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Cricket Clubs in Victoria

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  • Altona Cricket Club ---- Visited: 787 Times


    Listing id: 6084

    he Altona Cricket Club was formed in 1961/62, and following a successful stint in the VJCA competition for several years, the Club was admitted to the ranks of the Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association.
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  • Ascot Vale Cricket Club ---- Visited: 523 Times


    Listing id: 6105

    Ascot Vale Cricket Club was formed in 1964 but it's history goes back a lot further than that. As early as 1823, new settlers in the mud flats by the Salwater River (now known as the Maribyrnong) were startled to find Aborigines from the Ascot Ascot tribe playing a curious game with a crooked stick and a two-piece ball.
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  • Australian Cricket Society Inc. ---- Visited: 211 Times


    Listing id: 7483

    The Australian Cricket Society was founded in 1967 by a group of cricket aficianados led by Melbourne lawyer Andrew Joseph. Along with founding President Radcliffe Grace, their vision was the creation of a fraternity of cricket lovers to celebrate and "repay the tremendous pleasure we receive from the game".

  • Avoca Cricket Club ---- Visited: 225 Times


    Listing id: 8021

    The club may be contacted thru Dale Harrison .

  • Avondale Heights Cricket Club ---- Visited: 381 Times

    Avondale Heights

    Listing id: 8020

    The Avondale Heights Cricket Club is a community based club that caters for cricketers of all skill levels. It has Senior Teams in the VTCA and MMVCA Turf competitions, and junior teams in the Under 10, 12, 14 and 16 age groups. The club also has a Milo In-2- Cricket clinic catering for primary school children.
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  • Axe Creek Cricket Club ---- Visited: 279 Times


    Listing id: 8022

    Axe Creek Cricket Club may be reached thru  PO Box 601, Bendigo, VIC 3552 .
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  • Bacchus Marsh Cricket Club ---- Visited: 233 Times

    Bacchus Marsh

    Listing id: 8023

    Bacchus Marsh Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 603, Bacchus Marsh, VIC 3340.

  • Baden Powell Cricket Club ---- Visited: 302 Times


    Listing id: 6129

    The club may be contacted thru Wayne Barr .
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  • Bairnsdale Cricket Association Inc. ---- Visited: 299 Times


    Listing id: 8024

    Bairnsdale Cricket Association Inc. may be reached thru P.O. Box 343, Bairnsdale, VIC 3875 .
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  • Ballam Park Cricket Club ---- Visited: 254 Times


    Listing id: 8025

    The club is located at Ballam Park, off Naranga Crescent, Karingal, Frankston 3199, VIC.
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  • Ballarat Cricket Association ---- Visited: 284 Times


    Listing id: 6087

    Ballarat Cricket Association is based at 4 Lydiard St., South Ballarat, VIC 3350
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  • Ballarat-Redan Cricket Club ---- Visited: 246 Times


    Listing id: 8026

    The Ballarat-Redan Cricket Club was borne from humble beginnings, initially founded by Jack Mitchell, a Ballarat born lad who grew in stature around town for his poultry breeding.
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  • Balmoral United Cricket Club ---- Visited: 249 Times


    Listing id: 8027

    The club may is located at Harrow/Balmoral Rd., Balmoral 3407, VIC.
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  • Balnarring Cricket Club ---- Visited: 264 Times


    Listing id: 6088

    Balnarring Cricket Club is located at 40 Lyall St., Hastings, VIC 3915.
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  • Balwyn Cricket Club ---- Visited: 310 Times


    Listing id: 8028

    Balwyn is a Cricket Club that is passionate about cricket. Our members are friendly, committed & hardworking - from the president & commitee, Junior officials, Senior & Junior players, volunteers and former players.
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  • Banyule Cricket Club ---- Visited: 265 Times


    Listing id: 8029

    Affiliated with the HDCA, Banyule Cricket Club is situated alongside the picturesque banks of the Yarra River approximately 12 kilometres north east of the Melbourne CBD.
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  • Barkly Street Uniting Church Cricket Club ---- Visited: 253 Times


    Listing id: 6150

    We are a currently one of The City of Maribyrnong's Largest Cricket Clubs based in Maribyrnong.
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  • Barnawartha North Cricket Club ---- Visited: 226 Times


    Listing id: 8030

    Known worldwide as the home of cricket, the Barnie's home ground in Domain Road is named after Edmund Herring, who upon his death in January 1982, was reported as having been a fine cricketer.

