AFL Football Clubs in Melbourne & Victoria

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Australian Rules Football (AFL) Clubs in Victoria

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  • Kangaroo Flat Football Club ---- Visited: 54 Times

    Kangaroo Flat

    Listing id: 1439

    The formation off of our Club is believed to have taken place in the 1890's. Kangaroo Flat being the oldest established Club from within the Golden City Football League to be incorporated within the newly structured Bendigo Football League of 1981/82.

  • Karingal Football Club ---- Visited: 61 Times


    Listing id: 2824

    Karingal Football Club was one of the first clubs formed by this Sporting Association. The first few years were lean for the newly formed Karingal FC. There was however a grand final appearance in 1974 in only the 5th year of the football club.

  • Katamatite Football Club ---- Visited: 44 Times


    Listing id: 2922

    The club may be reached thru 2883 Murray Valley Hwy., Cobram, VIC 3644.

  • Katandra Football Club ---- Visited: 42 Times


    Listing id: 2923

    The Katandra Football Club has competed in official competitions dating back to at least 1914 when they competed in a Katandra District competition.  

  • Keilor Football Club ---- Visited: 64 Times


    Listing id: 3056

    The playing of football by a Keilor team dates back to at least the 18th of June 1894, when Keilor played Essendon Juniors at Keilor.  

  • Keilor Park Football Club ---- Visited: 45 Times

    Keilor Park

    Listing id: 3057

    Home Ground: Keilor Park Reserve, Keilor Park Drive, Keilor Park 

  • Keysborough Football Club ---- Visited: 78 Times


    Listing id: 2835

    The Keysborough Football  & Netball Club was initially founded in 1947 and joined the South West Gippsland Footbal League (SWGFL) in 1954. In 1994, the SWGFL merged with, what is now known as, the Morinington Peninsula Nepean Football League (MPNFL). 

  • Kiewa Sandy Creek Football Club ---- Visited: 46 Times


    Listing id: 2956

    The club was founded in 1969 on merger of the Sandy Creek Football Club (established 1898) and Kiewa Football Club (established 1908). 

  • Kilcunda Bass Football Club ---- Visited: 54 Times


    Listing id: 1279

    Address:Hade Avenue, Bass, VIC 3991.

  • King Valley United Football Club ---- Visited: 59 Times


    Listing id: 2899

    King Valley United's first major round appearance came in 1947 when it lost a hard fought 1st semi final to Moyhu by 19 points. Ten years later, the side made its first ever grand final after downing Chiltern in the 2nd semi final by 7 points. The grand final rematch was a vastly different affair, however, with the Swans' greater experience proving decisive as they won comfortably by more than 7 goals.

  • Kinglake Football Club ---- Visited: 58 Times


    Listing id: 3027

    Kinglake people have rallied behind their football club since the 1930s, when they were almost day’s travel from Melbourne.   

  • Knox Football Club ---- Visited: 42 Times

    Wantirna South

    Listing id: 801

    Knox Gardens Cricket Club was formed to accompany the football club at the reserve aligning them with the local council, adopting the brown and gold colours of the football club and in keeping with the council logo and the Knox name were known as the Falcons.

  • Knox Junior Football Club ---- Visited: 39 Times

    Wantirna South

    Listing id: 804

    Knox Junior Football Club is situated at the Knox Gardens Reserve, Argyle Way, Wantirna South, 3152. We are known as the "Knox Falcons", and wear a predominantly red jumper with black sash, and Falcon logo.

  • Kolora-Noorat Football Club ---- Visited: 39 Times


    Listing id: 2976

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 65, Noorat, VIC 3265.

  • Koo Wee Rup Football Club ---- Visited: 64 Times

    Koo Wee Rup

    Listing id: 1622

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 58, Koo WEE Rup, VIC 3981.
    Website 5997 130...

  • Koondrook Barham Football Club ---- Visited: 51 Times


    Listing id: 1587

    The Koondrook Barham Football & Netball Club was founded in 1996 as a result of a merger between 2 of the greatest rivals in the old NDFL Koondrook Football Club (Tigers) the Barham Football Club (Magpies). This merger of these 2 very old and successful teams is unique in bringing together the twin towns of Koondrook in Victoria & Barham in NSW. The clubs first season was in the Nthn. & Echuca F.L. in 1996.

