley Cricket Association. We are a growing club with 4 Senior sides A Grade,C Grade and 2 1 Day Grades.
    Website -

  • Flemington Cricket Club ---- Visited: 245 Times

    Ascot Vale

    Listing id: 6085

    Flemington Cricket Club may be reached thru P.O. Box 130, Ascot Vale, VIC 3032 .
    Website -

  • Footscray ANA Cricket Club ---- Visited: 182 Times


    Listing id: 8159

    A local community cricket club that allopws anyone to play cricket in senior and junior grades. A range of social events and activities are held for players, officials, family members, friends and supporters. Everyone is welcome at ANA.
    Website -

  • Forest Hill Cricket Club ---- Visited: 157 Times

    Forest Hill

    Listing id: 8160

    We are entering our 54th season in the Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association, and we invite you to visit our newly refurbished social and clubrooms at Forest Hill Reserve.
    Website -

  • Forrest Cricket Club ---- Visited: 130 Times


    Listing id: 8161

    Forrest is a club within the Colac and District Cricket Association. We have two sides, one in Division Two and one in Division Three.
    Website -

  • Fountain Gate Cricket Club ---- Visited: 168 Times

    Narre Warren

    Listing id: 8162

    Fountain Gate Cricket Club was established in 1979, and in 2009/2010 will field 5 senior teams and 10 junior teams.
    Website -

  • Frankston Women's Cricket Club ---- Visited: 125 Times


    Listing id: 8163

    Frankston Women's Cricket Club was founded in 1977/78, with two teams competing in the MPWCA (Mornington Peninsula Women's Cricket Association).
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  • Frankston YCW Cricket Club ---- Visited: 151 Times


    Listing id: 8164

    The club may be contacted thru Peter Cassano .
    Website -

  • Geelong City Cricket Club ---- Visited: 102 Times

    East Geelong

    Listing id: 6124

    Geelong City along with Newtown & Chilwell, Geelong West and North Geelong are the only Octogenarian cricket clubs in the GCA. The 8 decades of Geelong City is a continuous affiliation excepting the five years of the Second World War. Like many clubs there have been several name changes over the period.

  • Geelong Cricket Association ---- Visited: 112 Times


    Listing id: 8165

    The Geelong Cricket Association is a 24 club turf based competition played in two divisions.

  • Geelong Cricket Club ---- Visited: 95 Times


    Listing id: 6130

    Geelong Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 21, Geelong, VIC 3220 .

  • Geelong Junior Cricket Association ---- Visited: 105 Times


    Listing id: 8166

    Geelong Junior Cricket Association may be reached thru PO Box 63 Geelong, VIC 3220 .
    Website -

  • Geelong West Cricket Club ---- Visited: 115 Times

    Geelong West

    Listing id: 6132

    Cricket was first played in Geelong in 1841 but a turf wicket competition was non existent until 1896-97 when the Geelong Cricket Association was formed.
    Website -

  • Gellibrand Cricket Club ---- Visited: 146 Times


    Listing id: 8167

    The club is situated on the corner of Douglas Parade and Hobson Newport .The club fields three senior teams in the Williamstown and Districts Cricket Association.
    Website -

  • Gisborne Cricket Club ---- Visited: 137 Times


    Listing id: 8168

    The earliest record of the Gisborne Cricket Club's existence is in a newspaper article dated March 25, 1858. It describes a match between Gisborne and Kyneton CC in which Gisborne is unfortunately heavily beaten in two innings.
    Website -

  • Gladstone Park Cricket Club ---- Visited: 149 Times


    Listing id: 8169

    Gladstone Park Cricket Club is located at Cnr. Melrose Dve & Derby st., Tullamarine, VIC 3043.
    Website -

  • Glen Iris Cricket Club ---- Visited: 153 Times


    Listing id: 8170

    Formed in 2002 with the amalgamation of Glen Iris Cricket Club (formed 1923) and Glen Iris United Cricket Club (formed 1937).
    Website -

  • Glen Waverley Cougars Cricket Club ---- Visited: 143 Times

    Glen Waverley

    Listing id: 6135

    In 1959, a group of interested cricketers from the fledgling Glen Waverley Church of Christ entered a team in the Burwood District Cricket Association and registered a premiership in its first year.
    Website -

  • Glen Waverley Cricket Club ---- Visited: 174 Times

    Glen Waverley

    Listing id: 8171

    Established in 1960 Glen Waverley Cricket Club participates in the Southern District and Churches Cricket league. In season 2010/11 the Club will be entering 7 Senior sides, including 2 one day teams. 7 Junior sides from U11's to U17's as well as In2cricket (formally Milo 'have a go').
    Website -

  • Glen Waverley Hawks Cricket Club ---- Visited: 106 Times

    Glen Waverley

    Listing id: 8172

    Glen Waverley Hawks Cricket Club is located at 2 Gauntlet Avenue, Glen Waverley, VIC 3150 .

  • Glen Waverley Junior Cricket League Inc. ---- Visited: 130 Times

    Glen Waverley

    Listing id: 6136

    The Glen Waverley Junior Cricket League is a cricket club dedicated to developing junior cricketers in the game of cricket. The club, which was established in 1974, plays at Larpent Reserve, Glen Waverley.
    Website -

  • Glengarry ---- Visited: 147 Times


    Listing id: 8173

    Glengarry "Bushies" Cricket Club Inc. is located at Cairnbrook Road, Glengarry, VIC 3854.
    Website -

  • Glenroy Cricket Club ---- Visited: 174 Times


    Listing id: 8174

    The Glenroy Cricket Club (established pre 1900) and Glenroy Amateur Cricket Club (established 1972) formed a successful  joint venture in 2004/05 allowing for "one" localised cricket club.
    Website -

  • Golden Gully Cricket Club ---- Visited: 132 Times

    North Bendigo

    Listing id: 8175

    The club is located at Nelson Street, California Gully 3550, VIC.
    Website -

  • Golden Point Cricket Club ---- Visited: 141 Times


    Listing id: 8176

    According to association minutes, held at the Gold Museum, Golden Point was established between meetings on October 3 and October 14 in 1910.
    Website -

  • Gorae-Portland Cricket Club ---- Visited: 94 Times


    Listing id: 8177

    Gorae-Portland Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 547, Portland, VIC 3305 .

  • Goroke United Cricket Club ---- Visited: 82 Times


    Listing id: 8178

    Goroke United Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 167, Goroke, VIC 3412.