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  • 1949-1962 Ford V8 Club Of NSW ---- Visited: 461 Times

    Concord West

    Listing id: 15934

    It was back in the early seventies when a small group of people, owning Customline's would have the occasional get together to share their common interest in v8 powered vihicles.
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  • 48 & FJ Holden Owners Club of NSW Inc. ---- Visited: 190 Times


    Listing id: 15014

    The club caters for all unmodified 48 series and FJ Holden vehicles manufactured from 1948-1956. Club aims for the restoration, preservation and use of unmodified Holden vehicles made 1948 to June 1956, as well as providing a meeting place for owners to obtain and exchange technical advice.

  • 48-78 Holden Car Club - NSW ---- Visited: 251 Times


    Listing id: 12691

    Our club has been around since the late seventies, and is situated in the Hunter Valley. We cater for all Holdens that are 30 years or older.

  • 48-78 Holden Car Club Hunter Valley Inc. ---- Visited: 182 Times


    Listing id: 15690

    Our club has been around since the late seventies, and is situated in the Hunter Valley. We cater for all Holdens built between 1948 and 1978, but we also will include WB's as well.
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  • 55-56-57 Chevrolet Club ---- Visited: 280 Times


    Listing id: 12384

    The club has been in operation for over 30 years and is dedicated to the enjoyment of its members. The club provides a fun club environment where car enthusiasts can get together with their families and share their passion for cars
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  • 72-78 Ford V8 Club Inc. ---- Visited: 366 Times


    Listing id: 15941

    At the 72-78 Ford V8 club of N.S.W, we are a very casual and social club full of all sorts of characters. We accept all fords of that era, ranging from XA to XC sedan's, coupe's, ute's, wagon's, panel van's, including landau's, LTD's, fairlanes, cortinas and F100's!
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  • A9X Torana Club of Australia ---- Visited: 162 Times


    Listing id: 13249

    The "A9X Torana Club Of Australia" was established to assist its members identify and preserve genuine examples of the A9X Torana by providing assistance with information, parts, and services.
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  • ACT/Queanbeyan Pre 80's Car Enthusiasts ---- Visited: 195 Times


    Listing id: 13130

    The ACT/Queanbeyan Pre 80's Car Enthusiasts was formed in March 2010 (previously the ACT/QBYN Torana Club). Our focus now is to expand our group to include all car's from the pre 1980 era  Holden, Fords, Valliant's, any and all are most welcomed.
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  • Albury Street Rodders Inc. ---- Visited: 80 Times


    Listing id: 15382

    The Albury Street Rodders Inc was formed on the 13 of September 1972. At that stage there was 4 members. They joined the ASRF (Australian Street Rod Federation) with ten members in January 1973. The club has slowly grown over the years and boasts 41 current members.

  • Albury Wodonga 4WD Club ---- Visited: 89 Times


    Listing id: 12325

    The Albury-Wodonga 4WD Club was formed in April 1988 by a small group of ardent four wheel drivers who acknowledged that with the unlimited opportunities for four wheel driving in this area, the formation of a club would be beneficial to a large number of people.
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  • Alfa Romeo Owner's Club of Australia (NSW) Inc. ---- Visited: 142 Times


    Listing id: 12326

    The Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Australia (AROCA) - NSW Division is more than just a car club. It is about sharing the passion for Alfa Romeos and good company. No wonder it is one of the largest car clubs in Australia because everyone is welcome in this family-friendly atmosphere.
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  • All Aussie 4x4 Club Inc. ---- Visited: 96 Times

    Kurri Kurri

    Listing id: 15037

    Starting out as an internet forum with a bunch of like minded 4x4 enthusiasts, All aussie 4x4 quickly became a new NSW based club starting out of the Hunter Region. With a passion for everything 4wd and camping, All Aussie represents everything owning a 4wd is about.
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  • All Terrain 4WD Club Inc. ---- Visited: 74 Times


    Listing id: 15077

    The All Terrain 4WD Club (AT4) was first established in 1998, formed from the desire of its' founding members wanting to take part in competitive 4wd events.
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  • All Wheel Drive Club Of Sydney Ltd (FWD) ---- Visited: 114 Times


    Listing id: 12333

    The All Wheel Drive Club is a friendly and family-oriented club based in the Sydney area in NSW, Australia. We hold a vast assortment of trips to suit all styles of driving from leisurely bush drives to hard core A grade competition events.
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  • Alvis Car Club ---- Visited: 156 Times


    Listing id: 15952

    The Alvis Car Club is an Australian club, with members worldwide, which is committed to the enjoyment of owning, restoring, maintaining and driving Alvis cars.
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  • American Icons Auto Club ---- Visited: 227 Times


    Listing id: 15954

    Dedicated to preserving the magnificent classics that came from the most famous assembly plants in the world like Detroit, our club members are passionate like the Shannons guys are about our vehicles.
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  • American Muscle Car Club Of Australia ---- Visited: 345 Times


