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  • Aaralyn Burmillas ---- Visited: 144 Times


    Listing id: 47492

    Breeding Silver Longhair Burmillas in all 5 colours - Black, Brown, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac in both shaded and tipped pattern. All kittens raised indoors and are desexed, microchipped, vaccination twice, wormed and vet checked. All breeding cats are DNA tested PKD negative. We run a kitten video/photo blog for each litter so you can watch your kitten grow! We ship interstate.
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  • Abyssinian Cat Club of Australiasia Inc. ---- Visited: 88 Times


    Listing id: 19384

    The Abyssinian Cat Club of Australasia Inc. was founded in 1966 and is the oldest and largest Club of this type in Australia.
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  • Ahnyo Kyaung Cattery ---- Visited: 90 Times


    Listing id: 19605

    Ahnyo Kyaung House of Burmese is a small cattery in the inner city suburb of Sydney owned and operated by Karen Lease, an judge with TFANSW and a close association with many of the world cat fancies.

  • Alshandra Cattery ---- Visited: 25 Times

    Cental Coast

    Listing id: 19929

    Alshandra Cattery is located Central Coast, NSW 2250.
    0243 651...

  • Amazing Ragdolls Cattery ---- Visited: 118 Times

    Jervis bay

    Listing id: 19677

    Respected breeders for 15 years. Kittens available in all colours & patterns. We breed for type & temperament. Kittens are multi best in show winners and fantastic, well adjusted pets.

  • Ambervale Rogdoll Cattery ---- Visited: 83 Times


    Listing id: 19678

    Registered Breeders with Waratah National Cat Alliance and at the moment have many kittens available for sale. Specialise in Seals, Blues and reds in all patterns including Tabbys, Points, Torties, torbies, Mitteds and Bi-colours.

  • Amilay Cattery ---- Visited: 101 Times

    Southern Highlands

    Listing id: 19452

    We are a small registered cattery dedicated to the breeding of Ragdoll Cats. We are located in the Beautiful Southern Highlands in New South Wales, Australia.

  • Amrak Kats ---- Visited: 113 Times

    Port Macquarie

    Listing id: 19897

    Amrak Kats are breeders of show winning Siamese, Burmese, Tonkinese & Orientals based in Port Macquarie on the beautiful Mid North coast of NSW.
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  • Arakan Cattery ---- Visited: 100 Times


    Listing id: 19901

    Arakan is located in a tranquil setting between Penrith and the historic township of Windsor, we welcome all breeds of cats, young and old. A boutique boarding cattery, providing close supervision, affection and attention to each and every guest in our care. Arakan Cattery is located at mayo Rd., Llandilo, NSW 2747
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  • Artattack Bengals Cattery ---- Visited: 70 Times


    Listing id: 19767

    Wild Art in Motion ! Breeding Bengals for Pattern, Temperament and Type. Registered breeder with the NSW CFA member of the international Bengal Cat Society.
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  • Artumblom Cattery ---- Visited: 93 Times

    Freemans Reach

    Listing id: 19798

    Specialising in breeding indoor quality kittens. Excellent temperament born and raised in the family home.

  • Atura Birmans Cattery ---- Visited: 75 Times

    Sutherland Shire

    Listing id: 19839

    Breeder of the lovable, fluffy, cuddly, enchanting, blue-eyed Birman. Our favourite colour points are Seal, Blue and Lilac. We are a cattery located in the Sutherland Shire, NSW
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  • Bajimbi Cats Cattery ---- Visited: 131 Times


    Listing id: 19607

    Bajimbi Cats are famous all over Australia for having won so many awards. Bambi takes care of all the Bajimbi cats & kittens for sale, with her vast experience of over 40 years as a breeder & judge of cat shows all over the world. We take care of transportation of all the Bajimbi cats & kittens for sale. Bajimbi Cats Cattery is located at 1 Short Street,Cronulla, NSW 2230
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  • Barcoo Cattery ---- Visited: 146 Times

    Hill Top

    Listing id: 19867

    Barcoo Cattery website. Barcoo Cattery is located in the Southern Highlands, Breeders of British shorthairs, Scottish shorthair.
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  • Beaufire Rogdolls Cattery ---- Visited: 58 Times


    Listing id: 19679

    All our cats & kittens have 100% Traditional lines, along with classic loving Ragdoll temperaments. We are a small cattery near Albury / Wodonga and enjoy having our Ragdolls live inside as beloved members of our family.
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  • Benzots Cattery ---- Visited: 32 Times


    Listing id: 19769

    Benzots Cattery is an ethical and responsible breeders, breed beautiful brown, snow spotted / rosetted and marble bengals from our top quality pedigree Bengals.
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  • Bethinx Ragdolls ---- Visited: 60 Times

    Point Clare

    Listing id: 19453

    We are located at Point Clare, about 5 minutes from the F3 at Gosford on the Beautiful Central Coast of NSW.
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  • Birmilska Birmans ---- Visited: 57 Times


    Listing id: 19558

    Breeders of the beautiful blue eyed Birman. All our kittens are raised indoors and are handled constantly.
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  • Brilee Birmans Cattery ---- Visited: 75 Times