  • Barrabool Cricket Club Inc. ---- Visited: 159 Times


    Listing id: 6111

    Barrabool Cricket Club may be reached thru PO Box 385, Belmont, VIC 3216.

  • Barwon Heads Cricket Club ---- Visited: 259 Times

    Barwon Heads

    Listing id: 8031

    The club is pleased to announce the signing of former Queenscliff coach Tim Clarke. Tim has moved to the Barwon Heads community with partner Rebecca and made the decision to join the club after spending pre-season with the Seagulls.
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  • Baxter Cricket Club ---- Visited: 236 Times


    Listing id: 6091

    Baxter Cricket Club was established in 1929 and Celebrated its 80th Birthday in 2009. We are well represented in the MPCA competitions with five Senior Teams, 3 Junior Teams and Milo cricket. A family friendly club, we welcome players of all abilities.
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  • Bayswater Cricket Club ---- Visited: 332 Times


    Listing id: 8032

    The Bayswater Cricket Club is located at the Marie Wallace Bayswater Park, nestled in the bushy corner between Scoresby Road and Mountain Highway.
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  • Beaconsfield Cricket Club ---- Visited: 294 Times


    Listing id: 6092

    The Beaconsfield Cricket Club is the largest club in the West Gippsland Cricket Association, fielding 6 senior sides in A grade, B grade, C grade, D grade, E Grade, and F grade.
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  • Beaumaris Cricket Club ---- Visited: 261 Times


    Listing id: 8033

    In Season 2010/2011 the Beaumaris Cricket Club will field a total of 16 teams making it one of the largest in Australia. These 16 teams consist of 5 senior turf sides and 11 junior sides made up of two U16, three U14 and six U12 sides.
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  • Belgrave Cricket Club ---- Visited: 270 Times


    Listing id: 8034

    Since the beginning of the 1980's the Belgrave Cricket Club has experienced many highs and lows, which have helped forge it's culture and has made it a stronger and more durable unit.
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  • Bell Post Hill Cricket Club ---- Visited: 281 Times

    Bell Park

    Listing id: 8035

    Bell Post Hill Cricket Club is located at 64 Nanworen Cres, Bell Park, VIC 3215 .
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  • Bellarine Peninsula Cricket Association ---- Visited: 284 Times


    Listing id: 8036

    Cricket Clubs that are affiliated with the BPCA include Anglesea, Barrabool, Barwon Heads, Collendina, Drysdale, Jan Juc, Newcomb, Ocean Grove, Portarlington, Queenscliff, St Leonards, and Wallington.
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  • Bellfield Cricket Club ---- Visited: 234 Times


    Listing id: 8037

    Founded in 1934. Bellfield Cricket Club is a good place to play cricket for those wanting to play with a Friendly/welcoming club that is determine to succeed. Three senior teams (2 x two-day), & Milo Have A Go Program.
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  • Belvoir Cricket Club Inc. ---- Visited: 144 Times


    Listing id: 6186

    The club may be contacted thru Andrew Coleman .

  • Benalla & District Cricket Association ---- Visited: 241 Times


    Listing id: 8039

    Benalla & District Cricket Association may be reached thru P.O. Box 99, Benalla, VIC 3671.
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  • Bendigo District Cricket Association ---- Visited: 180 Times


    Listing id: 8040

    Bendigo District Cricket Association may be reached thru P.O. Box 535, Bendigo, VIC 3552 .

  • Bendigo United Cricket Club Inc ---- Visited: 184 Times


    Listing id: 47613

    The Bendigo United Cricket Club originated on the Gold Fields of Central Victoria in 1853 and is considered the second oldest cricket club in Victoria, after the Melbourne Cricket Club. Located in central Bendigo at Harry Trott Oval close to schools and the CBD, we are a strong family club.