    Listing id: 12308

    The American Muscle Car Club of Australia isn't your ordinary one make car club, - nor is it just group of car crazy enthusiasts that enjoy classic US road warriors. The AMCCA is a group of ordinary people who enjoy each others company, their extraordinary cars, and most of all love getting out and about for a good time.
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  • Appendix J Association of NSW ---- Visited: 109 Times


    Listing id: 13482

    The aim of the Appendix J Association of NSW is to foster and promote Historic Touring Car racing in Australia in conjunction with other forms of Historic Car racing.
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  • Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia ---- Visited: 81 Times


    Listing id: 15202

    The main objects of the Club are to assist with the restoration and preservation of Armstrong Siddeley motor vehicles, to create and foster an association of persons who are interested in the marque and to provide club members with information, advice and assistance.
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  • Aussie Commodores Club Inc. ---- Visited: 264 Times


    Listing id: 47786

    If you own a Commodore of any age or style and enjoy getting out for a drive and a chat about all things automotive and anything else, Aussie Commodores is for you. As a Sydney based club, our activities take us far and wide, thus Commodore enthusiasts from outside of Sydney are encouraged to jump on our forum and become active members of the Aussie Commodores community.
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  • Aussie Tracks 4WD Club Inc. ---- Visited: 73 Times

    Freemans Reach

    Listing id: 14995

    The Aussie Tracks 4WD Club was established in 2009 by a group of friends in Western Sydney who enjoy the outdoors, but now we have members from the Sydney metro area, surrounding districts and rural NSW.
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  • Austin 7 Club NSW ---- Visited: 96 Times

    North Ryde

    Listing id: 15967

    The Austin 7 Club NSW Inc. has been active for over 25 yrs and aims to bring together people with the common interest of restoring, preserving and driving Austin Sevens. We are an informal family club that regularly takes our " Babies" to the road for some fun social touring.

  • Austin Healey Owners Club NSW ---- Visited: 123 Times


    Listing id: 12788

    Formed in 1969, the Club is dedicated to the preservation of the Healey and Austin Healey marques through the sharing of information and knowledge at general meetings, social, competition and technical events.
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  • Austin Motor Vehicle Club of NSW ---- Visited: 94 Times


    Listing id: 12347

    Established in 1979, the Austin Motor Vehicle Club of NSW is a family friendly club catering for owners and enthusiasts of all models and variants of Austin Motor Vehicles.
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  • Australian Electric Vehicle Association (Sydney branch) ---- Visited: 94 Times


    Listing id: 15961

    Sydney AEVA aims to promote member activities related to the manufacture, conversion and operation of electric vehicles, from scooters, bikes and buggies to road registered electric cars.
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  • Australian Historic Rally Group ---- Visited: 107 Times


    Listing id: 47033

    The Australian Historic Rally Group Inc, offers members a value for money organisation, that allows one to compete in various types of events both social and competetive.
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  • Australian Racing Drivers Club ---- Visited: 113 Times


    Listing id: 13731

    Australian Racing Drivers Club, known as ARDC, has promoted motorsport in NSW for over 50 years. In addition to conducting safe motorsport competition ARDC is committed to road safety and has recently constructed a skid pan and skid circuit for the purpose of driver education.
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  • Automobilia Collectors Club of Australia ---- Visited: 119 Times


    Listing id: 16719

    Founded in 1992, our Club is for those interested in collecting automobile-related items, such as advertising signs and literature, radiator badges, body badges, identification plates, motoring club badges, mascots, hub caps, spark plugs, number plates, garage tools and equipment, motor manuals, motoring accessories, and pedal cars.
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  • Ballina District Vehicle Restorers Club ---- Visited: 172 Times


    Listing id: 15969

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 555, Ballina, NSW 2478.
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  • Bathurst Light Car Club Ltd ---- Visited: 80 Times

    Mt. Panorama

    Listing id: 12262

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 444, Bathurst NSW 2795 .
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  • BBM 4WD Club Inc. ---- Visited: 41 Times

    Kings Park

    Listing id: 15101

    Club meetings are held on the 2nd friday of the month 7:30pm. at 39/15 Valediction Road, Kings Park, NSW.