    Listing id: 19559

    Brilee Birmans, Established 1996, registered with the NSWCFA inc, located at Sydney Australia. Through selective purchasing and breeding the kittens provided are known for their beautiful temperament. We started with the traditional colours of Seal and Blue point, but since then have had great success with reds, creams and torties. All our cats have a beautiful nature and personalities.
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  • Caloola Cattery ---- Visited: 90 Times

    Southern Highlands

    Listing id: 19934

    Caloola Silvers has been Registered with NSWCFA since 1987 and I have been President of Breed Club, the Silver Persian Cat Club of Australia for over 12 years.
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  • Catatonia Cattery ---- Visited: 63 Times

    St. Ives

    Listing id: 19613

    Pedigree Burmese kittens from award winning bloodlines. Raised indoors, wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and vet checked.
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  • Catnapped Australian Tiffanies ---- Visited: 136 Times


    Listing id: 19519

    We are registered breeders located 10 minutes south of Sydney at beautiful Helensburgh. We aim to breed beautiful looking and family friendly Australian Tiffanie kittens and Ragdoll kittens. Our kittens are raised in our family home and are well socialised with adults and children and used to all the noises of a busy household.

  • Central Coast Cat Club ---- Visited: 68 Times


    Listing id: 19403

    We are a group of dedicated cat fanciers who welcome new members and answer any questions you may have regarding the care of your cat and breeding. We run 2 Shows per year - one in Newcastle and the other on the Central Coast.

  • Chainoponds Cattery ---- Visited: 116 Times


    Listing id: 19984

    We live in the small country town of Kootingal 22kms north of Tamworth the Country Music Capital were our cats enjoy an outside courtyard to play under the trees & on the grass that is fenced in.

    We breed solids and smokes in Persian and Exotic's & for the past 2 years we have introduced Bi-Colours , Vans & Colour Points. We strive to achieve cats with a great personality & with a pleasant expression. We have show, breed & most important of all pet quality kittens available to the right home.
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  • Cornish Rex and Devon Rex of Edapusrex Cattery ---- Visited: 44 Times


    Listing id: 19627

    Edapusrex Cattery is a limited size cattery breeding for health and temperament, skittish charm and companiable good looks. Some of our cats go to the show and some stay at home as pets. All are loved, cuddled and cherished by us until they come to you.
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  • Cornish Rex of Shartae Cattery ---- Visited: 33 Times


    Listing id: 19626

    Shartae is a small Registered cattery breeding gorgeous curly coated Cornish Rex, in house, under foot, in beds and on laps. Shartae is registered with NSW Cat Fanciers Association of NSW and a member of the Rex Cat Club of NSW Inc.

  • Coslinkar Cattery ---- Visited: 41 Times


    Listing id: 19917

    Specialising in breeding elegant, exquisite and the delightful Cornish Rex for those who have slight allergies. All our adorable kittens are lovingly house reared, with special attention given to each kitten we breed. They are well socialised and are devoted companions, and are a winner of hearts world wide. Healthy, happy kittens are of top priority with outstanding type and temperament, are selectively bred from top impeccable Australian, N.Z., U.K., and U.S, championship lines for pet, show or breed.
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  • Currellen Cattery ---- Visited: 94 Times


    Listing id: 19895

    CURRELLEN is a small cattery situated at Guildford in Sydney, NSW. Cats are also tested and are FIV, FELv and FIP negative. Our kittens being house raised. have wonderful personalities & become used to all aspects of life such as the company of children and other pets.
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  • Damukyan Cattery ---- Visited: 46 Times


    Listing id: 19838

    Damukyan is a boutique Birman Cattery situated in the leafy suburb of Wahroonga, Sydney, quality Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac kittens are available from November to May of each year.
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  • Daycara Cattery ---- Visited: 85 Times


    Listing id: 19927

    Breeding Chocolate and Lilac Himalayan (colourpoints)and Chocolate and Lilac solids and other colours.
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  • Deanicko Cattery ---- Visited: 42 Times


    Listing id: 20030

    We currently breed pure Siamese in all four colours, Siamese colour points specialising in Tabby Points, Tortieshell Points and soon Red Points, and Orientals of varying colours and patterns. All our kittens are raised as part of our family and are raised indoors. We are a small cattery that concentrates on providing a perfect family pet in optimal health.
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  • Diamantina Cattery ---- Visited: 38 Times

    Fair East

    Listing id: 19952

    We are a small cattery specialising only in Maine Coons. Our beautiful girls live in our home as part of our family and all our kittens are raised in the home to ensure that they are happy, healthy and have good temperaments. Our kittens are suitable as family pets and also as show cats.
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  • Dolljavu Ragdolls Cattery ---- Visited: 80 Times


    Listing id: 19680

    The Ragdoll is a registered breed that is a relativity new to the world of purebred cats. They originated in California in the USA in the 60's from a cat named Josephine who was owned by Ann Baker. Ann subsequently bred Josephine with Birman, Burmese and Persian type males to develop the characteristics of this wonderful breed that we have today known as the Ragdoll. Have the only TICA registered Coloured Ragdolls in Australia, Kittens are vacinated, microchipped and desexed.

