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  • Greenway Giants Baseball & Softball Club ---- Visited: 224 Times


    Listing id: 9101

    The club may be reached thru Theresa Thompson .
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  • Guildford Owls Baseball Club ---- Visited: 238 Times


    Listing id: 9102

    Rosford Reserve was an unused open space before 2000 with a lot of work from Fairfield Council and from members of the baseball club, a new home ground for Guildford Owls to use was formed.
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  • Hills Junior Baseball Association ---- Visited: 175 Times

    Baulkham Hills

    Listing id: 9598

    The Association is located at 19 Geraldine Avenue, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153.
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  • Holroyd Giants Junior Baseball Club ---- Visited: 236 Times


    Listing id: 9106

    Holroyd Giants play in the Cumberland Junior Baseball League in Sydney, Australia.  Our home ground is located at the Guildford Sports Ground in Guildford West.
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  • Illawarra Baseball League Inc. ---- Visited: 149 Times


    Listing id: 9621

    Illawarra Baseball Association is a part of the NSW Country Baseball Association, which falls under the banner of the New South Wales Baseball. All games are played on the weekends at a number of grounds in the region.
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  • Illawarra Junior Baseball League ---- Visited: 80 Times


    Listing id: 9620

    Illawarra Junior Baseball League may be reached thru  PO Box 336, Fairy Meadow,  NSW 2519.
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  • Illawong Marlins Baseball Club ---- Visited: 124 Times

    Barden Ridge

    Listing id: 9107

    The club may be reached thru  George Angelis at 2 Throsby Close,  Barden Ridge, NSW 2234.
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  • Kellyville Kolts Baseball Club ---- Visited: 146 Times


    Listing id: 9027

    The Club may be reached thru  P.O. Box 107, Kellyville, NSW 2155.
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  • Kemps Creek Cougars Baseball Club ---- Visited: 196 Times

    Kemps Creek

    Listing id: 9111

    Kemps Creek Baseball Club situated at the corner of Mamre Road and Elizebth Drive in Kemps Creek. It is open to players of all ages.
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  • Kiama Braves Baseball Club Inc. ---- Visited: 99 Times

    Kiama Downs

    Listing id: 9028

    The Club can be reached at 19 Mortlock Drive, Albion Park, NSW 2527.
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  • Kings Langley Baseball Club Inc. ---- Visited: 137 Times

    Lalor Park

    Listing id: 9029

    Kings Langly Baseball Club Inc. may be reached thru  PO Box 203, Kings Langley, NSW 2147.
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  • Kissing Point Angels Baseball Club ---- Visited: 182 Times

    South Turramurra

    Listing id: 9115

    Kissing Point Baseball Club is an affiliated sport of the Kissing Point Sports Club Inc. The baseball club operates junior competitions for boys and girls in summer, and senior competitions (mixed gender) in both summer and winter.
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  • Ku-Ring-Gai Stealers Baseball League Inc. ---- Visited: 169 Times


    Listing id: 9116

    Ku-ring-gai Stealers Baseball League Inc. is a friendly and well organized baseball club located on the upper north shore of Sydney, Australia. We provide the opportunity to play the game of baseball and the game is open to boys and girls from ages 5 to 17.
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  • Lakers-Macarthur Baseball Club ---- Visited: 124 Times


    Listing id: 9118

    The Club can be reached at 8 Ancura Court,  Wattle Grove, NSW 2173.

  • Lismore Workers Baseball Club ---- Visited: 103 Times

    East Lismore

    Listing id: 9517

    The club may be contacted thru  Leanne Clark at 15 Elizabeth St., East Lismore, NSW 2480.
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  • Liverpool Angels Baseball Club ---- Visited: 213 Times

    West Hoxton

    Listing id: 9020

    Liverpool Angels Baseball Club is a newly established Club, our mission is simple: the promotion and development of baseball as sport, developing community pride within the sporting club, offering the community of West Hoxton and surrounding suburbs all standards of baseball activities for boys & girls, 5 years of age to senior players.
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  • Macarthur Colts Baseball League ---- Visited: 102 Times


    Listing id: 9043

    The association may be reached thru P.O. Box 989, Campbelltown, NSW 2560.

  • Mackillop Baseball Club Inc. ---- Visited: 98 Times


    Listing id: 9123

    The Club may be reached thru  PO Box 808,  Kingswood, NSW 2747 .

  • Macleay Valley Baseball Association ---- Visited: 116 Times


    Listing id: 9124

    The Association can be reached at  29 Aldalvilla Road,  Aldavilla, NSW 2440.
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  • Macquarie Saints Baseball Club ---- Visited: 163 Times


    Listing id: 9126

    The Club may be reached thru  PO Box 3727, Marsfield, NSW 2122 .
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  • Magpies Baseball Club ---- Visited: 104 Times


    Listing id: 9110

    The Club may be reached thru  PO Box 45, Ingleburn,  NSW 1890.