  • Bega Heritage Motor Club ---- Visited: 116 Times


    Listing id: 15973

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 49, Bega, NSW 2550.
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  • Bentley Drivers Club (NSW Region) Inc. ---- Visited: 102 Times


    Listing id: 12376

    The Bentley Drivers Club NSW Region meets bi-monthly at the North Ryde RSL Community Club on Old Pittwater Road at 8.00pm on the first Monday of even months.
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  • Berrima District Historic Vehicle Club ---- Visited: 221 Times


    Listing id: 15977

    The Berrima District Historic Vehicle Club is situated in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW and accepts all makes and models of Historic vehicles with the emphasis on authenticity.
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  • Black Diamond Recreational 4WD Club Inc. ---- Visited: 65 Times


    Listing id: 15060

    The Black Diamond Recreational 4wd Club is a very sociable club with a strong emphasis on families & environmentally sound practices. The club regularly has day trips as well as camping weekends, extended touring & social events.
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  • Blue Mountains Four Wheel Drive Club ---- Visited: 65 Times


    Listing id: 14954

    Formed in 1976 by a small group of local enthusiasts, the Club has since grown, in both membership and activities. The Club has a mixture of members from the "youngsters (of all ages) who have just bought their first 4WD, through the "young couples" who enjoy both the bushlands and the Club environment up to the "family" groups where everyone can get away from it all for the weekend.
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  • Blue Mountains Hot Rod Club Inc. ---- Visited: 128 Times


    Listing id: 15546

    The Blue Mountains Hot Rod Club was established in 2001 for Hot Rod enthusiasts living in or near the Blue Mountains of NSW. The club is family orientated and caters for owners of all modified pre 1948 vehicles.
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  • BMW Drivers Club NSW ---- Visited: 157 Times

    Crows Nest

    Listing id: 12749

    As the official Car Club for BMW owners in NSW, we offer a wide range of Motoring and Social activities. We have Track Days, Motorsport Competition, Driver Training, Motor Khanas, inter-club competitions, day and weekend drives, dinners, picnics, observation runs and a bi-annual nationals meeting with other BMW clubs around Australia.
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  • Bolwell Car Club (NSW) ---- Visited: 88 Times


    Listing id: 13497

    Bolwell Car Club (NSW) may be contacted thru The Secretary at PO Box 210, Camperdown, NSW 1450.
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  • Brisbane Waters 4wd Club ---- Visited: 44 Times


    Listing id: 12362

    Brisbane Waters 4wd club is located at Gosford on the Central Coast. Just 1 hr north of Sydney we have some of the most beautiful scenery on our door step. We are a small friendly club with about 70 members and we are very family orientated.

  • British & European Automobile Club (Southern Highlands NSW) ---- Visited: 172 Times


    Listing id: 13152

    Our club was established in 2006 to cater for classic motoring enthusiasts in the NSW Southern Highlands region. Our club meets for Runs on alternate Wednesdays & the last Sunday of each month from the parking area on the corner of Osborne Road & Moss Vale Road, Burradoo.
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  • Buick Car Club of Australia Inc. in N.S.W. ---- Visited: 104 Times


    Listing id: 13398

    BCCA-NSW Inc. is a Sydney based organization, non commercial, non profit, formed and operated by and for the members  enjoyment of Buick built vehicles.
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  • Bungarribee 4WD Club ---- Visited: 57 Times


    Listing id: 15070

    Our club originated in September 1984, from a close group of Volunteer Bush Firefighters who all had a passion for driving their 4WDs.
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  • Camaro-Firebird Owners Club of Australia ---- Visited: 116 Times

    North Parramatta

    Listing id: 12369

    We are the only club in Australia  to our knowledge  that caters specifically to the General Motors 'F' body, Camaros and Firebirds (TRANS-AMS).
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  • Campbelltown Historic Vehicle Club Inc. ---- Visited: 461 Times


    Listing id: 13755

    The Campbelltown Historic Vehicle Club is an all-marque Club, established in 2002. Members with vehicles as diverse as motorbikes, trucks, Jaguars, Minis, Lotuses, Volkswagens, deSotos, Holdens, Vauxhalls and Humbers enjoy regular social activities.
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  • Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia ---- Visited: 69 Times

    Hamilton DC

    Listing id: 15991

    The first Chapter formed was in Sydney on 8 February 1987 and was named 'Sydney Wanderers'. A week later another Chapter was formed in Newcastle and this was 'Hunter Coastal Wanderers'. At the present time, there are 93 Chapters throughout Australia, and increasing, representing every state and territory.
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  • Canobolas 4WD Club ---- Visited: 47 Times


    Listing id: 15098

    We are based in the regional city of Orange, located in the Central Tablelands of NSW. Club members have a diverse range of interests from touring, camping, driver training and funkhana days to modified and unmodified competition vehicles.

  • Capri Car Club Of NSW ---- Visited: 114 Times

    Pendle Hill

    Listing id: 15992

    The Capri Car Club of NSW was formed on 24 August 1985 at a meeting held in Parramatta Park by an enthusiast who wanted to share his passion of Capri's "the car you always promised yourself".
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  • Central Coast 4wd Club ---- Visited: 45 Times

    Lake Haven

    Listing id: 12378

    Our Club was started by a small group of 4WD enthusiasts back in 1975 and has grown to a flourishing and well respected Club of approximately 130 vehicles which means close to 300 people.

  • Central Coast British Car Club ---- Visited: 150 Times


    Listing id: 13546

    The inaugural meeting of the Central Coast British Car Club was held on 16 July 1984. The aim of the club being to preserve British vehicles and keep them on the road.
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