  • Excatic Cattery ---- Visited: 156 Times

    Southern Tablelands

    Listing id: 19928

    Excatic is a small cattery which has been operating for the past five years. I am registered with the NSW Cat Fanciers' Association and I am a member of the Exotic Cat Club of Australasia. Breeders of healthy Exotic Shorthair and Persian kittens, all DNA tested negative for PKD.
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  • Exotic Cat Association of Australasia ---- Visited: 159 Times


    Listing id: 19389

    The Association encourages all those who own, breed, exhibit or even just have an interest in the lovely Exotic Shorthair cat to become a member of the Exotic Cat Association of Australasia.

  • Exquisite Cattery ---- Visited: 79 Times

    Port Stephens

    Listing id: 19459

    If your after the 'look of the wild' in your home, think TOYGER, reminiscent of the majestic Tigers that roam the jungles you will be fascinated with the beauty and distinction of this truly amazing new designer breed. The glittered coat, soft as silk, amazing stripy pattern and playful nature make the Toyger an ideal choice for those wanting something just a little bit special.
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  • Fasara Rogdolls Cattery ---- Visited: 59 Times

    Southern Tablelands

    Listing id: 19681

    Breeding Australian ragdolls from Australian and Imported Bloodlines, proud owners of some of the most exceptional ragdolls.
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  • Fourlegacy Cattery ---- Visited: 54 Times


    Listing id: 19770

    Specialise in breeding seal lynx ,sepias and blues marbles and spotted with great temerments all our cats fiv fleuk hcm and dcm tested.

  • Furkidz Birmans Cattery ---- Visited: 36 Times


    Listing id: 19560

    Registered Breeder with the NSW Cat Fanciers' Association and a Committee Member of both The Birman Cat Club of Australia and Western Districts Cat Society.
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  • Glamorgan Persians & Exotics Cattery ---- Visited: 130 Times

    South West Sydney

    Listing id: 19644

    Glamorgan Cattery was established in 1985 our motto is breeding for quality not quantity. All our cats have been tested for FELV / FIV , FHV / FCV, PKD (DNA tested). We have a closed cattery which helps to ensure teh health of our cats and kittens.
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  • Hastur Cattery ---- Visited: 43 Times

    Wentworth Falls

    Listing id: 19799

    Hastur Cattery breeds the original Australian Mist Cat with the original wonderful laid-back temperament that has been the hallmark of the breed for many years.
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  • Jahnamir Bengals ---- Visited: 36 Times


    Listing id: 19819

    Jahnamir Bengals is a small 'in house' cattery situated in the inner western suburbs of Sydney. All the cats are reared inside as my much loved pets. They are high quality in looks and pedigree and have loving temperaments. Their health is guarrenteed.
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  • Jaygee Cattery ---- Visited: 91 Times


    Listing id: 19936

    Small cattery located in rural area of historic Hawkesbury, New South Wales specialising in exotics. All cats DNA negative for PKD.
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  • Jendaycatz Cattery ---- Visited: 74 Times


    Listing id: 19766

    Jendayicatz is a small cattery situated in Campbelltown NSW. We are also registered with the NSW CFA and members of the Bengal Breed Club of Australasia. Proud member of the Blue Bengal Group At Jendayicatz we strive to produce only the best quality bengals, with soft as silk glittered pelts and wild looking heads while breeding for temperament. We are aiming to come as close as possible to the look of the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC).
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  • Johari Cattery ---- Visited: 38 Times


    Listing id: 19787

    Johari Abyssinians specialises in the exotic colours of tawny and blue (fawn and cinnamon sometimes available) and combines top Australian and imported lines.

  • Kaamari Kats Cattery ---- Visited: 53 Times

    St. George

    Listing id: 19806

    A young cattery, innovative and forward thinking, utilizing the best information available to bring you the finest kitten in respect to health and quality bloodlines and are importing a Chinchilla pair with US, South African and German lines.
    Website -

  • Kalanrowe Ragdolls Cattery ---- Visited: 50 Times

    Hunter Valley

    Listing id: 19682

    Kelanrowe Ragdolls is a registered cattery located in The Hunter Valley, NSW. Raising quality Ragdoll kittens in Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac colours in a safe and healthy environment.
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  • Katuja Cats Cattery ---- Visited: 27 Times


    Listing id: 19789

    Dedicated Breeder & Exhibitor of quality Abyssinians. Breeding for Health, Temperament and Type. Tawny, Cinnamon, Blue & Fawn. NSW CFA Registered.
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  • Kelanrowe Cattery ---- Visited: 29 Times


    Listing id: 20003

    Kelanrowe Ragdolls is a small breeding cattery located in the heart of wine country in the beautiful Hunter Valley, Carefully selecting the breeding cats for good type, temperment and health.

  • Kempsey Kat Klub ---- Visited: 40 Times

    Aldavilla Via Kempsey

    Listing id: 19406

    KEMPSEY KAT KLUB had its beginnings on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia, in 1990 when several local cat lovers and breeders decided to form a club to show and promote pedigree cats.
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