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Cricket Clubs in Victoria

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  • Collendina Cricket Club ---- Visited: 205 Times

    Ocean Grove

    Listing id: 6166

    Collendina Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 395, Ocean Grove, VIC 3226 .
    Website -

  • Cooma Cricket Club ---- Visited: 244 Times


    Listing id: 8097

    Cooma Cricket Club competes in the Kyabram & District Cricket Association and has 3 senior teams as well as U/13, U/15 & U/17 junior teams
    Website -

  • Coomoora Cricket Club ---- Visited: 211 Times

    Springvale South

    Listing id: 8098

    The club may be contacted thru Adam Hamilton .
    Website -

  • Corio Bay Cricket & Sporting Club ---- Visited: 182 Times


    Listing id: 8099

    We originally had been a playing member of the Geelong Churches Cricket Association since we were established in 1986/87 and was one of the strongest clubs on and off the field.
    Website -

  • Cougars Cricket Club ---- Visited: 194 Times


    Listing id: 6430

    In 1959, a group of interested cricketers from the fledgling Glen Waverley Church of Christ entered a team in the Burwood District Cricket Association and registered a premiership in its first year.
    Website -

  • Craigieburn Cricket Club ---- Visited: 236 Times


    Listing id: 8100

    The Craigieburn Cricket Club is arguably one of the biggest cricket clubs in the northern suburbs.
    Website -

  • Cranbourne Cricket Club ---- Visited: 218 Times


    Listing id: 8101

    The club is located at Casey Fields, Berwick-Cranbourne Rd, Cranbourne East.
    Website -

  • Cranbourne Meadows Cricket Club ---- Visited: 203 Times


    Listing id: 8102

    Cranbourne Meadows Cricket Club has had a proud history within the West Gippsland Cricket Association, winning premierships in A, B, C & E grades & U16 in the junior ranks.
    Website -

  • Crib Point Cricket Club ---- Visited: 132 Times

    Crib Point

    Listing id: 8103

    Crib Point Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 290, Crib Point, VIC 3934.

  • Cricket Australia ---- Visited: 81 Times


    Listing id: 7172

    Cricket Australia is the custodian of the game in Australia. It is made up of six member associations: Cricket New South Wales; Queensland Cricket; South Australian Cricket Association; Tasmanian Cricket Association; Cricket Victoria; and Western Australian Cricket Association.

  • Croydon Cricket Club ---- Visited: 214 Times


    Listing id: 6453

    TFounded in 1886, Croydon Cricket Club is located 28 kilometers east of Melbourne at the base of the Dandenong Ranges. We field four senior teams in the Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association turf cricket competition & our verteran side is affiliated with the Ringwood District Cricket Association.
    Website -

  • Croydon Ranges Cricket Club ---- Visited: 169 Times


    Listing id: 8104

    Croydon Ranges is a member of the Ringwood District Cricket Association. Our ground is situated at Silcock Reserve, William Road, Croydon, Victoria (Australia).
    Website -

  • Dandenong District Cricket Association ---- Visited: 222 Times


    Listing id: 8105

    The club may be contacted thru Ray Nicholls, PO Box 520, Dandenong, VIC 3175 .
    Website -

  • Dandenong West Cricket Club ---- Visited: 159 Times


    Listing id: 8106

    Dandenong West Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 172, Doveton, VIC 3177 .

  • Dandenong Women's Cricket Club ---- Visited: 123 Times

    North Dandenong

    Listing id: 8107

    The Dandenong Women's Cricket Club is affiliated with the Victorian Women's Cricket Association (VWCA) and has senior teams in the Premier First and Second XI competition whilst our Third XI play in the South East One Day competition.

  • Darebin Chargers Cricket Club Inc. ---- Visited: 141 Times


    Listing id: 8108

    A couple of years back, group of players from the Indian subcontinent started playing cricket in Melbourne, just for the sake of fun.

