AFL Football Clubs in Melbourne & Victoria

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Australian Rules Football (AFL) Clubs in Victoria

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  • South Belgrave Football Club ---- Visited: 42 Times


    Listing id: 880

    1946 In mid February the Mountain District Football Association announced at their meeting that seven clubs would participate this season and possibly a club from Berwick and Officer. At their following meeting on Feb 28th at the Emerald Hall the South Belgrave Football Club became the eighth to be admitted. 

  • South Bendigo Football Club ---- Visited: 35 Times


    Listing id: 1443

    The South Bendigo Football Netball Club, established in 1893, has a long proud history of community sporting involvement and prides itself as a family orientated Club, with a professional approach towards sporting goals

  • South Colac Football Club ---- Visited: 36 Times


    Listing id: 1606

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 75, Colac, VIC 3250 .
    Website 5231 566...

  • South Croydon Football Club ---- Visited: 27 Times

    Croydon South

    Listing id: 881

    The club may be reached thru P.O. BOX 17, East Ringwood, VIC 3135.
    Website -

  • South Gambier Football Club ---- Visited: 28 Times

    Mount Gambier

    Listing id: 2992

    The South Gambier Football Club Inc is endeavouring to complete the History of the Football Club, particularly since the inception of the Western Border Football League - 1964 to present.

  • South Melbourne Football Club ---- Visited: 45 Times

    Albert Park

    Listing id: 609

    South Melbourne was formed late in 1959 by the amalgamation of Hellenic and Yarra Park. However the new club had no ground, so it linked up with South Melbourne United, which used Middle Park.

  • South Mildura Football Club ---- Visited: 30 Times

    Mildura South

    Listing id: 2949

    The club may be reached thru P.O. Box 721, Mildura, VIC 3502.
    Website -

  • South Mornington FC ---- Visited: 32 Times


    Listing id: 610

    South Mornington Football Club is on the move. In the past five years we have developed from a successful junior club, fielding teams in all age groups to a senior club. From 2002 to 2005 we entered our first U/18's team and in 2006 we fielded an U/19's team in the Victorian Amateur Football Association.
    Website -

  • South Warrnambool Football Club ---- Visited: 35 Times


    Listing id: 1824

    Founded in 1927 & part of the Hampden Football League 

  • South Yarra Football Club ---- Visited: 44 Times

    South Yarra

    Listing id: 181

    The Club was formed in 1967 initially as the South Yarra Presbyterian Football Club and played it’s first year of Competition in 1968 when the Club finished 5th in E Grade of the Eastern Suburban Churches Football Association. 

  • Southern Dragons Football Club ---- Visited: 40 Times


    Listing id: 268

    Founded by Tri Thoi, Searn Ear, and Peter Nguyen and debuting in 2007, the Southern Dragons Football Club aims to provide an opportunity for the youth of our area to participate in Australian Rules Football and enhance their health and well being through organised sport. 

  • Springbank Football Club ---- Visited: 30 Times


    Listing id: 1581

    Springbank Football Club was Known as the Wallace Rovers prior to 1925 

  • Springvale Districts Football club ---- Visited: 33 Times


    Listing id: 271

    The club may be reached thru PO box 11, Noble Park, 3174.

  • St Albans Football Club ---- Visited: 45 Times

    St Albans

    Listing id: 1781

    The St Albans Football Club incorporating 'All Saints Netball Club' and St. Albans/Breakwater Cricket club was established in the late 1890s to early 1900s making our great club one of the oldest in the district.

  • St Arnaud Footbal Club ---- Visited: 36 Times

    St Arnaud

    Listing id: 2870

    The St.Arnaud Football Club was established in 1877. Our first known game was on the 3rd of August 1877 against Charlton East in Market Square, which is now the car park; skate park and play ground behind the St.Arnaud Town Hall. We wore a blue jumper with blue and white hooped socks. A red and blue cap was optional. We were the eventual winner of that game.

  • St Bedes/Mentone Tigers Amateur Football Club. ---- Visited: 37 Times


    Listing id: 611

    St Bedes / Mentone Tigers A.F.C. was formed in 1993 from an amalgamation of three clubs. St Bedes O.C.F.C. who were affiliated with both the V.A.F.A. and the M.S.J.F.L., the Mentone Football Club which was a member of the Southern Football League and the Mentone Junior Football Club, a member of the M.S.J.F.L.