  • Koroit Football Club ---- Visited: 44 Times


    Listing id: 1821

    The Koroit Football Netball Club has been in existence for over 120 years. It is believed the club was formed sometime around 1886 when, as legend has it, they played in a four team mini-league comprising of Koroit, Kirkstall and two teams from Southern Cross.

  • Korumburra-Bena Football Netball Club ---- Visited: 55 Times


    Listing id: 1280

    Welcome to Korumburra-Bena Football Netball Club - Home of the Bulldogs! 

  • Kyabram & District Football League ---- Visited: 40 Times


    Listing id: 2735

    The club may be reached thru Greg Watson, PO Box 261 Mooroopna, VIC 3629.

  • Kyabram Football Club ---- Visited: 36 Times


    Listing id: 1809

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 207, Kyabram, VIC 3619.

  • Kyneton Football Club ---- Visited: 44 Times


    Listing id: 1440

    The early history of the club seems to coincide with the beginning of Australian Rules around the period of 1858 and the Club can lay claim to being the first football ciub formed in the country.

  • La Trobe University Football Club ---- Visited: 47 Times


    Listing id: 576

    La Trobe University Australian Rules Football Club is one of the founding clubs of what is now the La Trobe University Sports and Recreation Association (SARA). The club started in the Panton Hill Football League in 1967 before moving to the Victorian Amateur Football Association in 1970. 

  • Laharum Football Club ---- Visited: 51 Times


    Listing id: 2728

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 1044, Horsham, VIC 3402 .
    Website 03 538362...

  • Lake Boga Football Club ---- Visited: 42 Times

    Lake Boga

    Listing id: 1588

    LAKE BOGA was proclaimed a township in 1892, and in the same year a football club was formed. Lake Boga has played continuously since 1892, winning flags in 1899, 1905, 1906, 1919, 1923, 1927, 1931 (flood year) and 1940. Local football was disbanded during World War Two.

  • Lake Wendouree F.C ---- Visited: 37 Times


    Listing id: 1323

    The Lake Wendouree Football Netball Club is proud of our Junior Club.  We pride ourselves on being a family Club, and providing our young footballers with a chance not only to compete but to enjoy a team environment which competes in a fun, healthy team environment with the emphasis on good sportsmanship. 

  • Lakes Entrance Football Club ---- Visited: 44 Times

    Lakes Entrance

    Listing id: 1610

    Address:1 Rowe St., Lakes Entrance VIC 3909.

  • Lancaster Football Club ---- Visited: 41 Times


    Listing id: 2739

    Participating in the Kyabram & Districts Football League 

  • Lang Lang Football Club ---- Visited: 48 Times

    Lang Lang

    Listing id: 1623

    Show Grounds Westernport Rd., Lang Lang, VIC 3984.

  • Langwarrin Football Club ---- Visited: 45 Times


    Listing id: 2825

    Langwarrin Football Club won its first Premiership in 1930. Today, it is recognised as one of the biggest football clubs in Australia, boasting more than 450 registered players in 2008.

  • Lara Football Club ---- Visited: 52 Times


    Listing id: 1776

    The Lara Sporting Club Football Section has a history dating back more than a hundred years. Lara joined the Geelong Football League in 1989 after winning seven Premierships in various leagues, including the Geelong and District Football Association.

  • Learmonth Football Club ---- Visited: 47 Times


    Listing id: 1579

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 260, Wendouree, VIC 3355 .
    Website 03 53432...

  • Leitchville Gunbower Football Club ---- Visited: 44 Times


    Listing id: 1590

    The Bombers were born in 1995 through the merger of erstwhile Northern and Echuca Football League rivals Leitchville and Gunbower. Leitchville was in fact the reigning premier of the competition, ensuring that the newly merged club, which would continue in the NEFL, boasted a strong nucleus of players. It promptly endorsed this by claiming the 1995 premiership thanks to a 3 point grand final victory over Moama. 

  • Leongatha Football Club ---- Visited: 35 Times


    Listing id: 2997

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 254, Leongatha VIC 3953.