  • Darley Cricket Club ---- Visited: 175 Times

    Bacchus Marsh

    Listing id: 8109

    The club is located at 11 Fitzroy St., Bacchus Marsh 3340, VIC.
    Website -

  • Deakin Cricket Club ---- Visited: 171 Times


    Listing id: 8110

    We are part of the Box Hill Reporter District Cricket association.
    Website -

  • Deans Marsh Cricket Club ---- Visited: 162 Times

    Deans Marsh

    Listing id: 8111

    The Deans Marsh Cricket Club was formed in 1898 although there was no evidence of an organized competition until 1920.
    Website -

  • Deepdene Bears Cricket Club ---- Visited: 175 Times


    Listing id: 8112

    The Deepdene Bears Cricket Club has a number of strong senior and junior teams that play in the Eastern Cricket Association in and around the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
    Website -

  • Deepdene Uniting Cricket Club ---- Visited: 205 Times


    Listing id: 8113

    Deepdene Uniting Cricket Club is located in Kew, Melbourne, Australia, and always warmly welcomes new senior and junior players. Senior trainings are normally at Hays Paddock from 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during cricket season.
    Website -

  • Deer Park Ardeer Cricket Club Inc. ---- Visited: 214 Times

    Sunshine North

    Listing id: 8114

    Deer Park Ardeer Cricket Club Inc. is located at 6 Tudor Road, Sunshine North, VIC 3020 .
    Website -

  • Delacombe Park Cricket Club ---- Visited: 165 Times


    Listing id: 8115

    Delacombe Park Cricket Club was founded in 1968 and is affiliated with one of the largest local cricket leagues in Australia the Mornington Peninsula Cricket Association. he club prides itself on uniting families through the playing & enjoyment of cricket.
    Website -

  • Delatite Cricket Club ---- Visited: 168 Times


    Listing id: 8116

    The club is located at Lords Reserve, Victoria Street, Mansfield 3722, VIC.
    Website -

  • Dennington Cricket Club ---- Visited: 116 Times


    Listing id: 8117

    Dennington Cricket Club may be reached thru Terry Beks c/o Post Office, Dennington, VIC 3280 .

  • Dennis Cricket Club ---- Visited: 222 Times


    Listing id: 8118

    The club was formed in a corner store/milk bar next to Dennis Station on South Crescent and played at a ground called Smith's Paddock near by (this land is now Westgarth Primary School).
    Website -

  • Diamond Creek Cricket Club ---- Visited: 164 Times

    Diamond Creek

    Listing id: 8119

    The club may be reached thru  PO Box 279 Diamond Creek, VIC 3089
    Website -

  • Diamond Valley Cricket Association ---- Visited: 162 Times


    Listing id: 8120

    Diamond Valley Cricket Association may be reached thru PO Box 12, Kinglake, VIC 3763 .
    Website -

  • Dingley Cricket Club ---- Visited: 232 Times

    Dingley Village

    Listing id: 8121

    Dingley Cricket Club was established in 1958, and is affiliated with the Victorian Turf Cricket Association, City of Moorabbin Cricket Association and Dandenong and District Cricket Association.
    Website -

  • Donath Cricket Club ---- Visited: 168 Times

    Keon Park

    Listing id: 8122

    The club is located at Harmer St., Keon Park 3073.
    Website -

  • Donvale Cricket Club ---- Visited: 173 Times


    Listing id: 8123

    The club located Noonan Way Donvale 3111, VIC.
    Website -

  • Doutta Stars Cricket Club ---- Visited: 174 Times

    Taylors Lakes

    Listing id: 8124

    The club is located at Buckley Park, Lower Oval, Cooper Street.
    Website -

  • Doveton Cricket Club ---- Visited: 188 Times


    Listing id: 8125

    Doveton Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 117, Doveton, VIC 3177.
    Website -

  • Drouin Cricket Club Inc. ---- Visited: 172 Times


    Listing id: 8126

    Drouin Cricket Club has its home ground in Settlement Road and caters for 4 senior, an Under 16, Under 14, Under 12 side.
    Website -