  • St Bernard's OC Football Club ---- Visited: 39 Times


    Listing id: 612

    In 1961 St Bernards was a very small school of less than 300 students but against the odds managed to win the ACC 1st XV111 football competition and from that fledgling beginning the seeds of a great club were sewn. Today St Bernards has grown to become one of the biggest football clubs in the State with over 600 players representing the club from Auskick to seniors

  • St Francis Xavier OC Football Club ---- Visited: 32 Times


    Listing id: 613

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 801, Beaconsfield, VIC 3807.
    Website -

  • St Johns OC Football Club ---- Visited: 38 Times


    Listing id: 614

    The St John's Old Collegians Football Club was established in 1991, when it made its debut in the Victorian Amateur Football Association. As the club's name suggests, many of our players, committee members and supporters studied at St John's Regional College in Dandenong.

  • St Joseph's Football Club ---- Visited: 27 Times


    Listing id: 1782

    Participating in the Geelong Football League

  • St Kevins Old Boys Football Club ---- Visited: 35 Times


    Listing id: 615

    St Kevin's Old Boys Football Club was admitted to the VAFA in 1947 when its senior team was placed in the third of the competition's four tiers, C Section. It did not remain long at that level, however, for after enduring a miserable debut season it was relegated to D Section, where it spent the next five years.  

  • St Kilda City Football Club ---- Visited: 41 Times

    St Kilda

    Listing id: 275

    Come and browse our site for further information.  

  • St Kilda Football Club ---- Visited: 34 Times


    Listing id: 3080

    The name of St Kilda figures boldly throughout the history of Australian Rules Football. One of the earliest recorded references to the fledgling game in 1859 mentions a "scratch team from St Kilda".

  • St Mary's Football Club ---- Visited: 27 Times


    Listing id: 1783

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 1091, Geelong, VIC 3220.

  • St Mary's Salesian Amateur Football Club ---- Visited: 30 Times

    Glen Iris

    Listing id: 616

    The original St Mary's Football Club started in 1932, and competed in the Eastern Suburban Churches Football Association until 1989. St Mary's Amateur Football Club joined the VAFA in 1990 with two sides in F Grade, and competed variously in F, E, D4 and D3 over the next 18 seasons. The highest grade reached was D3 in 2006, and the club competed in D4 in season 2007.

  • St Pauls Football Club ---- Visited: 47 Times

    Bentleigh East

    Listing id: 286

    St Pauls Football Club, East Bentleigh (the Doggies) is a local community based football club linked with the St Pauls Demons Junior Football Club and are based at the McKinnon Reserve in Tucker Road on the corner of McKinnon Road, McKinnon.

  • Stanhope Football Club ---- Visited: 29 Times

    Stanhope F.C

    Listing id: 2744

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 111, Stanhope, VIC 3623.

  • Stawell Football Club ---- Visited: 30 Times


    Listing id: 3012

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 52, Stawell, VIC 3380.

  • Strathfieldsaye Football Club ---- Visited: 30 Times


    Listing id: 1444

    Although established in 2007, the Strathfieldsaye Football & Netball Club has been a work in progress over several number of years by a dedicated and passionate Strathfieldsaye Community.

  • Strathmerton Football Club ---- Visited: 36 Times


    Listing id: 2928

    The club is located at Strathmerton VIC 3641, Australia.

  • Strathmore Football Club ---- Visited: 44 Times


    Listing id: 3063

    Early in February 1954 Don Eddy Secretary of the Strathmore Progress Association convened a meeting calling for the promotion of an Under 17 Football team to meet the needs of the boys in the area.

  • Sunbury Football Club ---- Visited: 45 Times


    Listing id: 1340

    The Sunbury Football Club has a proud and successful history emanating from its inauguration in 1879. 

  • Sunraysia Football League ---- Visited: 20 Times


    Listing id: 2942

    Sunraysia Football Netball League office is located in sunny Mildura in North West Victoria and consists of three city teams, Imperials, Mildura and South Mildura while Irymple, Merbein, Red Cliffs, Robinvale and Wentworth are situated outside of the immediate area   

  • Surrey Park Football Club ---- Visited: 47 Times

    Ringwood East

    Listing id: 883

    The Surrey Hills and East Camberwell Football Clubs came together as one in late 1994 and played their first season together as Surrey Park Football Club in the Southern Football League (SFL) in 1995. Prior to coming together both Surrey Hills and East Camberwell had proud and rich histories. Our origins stretch way back to 1887 when the Surrey Hills Football Club was first founded. Today we remember and honour the histories, the traditions and successes of both our founding clubs as we strive to create our own.
    Website -

  • Swan Hill Football Club ---- Visited: 35 Times

    Swan Hill

    Listing id: 1592

    The SHFNC was created in 1998 by an amalgamation of the Swan Hill Football Club and Swan Hill Netball Club. The two entities previously were closely associated but independently structured, however the benefits of a single club structure were so overwhelming that the members positively embraced the single structure.