    Our club has three senior teams and a number of junior teams starting at Under 9's right through to Under 17's, and we have forged a strong link between our senior and junior program. Affiliated with the Bendigo District Cricket Association, we have been established for over 150 years.
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  • Bentleigh ANA Cricket Club ---- Visited: 226 Times

    Bentleigh East

    Listing id: 6095

    Bentleigh ANA is one of the oldest clubs in the CMCA, with a very proud history, and strong success throughout the grades.
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  • Bentleigh Cricket Club ---- Visited: 257 Times


    Listing id: 8041

    Our aim is to foster an active participation in sport (cricket) for Junior and Senior players of all ages and sex, while providing a responsible and enjoyable social environment for members, families and supporters.
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  • Bentleigh Uniting Cricket Club ---- Visited: 189 Times

    East Bentleigh

    Listing id: 8042

    Bentleigh Uniting Cricket Club may be reached thru P.O. Box 193, East Bentleigh, VIC 3165 .
    Website -

  • Berwick Cricket Club ---- Visited: 273 Times


    Listing id: 6096

    The Berwick Cricket Club was established in 1863. We are currently affiliated in the Dandenong and District Cricket Association (D.D.C.A).
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  • Blackburn Cricket Club ---- Visited: 274 Times


    Listing id: 8043

    Blackburn Cricket Club is located at 7 Leons Court, Blackburn, VIC 3130.
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  • Blackburn North Cricket Club ---- Visited: 270 Times

    Blackburn North

    Listing id: 8044

    Blackburn North Cricket Club is affiliated with the Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association. We are charged with the task of providing cricket enthusiasts of all ages with a opportunity to participate in their chosen sport whle promoting the game to the wider community.
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  • Blackburn South Cricket Club ---- Visited: 235 Times

    Blackburn South

    Listing id: 6098

    The club is located at Holland Road, Blackburn South 3130, VIC.
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  • Bonbeach Tangy Cricket Club ---- Visited: 167 Times


    Listing id: 8045

    It was formed in 2004, with the amalgamation of the Bonbeach and Tangy Lightning cricket clubs.

  • Boneo Cricket Club ---- Visited: 229 Times

    Cape Shanck

    Listing id: 6099

    The Boneo Cricket Club was established in 1892 and since then has been a focal point for the people of Boneo. The club currently has six Senior ,five Junior teams and Milo Cricket
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  • Boronia Cricket Club ---- Visited: 248 Times


    Listing id: 8046

    Boronia Cricket Club was established in 1927 and was located in Park Crescent, Boronia. In 1977 we relocated to our current home at Tormore Road. The club fields five Senior Men's sides, two in the Eastern Cricket Association (Turf), three in the Ringwood District Cricket Association.
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  • Boroondara Cricket Club ---- Visited: 227 Times


    Listing id: 8047

    The club is located at  Building 1/33 Victoria Rd., Hawthorn East,VIC 3123.
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  • Box Hill Cricket Club ---- Visited: 247 Times

    Box Hill

    Listing id: 6100

    Although "Box Hill Cricket Clubs" had been active in local matting competitions for many years, it was not until the first annual meeting was held in the Mayor's Room of the Box Hill Town Hall on August 5th 1937 that the Box Hill Cricket Club, as we know it now, came into being.
    Website -

  • Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association ---- Visited: 213 Times

    Box Hill

    Listing id: 8048

    The Honour Board, subject to adjustments from time to time, being a 'work in progress' will ultimately become an accurate record of BHRDCA's past officials. The information shown to date has been largely transcribed from the book "BHRDCA History1894-1994: 100 Years Not Out" which was sourced (in part) from the memories of various individuals .
    Website -

  • Branxholme Cricket Club ---- Visited: 204 Times


    Listing id: 8049

    The club is located at Henty Highway, Branxholme 3302, VIC .
    Website -

  • Bright Wanderers Cricket Club ---- Visited: 183 Times


    Listing id: 8050

    The club is located at Coronation Ave, Bright, Victoria, 3741 .
    Website -

  • Brighton Cricket Club ---- Visited: 341 Times


    Listing id: 8051

    The formation of the Brighton Cricket Club in 1842 provides it with the honour of being the second oldest cricket club in Australia, and one steeped in history.
    Website -

  • Brighton East Cricket Club ---- Visited: 249 Times


    Listing id: 6101

    Brighton District Cricket Club was formed in July 2006 and is the amalgamation between Brighton East and Brighton Central Cricket clubs. Both clubs have long and proud histories, but in 2005 they decided to take part in a 'trial merger' for the 2005/06 season. The trial proved successful and in July 2006, the members of the two clubs voted to officially merge and become the "Brighton District Cricket Club".

  • Brighton Union Cricket Club ---- Visited: 296 Times

    East Brighton

    Listing id: 6102

    Brighton Union Cricket Club is based at Hurlingham Park on the Nepean Highway in East Brighton, 12 kilometers south-east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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