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  • Lara Baseball Club ---- Visited: 143 Times


    Listing id: 9384

    The club is located at Alkara Avenue, Lara 3212.
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  • Latrobe Valley Baseball Association ---- Visited: 138 Times


    Listing id: 10088

    The association may be reached thru Clyde Cumming at PO Box 683, Morwell, VIC 3840 .
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  • Malvern Baseball Club ---- Visited: 212 Times


    Listing id: 9326

    Malvern Baseball Club was founded in 1898 and is located on Glenferrie Rd in Kooyong.
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  • Melbourne Demons Baseball Club ---- Visited: 240 Times

    Box Hill

    Listing id: 9327

    Formed in 1888, the Melbourne Baseball Club is the baseball section of the MCC and is the oldest baseball club in Australia.
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  • Melbourne Winter Baseball League Inc. ---- Visited: 157 Times

    Croydon North

    Listing id: 9373

    The League may be reached thru David Rice at 33 Humber Road, Croydon North, VIC 3136 .
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  • Melton Mustangs Baseball Club ---- Visited: 244 Times


    Listing id: 9329

    The Club may be reached thru PO Box 798, Melton, VIC 3337.
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  • Mitchell Majors Baseball Club ---- Visited: 177 Times


    Listing id: 9330

    Mitchell Majors is a family friendly Baseball Club that caters for males and females from 5 to retirement age. Programs include summer Softball, T-Ball, Junior Baseball and Senior Baseball through winter.
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  • Moe/Newborough Baseball Club Inc. ---- Visited: 122 Times


    Listing id: 9331

    The Club may be reached thru PO Box 89,  Newborough, VIC 3825 .
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  • Monash University Baseball Club ---- Visited: 112 Times


    Listing id: 9332

    Monash University Baseball Club has been in existence for over 45 years, with a proud history in both Victorian summer and winter competitions (including 6 consecutive A Grade flags in the early 80s). We are a winter-only club, playing in the Dandenong Baseball Association.
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  • Moorabbin Baseball Club (Panthers) ---- Visited: 219 Times


    Listing id: 9333

    The Moorabbin Baseball Club has a long and proud tradition, spanning well over 50 years since our inception in 1947.
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  • Mornington Pirates Baseball Club ---- Visited: 131 Times


    Listing id: 9334

    The Club may be reached thru PO Box 1132, Mornington, VIC 3931.
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  • Morwell Cougars Baseball Club Inc. ---- Visited: 95 Times


    Listing id: 9335

    The Club may be reached thru PO Box 31, Morwell, VIC 3840.
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  • Mounties YC ---- Visited: 117 Times


    Listing id: 11433

    The club is located at Prince of Wales Park Gillies St., Ballarat Vic 3353.
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  • Mulgrave Rebels Baseball Club ---- Visited: 148 Times


    Listing id: 9336

    The Mulgrave Baseball Club "The Rebels" was established in 1980. The Rebels have a junior & senior baseball program & we are a competitive senior team in Div 2. Our season is usually played October through March.
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  • Newport Rams Baseball Club ---- Visited: 160 Times

    Williamstown North

    Listing id: 9338

    Newport Baseball Club was established in 1928 and is a Division 1 club rich in history of great players, characters and impressive results achieved over many years, as well as many individual player achievements at all age groups in various representative sides.
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  • North Balwyn Stingers Baseball Club ---- Visited: 171 Times

    North Balwyn

    Listing id: 9339

    The Club can be reached at PO Box 342, North Balwyn, VIC 3104.
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  • North Eastern Baseball Association ---- Visited: 128 Times


    Listing id: 9389

    The Association may be reached thru PO Box 1347, Wangaratta, VIC, 3677.
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  • Northcote Lions Baseball Club ---- Visited: 151 Times


    Listing id: 9340

    We currently field One Senior Team in the Melbourne Winter Baseball Association. Due to the peak fitness of all our team members, training is not required as our skills are of the highest quality.
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  • Oakleigh Baseball Club Inc. ---- Visited: 251 Times

    East Oakleigh

    Listing id: 9341

    The Club Inc. may be reached thru P.O. Box 8019,  East Oakleigh, VIC 3166 .
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  • Ormond Glenhuntly Baseball Club ---- Visited: 183 Times

    East Bentleigh

    Listing id: 9343

    The Club is located at E.E Gunn Reserve, Dorothy Ave, Ormond VIC 3204 .
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  • Pakenham Pumas Baseball Club ---- Visited: 149 Times


    Listing id: 9344

    The Club may be reached thru PO Box 586, Pakenham, VIC 3810.
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  • Panton Hill Baseball Club ---- Visited: 111 Times

    Wattle Glen

    Listing id: 9345

    The club may be reached thru Lori McConvill at P.O. Box 900, Panton Hill, VIC 3759.
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  • Porepunkah Panthers Baseball Club ---- Visited: 90 Times


    Listing id: 9391

    The club is located at Porepunkah Reserve, Porepunkah 3740.
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  • Port Melbourne Baseball Club ---- Visited: 156 Times

    Port Melbourne

    Listing id: 9346

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 5011, Garden City, VIC 3207.
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  • Preston Baseball Club ---- Visited: 192 Times


    Listing id: 9347

    The club may be reached at 10 Lynch Ave., Bundoora, VIC 3082.
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  • Research Lower Plenty Baseball Club (Roadrunners) ---- Visited: 108 Times

    Lower Plenty

    Listing id: 9348

    The Club may be reached thru PO Box 126, Eltham, VIC 3095.
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  • Reservoir Rebels Baseball Club ---- Visited: 172 Times


    Listing id: 9350

    The club may be reached thru 2 / 38 O'Connor St., Reservoir, VIC 3073.