  • Swan Reach Football Club ---- Visited: 32 Times

    Swan Reach

    Listing id: 2892

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 5, Swan Reach, VIC 3903.

  • Swanpool Football Club ---- Visited: 34 Times


    Listing id: 1391

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 566, Benalla, VIC 3671.

  • Swinburne University Amateur Football Club ---- Visited: 32 Times


    Listing id: 617

    Swinburne University Amateur Football Club strives to be a professional, successful and sustainable VAFA Club. Our aim is to provide a safe, fun and encouraging environment for all of our members.  

  • Tallangatta & District Football League ---- Visited: 32 Times


    Listing id: 2951

    The Tallangatta and District Football League was officially formed in 1945 comprising six teams-Bethanga, Fernvale, Granya, Mitta/Eskdale, Sandy Creek and Tallangatta and kicked off on the 21st April 1945.

  • Tallygaroopna Football Club ---- Visited: 35 Times

    Tallygaroopna F.C

    Listing id: 2745

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 84, Tallygaroopna, VIC 3634.

  • Tarrawingee Football Club ---- Visited: 31 Times


    Listing id: 2903

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 1127, Wangaratta, VIC 3676.
    Website -

  • Tarwin F.C ---- Visited: 28 Times


    Listing id: 1284

    Teams from Under 15's through to Seniors 

  • Tatong Football Club ---- Visited: 31 Times


    Listing id: 1393

    From its very humble beginning in 1908, the Tatong Footy Club has prospered, reaching its one hundredth year last year. On the 16th of May 1911, the Mt. Pleasant Football League held its Annual General meeting at the Mr. Pleasant Hotel, which was situated in Arnotts Road off Samaria Road. Tatong, Swanpool and Molyullah were represented.
    Website -

  • Tatura Football Club ---- Visited: 26 Times


    Listing id: 1817

    To be committed to the sports of Australian Rules football and netball, to be a sustainable and progressive club, to field teams which are consistently competitive and to maximize beneficial community involvement in club activities 

  • Tatyoon Football Club ---- Visited: 31 Times


    Listing id: 2816

    The club Home and Training ground is at Tatyoon Recreation Reserve, Tatyoon Rd., Tatyoon, VIC 3378.

  • Taylors Lake Football Club ---- Visited: 40 Times

    Taylors Lake

    Listing id: 2734

    Taylors Lake Football & Netball Club are now an official Auskick Club. Training commences at 5pm every Thursday evening. For those parents that are working and therefore find it difficult to get their kids to training, Taylors Lake Football & Netball club are offering a free shuttle bus to and from training every Thursday night. Juniors are also provided with a free dinner after training.

  • Taylors Lakes Football Club ---- Visited: 25 Times

    Taylors Lakes

    Listing id: 3064

    The concept of Taylors Lakes Football Club came to fruition during 1989 with discussion taking place between members of the Taylors Lakes Recreation Club and other local identities. In 1990 the club fielded an Under 10 and Under 12 team in what was then the OPJSFL soon to amalgamate with the EDFL.   

  • Templestowe Football Club ---- Visited: 39 Times


    Listing id: 885

    Our club was originally founded in 1892 beginning its on-field performances under the name of the mighty "All Blacks". Our first home ground was Finns Reserve and we commenced in the Heidelberg District Football League. Back in those days, the club travelled far and wide to meet opponents.
    Website -

  • Terang Mortlake Football Club ---- Visited: 30 Times


    Listing id: 1825

    Prior to their amalgamation in 2002, both Terang and Mortlake had been successful members of the Hampden Football League for many years. 

  • The Basin Football Club ---- Visited: 36 Times


    Listing id: 886

    The Basin Football Club Inc is a family orientated club nestled at the foothills of the Dandenongs. Club Colours: Green jumper, red and white with a bear motif, red shorts with EFL webbing.