  • Drumborg-Heywood Cricket Club ---- Visited: 144 Times


    Listing id: 8127

    Drumborg-Heywood Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 1155, Portland, VIC 3305.
    Website -

  • Drysdale Cricket Club ---- Visited: 165 Times


    Listing id: 6122

    The club may be contacted thru PO Box 29, Drysdale, VIC 3222 .
    Website -

  • Eaglehawk Cricket Club ---- Visited: 171 Times


    Listing id: 6123

    The club may be contacted thru Phil Kerr .
    Website -

  • East Belmont Cricket Club ---- Visited: 180 Times


    Listing id: 8128

    Formerly St. Bernards Cricket Club, it was founded in 1945 by the Parish Priest of St. Bernards Church, Father Duggan, a man who believed the youth of Belmont district should be actively engaged on Saturday afternoons.
    Website -

  • East Bentleigh Central Cricket Club ---- Visited: 173 Times


    Listing id: 8129

    The Club was started in 1947 by Ruben Wellington, who was also the first Captain. The Club ran three senior sides for a year in 1960/61 and two sides for several years after that.
    Website -

  • East Box Hill Cricket Club ---- Visited: 181 Times

    Box Hill

    Listing id: 8130

    The club takes great pride in the way that it conducts itself and provides a strong friendly, family base and a great cricket atmosphere.
    Website -

  • East Burwood Bennettswood Cricket Club ---- Visited: 196 Times

    Burwood East

    Listing id: 8131

    East Burwood Bennettswood Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 4167, Burwood East, VIC 3151.
    Website -

  • East Doncaster Cricket Club (EDCC) ---- Visited: 188 Times

    Doncaster East

    Listing id: 6119

    The East Doncaster Cricket Club (EDCC) was formed back in the late nineteenth century, with club members agreeing that 1886 be recognised as the starting date.
    Website -

  • East Ivanhoe Saints Cricket Club ---- Visited: 187 Times


    Listing id: 8132

    The history of the East Ivanhoe Saints Cricket Club Inc starts with the merging of St James Cricket Club Inc and East Ivanhoe Cricket Club to commence the 2000/2001 cricket season. St James commenced in the HDCA in 1936 and East Ivanhoe in 1963.
    Website -

  • East Keilor Cricket Club ---- Visited: 197 Times

    East Keilor

    Listing id: 8133

    The East Keilor Cricket Club was formed for the season of 1966/67 and a senior and junior team was entered into the Essendon, Broadmeadows District Association (E.B.D.C.A.).
    Website -

  • East Sandringham Boys Cricket Club ---- Visited: 162 Times


    Listing id: 8134

    East Sandringham Boys Cricket Club is located at 10 Azalea Court, Cheltenham, VIC 3192 .
    Website -

  • Eastern Cricket Association ---- Visited: 174 Times


    Listing id: 8135

    Eastern Cricket Association is located at 60 Bertrand Ave., Mulgrave, VIC 3170.
    Website -

  • Eastern Flow Cricket Club ---- Visited: 169 Times

    Croydon Hills

    Listing id: 8210

    The HFCC was established in the 2007/2008 season and competes in the Mercantile Cricket Association in metropolitan Melbourne. In its first season the EFCC took out the premiership and has gone on from strength to strength.
    Website -

  • Eastern Hill Cricket Club ---- Visited: 206 Times


    Listing id: 8136

    Eastern Hill Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 544, Seymour, VIC 3660 .
    Website -

  • Eastern Salvation Army Cricket Club ---- Visited: 157 Times


    Listing id: 8137

    We are based at Hislop Park No 1 Oval (East), Albury Road, Balywn. Outdoor training will be at Heathmont Colleg
    Website -

  • Eastfield Cricket Club Inc. ---- Visited: 110 Times

    South Croydon

    Listing id: 8138

    Eastfield Cricket Club was founded and established in 1973. Competing in the RDCA, the Club found its home at Benson Oval in Croydon, where it remains to this day.