  • Maitland Mavericks Baseball Club ---- Visited: 114 Times


    Listing id: 9128

    The Club can be reached at  12 Buckingham Close, Thornton, NSW 2322.
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  • Manly Seasiders Baseball Club ---- Visited: 171 Times

    Curl Curl

    Listing id: 9131

    The Club may be reached thru  P.O. Box 857, Brookvale NSW 2100.
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  • Manly Warringah District Baseball Club ---- Visited: 174 Times

    Frenchs Forest

    Listing id: 9133

    Manly Warringah District Baseball Club was formed in 1950 by a group of friends who wanted to play Baseball together upon the suggestion of Lenny Soman.
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  • Manly Warringah Junior Baseball League ---- Visited: 129 Times

    Dee Why

    Listing id: 9612

    The League may be reached thru PO Box 253, Dee Why, NSW 2099 .
    Website -

  • Manly-Warringah Winter Baseball Association Inc. ---- Visited: 140 Times


    Listing id: 9215

    The Association may be contacted thru Simon Crombleholme.
    Website -

  • Manning Valley Baseball Association ---- Visited: 170 Times


    Listing id: 9625

    The Association may be reached thru  PO Box 944, Taree, NSW 2430.
    Website -

  • Marist Brothers Old Boys Baseball Club ---- Visited: 89 Times


    Listing id: 9104

    The Club is located at  407 Caniaba Road, Caniaba via Lismore,  NSW 2480.
    Website -

  • Marrickville Baseball Club ---- Visited: 523 Times


    Listing id: 9134

    The Club can be reached at  11/30 Fletcher St., Tamarama,  NSW 2026.
    Website -

  • Mets Baseball Club ---- Visited: 141 Times


    Listing id: 9135

    The Club may be reached thru PO Box 856, Campbelltown, NSW 2560.
    Website -

  • Mingara Rebels Baseball Club ---- Visited: 104 Times

    Tumbi Umbi

    Listing id: 9137

    The Club may be reached thru  P.O. Box 8239, Tumbi Umbi, NSW 2261.
    Website -

  • Moorebank Baseball / Softball Club ---- Visited: 129 Times


    Listing id: 9138

    The Club may be reached thru  Rebecca Cavill at P.O. Box 30, Moorebank,  NSW 1875 .
    Website -

  • Mount George Mounties Baseball Club ---- Visited: 66 Times

    Mt. George

    Listing id: 9637

    The Club may be contacted thru Ron Sawyer.

  • Mt. Pritchard Mounties Baseball Club ---- Visited: 177 Times

    Mt. Pritchard

    Listing id: 9142

    The Club may be reached thru  PO Box 201,  Casula, NSW 2170.
    Website -

  • Mustangs Baseball Association Inc. ---- Visited: 129 Times

    Bass Hill

    Listing id: 9144

    Mustangs Baseball members have been instrumental in forming at least 4 clubs that play and form part of the Bankstown Baseball Association along with the original Indians Touring team.
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  • Newcastle Baseball ---- Visited: 155 Times


    Listing id: 9031

    Founded in 1931, we're facilitating baseball in the Newcastle and Hunter Region.
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  • Newcastle Junior Baseball League ---- Visited: 87 Times


    Listing id: 9052

    The League is located at 25 Arnold Crescent, Thornton, NSW 2322 .
    Website -

  • North Albury Bears Baseball Club ---- Visited: 89 Times


    Listing id: 9033

    The Club is located at 380 Urana Road, Lavington, NSW 2641.
    Website -

  • North Ryde RSL Baseball Club ---- Visited: 194 Times

    North Ryde

    Listing id: 9145

    The North Ryde RSL Rams is a baseball club located at Magdala Park, North Ryde NSW. The club was formed approx. 30yrs ago by a group of baseball dads who wanted their kids to do something on the weekends.
    Website -

  • North Shore Junior Baseball League ---- Visited: 104 Times

    Bella Vista

    Listing id: 9090

    The League is located at 12 Salvestro Place, Bella Vista, NSW 2153.
    Website -

  • North Sydney Leagues Baseball Club ---- Visited: 260 Times


    Listing id: 9051

    North Sydney Leagues Baseball is an interclub of North Sydney Leagues Club. The baseball club was founded in 1981 as a direct spin-off from the Cricket Club.
    Website -

  • Norths Baseball Club ---- Visited: 63 Times


    Listing id: 9050

    The Club may be reached thru Kay Byrnes at 266 Fredericks Road, Caniaba, NSW 2480 .

  • NSW Baseball Scorers Association ---- Visited: 85 Times

    North Ryde

    Listing id: 10175

    The association may be reached thru Elaine Teasdale.
    Website -

  • NSW Baseball Umpires Association Inc. ---- Visited: 71 Times

    Voyager Point

    Listing id: 10158

    The association may be reached thru Iain Rouse at 22 Hovea Court, Voyager Point, NSW 2172.
    Website -

  • NSW Women's Baseball League (NSWWBL) ---- Visited: 98 Times


    Listing id: 9211

    Since its inaugural year in 2001, played with four teams over winter developed from a draft, the NSWWBL has grown to 16 club-based teams. It has two divisions, predominantly based at Blacktown Olympic Park, and has over 200 women playing in the competition.
    Website -

  • Oakville Raiders Baseball Club ---- Visited: 81 Times

    Pitt Town

    Listing id: 9148

    The Club may be reached thru P.O. Box 4025, Pitt Town, NSW 2756 .

  • Pacific Coast Baseball League Inc. ---- Visited: 128 Times


    Listing id: 9208

    The League may be reached thru PO Box 120, Gordon, NSW 2072.
    Website -

  • Penrith Baseball Club Inc. ---- Visited: 112 Times


    Listing id: 9150

    Penrith Baseball Club is one of the oldest baseball clubs in Greater Western Sydney, established in 1968.The club has the distinction of being the sole Major League Club for the region.

  • Petersham-Leichhardt Baseball Club ---- Visited: 333 Times


    Listing id: 9152

    The Club is located at 2 Yass Close, Frenchs Forest, NSW 2086.
    Website -

  • Pirates Junior Baseball Club ---- Visited: 84 Times

    Fairy Meadow

    Listing id: 9159

    Based in North Wollongong, the Pirates Junior Baseball Club is affiliated with the Illawarra Junior Baseball Association. We offer a great experience for boys and girls aged from 5 to 16 no mater what their skill level.
    Website -