  • Ringwood Saints Baseball Club ---- Visited: 154 Times


    Listing id: 9353

    The club may be reached thru Peter Rogers at Proclamation Park, Sylvia Grove, Ringwood, VIC 3134 .
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  • Saints Baseball Club ---- Visited: 103 Times


    Listing id: 9354

    The Saints Baseball Club is a family-oriented baseball club located at Chaffey Park , Merbein competing in the Sunraysia Baseball League (Mildura, Victoria).
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  • Sale Baseball Club Inc. ---- Visited: 107 Times


    Listing id: 9355

    The Club may be reached thru PO Box 1221, Sale, VIC 3850.
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  • Sandringham Royals Baseball Club ---- Visited: 156 Times


    Listing id: 9356

    Sandringham baseball boomed in the 1970s-80s with Royals junior and senior teams facing off in finals. Since the 1990s, Sandringham Baseball Club has evolved into one Bayside's strongest sporting clubs fielding a number of teams for players of all ages and skill levels.

  • Scots Baseball Club Inc. ---- Visited: 86 Times

    Maiden Gully

    Listing id: 9357

    The Club may be reached thru P.O. Box 558, Bendigo, VIC 3552.
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  • Shepparton Colts Baseball Club ---- Visited: 205 Times


    Listing id: 9393

    The Club may be reached thru Karen Jenkinson at Dunkirk Ave. Post Office, Shepparton, VIC 3630.
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  • Springvale Baseball Club ---- Visited: 125 Times


    Listing id: 9358

    The Club is located at 40 Alexander Ave., Dandenong, VIC 3175.
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  • St. Kilda Baseball Club ---- Visited: 152 Times

    Albert Park

    Listing id: 9359

    St. Kilda Baseball Club is the oldest baseball club in Australia, established in 1879. Based in Albert Park, we  pride ourselves on our central location, competitive focus, great facilities and vibrant social scene.
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  • Strathfieldsaye Dodgers Baseball Club ---- Visited: 80 Times


    Listing id: 9360

    The Club may be reached thru P.O. Box 709, Strathfieldsaye, VIC 3551.
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  • Sunraysia Baseball League ---- Visited: 110 Times


    Listing id: 9377

    The League may be reached thru Ian Bishop at PO Box 2460, Mildura,VIC 3502 .
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  • Sunshine Baseball Club ---- Visited: 160 Times


    Listing id: 9361

    The Club is located at Barclay Reserve, 5 Talmage St., Sunshine, VIC 3020 .
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  • The University of Melbourne Baseball Club ---- Visited: 105 Times

    Caroline Springs

    Listing id: 9328

    Melbourne University Baseball Club runs four men's and one women's team during the winter season. The club has a strong on-field and off-field presence with a healthy social life and is regularly successful in both local and inter-varsity competition.
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  • Traralgon Redsox Baseball Club ---- Visited: 84 Times


    Listing id: 9362

    The Club may be reached thru PO Box 1347, Traralgon, VIC 3844.
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  • Tyabb Baseball Club (Bulldogs) ---- Visited: 109 Times


    Listing id: 9363

    The Club may be reached thru P.O. Box 82, Tyabb, VIC 3913.
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  • Upwey Ferntree Gully Baseball Club ---- Visited: 128 Times

    Upper Ferntree Gully

    Listing id: 9364

    Our Club was formed back in 1963 and since that time we have been developing strong traditions both on and off the field. We have many valuable hard workers whose time and effort keep this place running smoothly.
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  • Wanderers Baseball Club Inc. ---- Visited: 91 Times


    Listing id: 9365

    Wanderers Baseball Club is a not-for-profit local sporting club providing a safe outdoor activity for members of the Sunraysia community. Founded in 1988, the Club is open to all ages with junior teams in Under 8's, 10's, 12's, 14's, 16's and senior teams in A, B & C Grade including an over 35's veterans side.
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  • Wangaratta Rangers Baseball Club ---- Visited: 109 Times


    Listing id: 9394

    The Club may be contacted thru Julie Handcock.
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  • Watsonia Baseball Club ---- Visited: 156 Times


    Listing id: 9366

    Watsonia plays in the Diamond Valley league and is the largest winter club in Victoria with 8 senior & 8 junior teams. We cater for all ages from 7 to 50+ boys, girls, men & women and novice to the experienced.
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  • Waverley Wildcats Baseball Club ---- Visited: 157 Times

    Glen Waverley

    Listing id: 9367

    The Club may be reached thru PO Box 910, Glen Waverley, VIC 3150.
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  • Werribee Giants Baseball Club ---- Visited: 136 Times


    Listing id: 9368

    The Club was founded in 1983 and in its early years was only a winter baseball club affiliated with the Geelong Baseball Association.
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  • Werribee Women's Winter Baseball Club ---- Visited: 77 Times


    Listing id: 14575

    The club may be reached thru Steve Smith.
    Website -

  • Westgarth Baseball Club ---- Visited: 140 Times


    Listing id: 9369

    Westgarth Baseball Club has a prestigious history in the Victorian Baseball Association. Since its formation as the Epiphany Baseball Club in 1932 it went on to become the Westgarth Baseball Club in 1945. The club joined the Ringwood Diamond Valley Competition (Now the Melbourne Winter Baseball League) in 1985. The Club has a long history of providing an economical and social game of Baseball.
    Website - 0417 366 ...

  • Wheelers Hill Baseball Club (Warriors) ---- Visited: 106 Times


    Listing id: 9370

    The Club is located at 16 Earl St., Upwey, VIC 3158 .