  • Leopold Football Club ---- Visited: 46 Times


    Listing id: 1777

    Location:  Melaluka Road,  Leopold 

  • Lexton Football Netball Club ---- Visited: 32 Times


    Listing id: 2755

    The club is located at Waldy St., Lexton, VIC 3352.
    Website -

  • Lexton Plains Football League ---- Visited: 40 Times

    Lexton Plains

    Listing id: 2751

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 60, Lexton, VIC 3354.

  • Lilydale Football Club ---- Visited: 58 Times


    Listing id: 808

    Formed in 1872, Lilydale Football Club is believed to be the second oldest active football club in Australia. It played in several football leagues including the Yarra Valley and Mountain District competition before settling in the Eastern District Football League in 1963.

  • Lindenow Football Club ---- Visited: 44 Times


    Listing id: 1611

    The club may be reached thru Post Office, Lindenow, VIC 3865.

  • Lindenow South Football Club ---- Visited: 42 Times

    Lindenow South

    Listing id: 2890

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 553, Bairnsdale, VIC 3875.

  • Loddon Valley Football League ---- Visited: 34 Times

    Loddon Valley

    Listing id: 2760

    Clubs Affiliated with LVFL: BL Serpentine, Bridgewater, Calivil United, Inglewood, Marong, Mitiamo, Newbridge, Pyramid Hil & YCW 

  • Longwarry Football Club ---- Visited: 51 Times


    Listing id: 1624

    The club may be reached thru PO BOX 44, Longwarry, VIC 3816.

  • Lorne Football Club ---- Visited: 38 Times


    Listing id: 1603

    The history of teh Lorne FC is a very long and varied even though they were very late in joining an officail association. The earliest record of the club dates back to the late 1850's.

  • Lucknow Football club ---- Visited: 40 Times


    Listing id: 1612

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 1439, Bairnsdale, VIC 3875.

  • Lyndale Football Club ---- Visited: 52 Times


    Listing id: 128

    The Lyndale Senior Football Club was finally formed after years of trying in1986 by the then committee of the Lyndale Junior Football Club, whose history pre dates the seniors by 25 years and the first teams took to the ground in 1987 in the 2nd division of the South East Suburban Football League (SESFL).

  • Maffra Football Club ---- Visited: 43 Times


    Listing id: 2998

    Maffra played its first recorded game of football against Sale in 1877. Football then was purely social in nature, and the fixtures irregular. The formation of clubs came later. Whilst there is uncertainly about the exact date of formation, the Maffra Football Club was in place by 1883.

  • Maldon Football Club ---- Visited: 45 Times


    Listing id: 2784

    Maldon is steeped in history and part of that history is the Maldon Football Club which can trace its beginnings back to 1873 when the Maldon Shire Cricket Club formed a football club to provide exercise for its members during the winter months. The newly formed club was known as “The Maldon Football Club"  

  • Mallee Football League ---- Visited: 44 Times


    Listing id: 2770

    The Mallee Football League was formed in 1997 when the former Northern and Southern Mallee Football League merged.  The League now consists of seven clubs, namely Beulah, Hopetoun, Jeparit Rainbow, Ouyen United, Sea Lake/Nandaly Tigers, Walpeup Underbool and Woomelang Lascelles. 

  • Manningham Cobras AFC ---- Visited: 49 Times


    Listing id: 577

    Manningham Cobras recently (end of the 2008 season) had a name change from Bulleen Cobras.  They have played in the VAFA since 1996 when CanterburyNorth Balwyn and Bulleen United merged.  Manningham's best finish was, as the Bulleen Cobras, 3rd in Section D4 in 2005.   

  • Mansfield Football Club ---- Visited: 52 Times


    Listing id: 1810

    The club may be reached thru PO Box 87, Mansfield, VIC 3724.

  • Marcellin Old Collegians Football Club ---- Visited: 46 Times


    Listing id: 578

    Marcellin Old Collegians Football Club formed in the offseason of 1967. The club played in the YCW National Football Association from 1968 to 1970. In 1971 MOCFC entered the Victorian Amateur Football Association in F grade. An unparalled era of success in the VAFA competition saw the club move from F grade in 1971 to A grade in 1977.